Drowning in water politics
DEBATE over which portfolio the Commonwealth Environment Water Holder is not much more than political posturing.
Broadband needs overhaul
A FEW years ago, the Internet was optional - you could live comfortably without it. Now, that’s not the case.
A murky water debate
SOUTH Australian federal Labor politicians who decried Malcolm Turnbull’s shift of Water into the Agriculture portfolio this week could have applied their energies far better than attacking a ministerial change that’s also been strongly backed by farmers.
Market access under attack
THE launch of the NFF's new website calling for public support and donations to help its pro-FTA campaign shows agriculture's push to improve its access to global markets is under serious attack.
Enough talk over fire prevention
UNLIKE drought, which creeps through the boundary fence and quietly eats away at each individual’s business and the social well being of towns out of the government’s sight, a firestorm razes all in its path, making it impossible to ignore.
Sounds of a beef industry carve-up
ONCE upon a time the beef industry was a community of rugged individualists who co-operated with each other. Those times are a-changing.
Mining debate rages on
MINING remains a highly contentious issue for producers across South Australia, and those further afield.
Good news for Aust producers?
THE long-awaited Ag White Paper was finally released on Saturday – more than six months late – but has it lived up to expectations?
Farmers, bite on in
THE fridge magnet motto says: 'Never trust a skinny chef'. In the case of farmers, consuming what they grow is a pretty good idea.
Not your 'average Joe'
“GET a good job that pays good money”: it seems Joe Hockey can’t open his mouth lately without shooting himself in the foot.
The fuzzy logic of genetic research
THE failure of investment in the INF and MerinoSelect to deliver a return appears to be a case of the cart before the horse - or is it?
Has PETA lost the plot?
HAVE the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) completely lost perspective?
Woolly questions for AWI
SO, Australian Wool Innovation invested a measly $3.3 million in sheep genetics and genomics research during 2010-13? Big deal!
Dodgy labour brought to the fore
WHY would young European and Asian workers leave their homes to come and toil in the paddocks and orchards of Australian farms?
Agriculture's biggest issue
WHERE would the government's money be best spent on when it comes to agriculture?
End of a rail era
THE announcement that Viterra will not extend its Mallee rail agreement beyond July 31, signals the end of an era for the south.
No Badge of honour for MLA
THE choice of Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins as an MLA beef ambassador is an odd one, writes VERNON GRAHAM.
Relocate to reconnect
THE question is not whether the GRDC’s head office should be moved out of Canberra, but why the hell it was there in the first place.
Media stunts hang us out to dry
SINCE when did it become so popular to bash the Australian farmer?
Rural web's big data fail
THE digital divide is growing. Every month, Australia’s rural communications infrastructure ages against the growing demands.
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