Grooming the Nationals
IAN Macfarlane’s defection from the Liberals to the Nationals is yet another example of political expediency by both the National Party and the Member for Groom.
Saddle-up a new political pony
HAVE the courage to saddle up on the new political pony and you will be surprised how far and how fast it will go.
Politics of a few
A FEW years ago I had no interest or even great awareness of the political vacuum that was quietly engulfing our future.
FTA campaign misguided
CHINA needs our agricultural product and will need increasingly more of it irrespective of the existence of an FTA.
Politics of distraction
WEDGE politic tactics are polarising communities and distracting the government from some big issues it can't afford to ignore.
Crunching the wrong numbers
IT seems the government has no understanding of data concerning our agricultural exports, and it's ultimately hurting farmers.
There's real power in the margins
THIS week I am torn about what to write about. This is not due to a lack of inspiration so much as too many issues, statements and events that incense me.
Taxing times for economic sense
I AM not sure whether to be gobsmacked by the arrogance or the ignorance of Tony Abbott's declaration that increasing GST was acceptable.
Watermark: ground zero
LAST week I expressed my disgust at the ridiculous decision to approve the Shenhua Watermark mine. I remain absolutely disgusted.
Down, but not out
THE farcical launch of an Ag White Paper just days before the Shenhua coal mine approval demonstrates the govt's real agenda.
Taking back the power
THE next election looms large, and too many farmers will not survive another term of government without a more proactive Senate.
Pipe dreams don't help ag
THE Northern White Paper has already been both lauded and lambasted - with some trepidation, I'll wade into the commentary.
The need for feed
MANY producers are staring down the barrel of another tough winter on the back of a recent string of failed seasons.
GRDC move: dumb and dumber
OUR illustrious Minister for Agriculture is belligerently pursuing an agenda to decentralise key agricultural agencies out of Canberra.
Cold comfort on drug dilemma
A DISTURBING theme in the week's news has been the ice epidemic - a bigger problem in its own right than just being part of the broader drug problem.
Battling for hearts and minds
THE core of the problem facing rural and regional Australia is that we are losing the battle of public opinion, says PETE MAILLER.
Debt spiral could cripple ag
LAST Sunday's 60 Minutes WA wheatbelt story missed the chance to emphasise the magnitude of the debt problem in rural Australia.
Getting politically motivated
THE best kind of politicians are the ones who don’t really want to be politicians, but they really want to get something done.
Training the dragon
POLITICIANS and bureaucrats are public servants and it is vitally important that we provide a consistent reinforcement of their place.
Fair-weather friends
POLITICIANS have mastered the art of self-absolution, taking personal credit for successes yet apportioning blame for their failures.
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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