Dollars and sense
WHILE the government is taking steps to enhance the Farm Management Deposits (FMD) Scheme, the private sector must also evaluate its contributions in the financial space.
Icons should be priceless
AN attempt to expand a trademark over the Waltzing Matilda brand has sparked debate about the commodification of our national icons.
Beef inquiry needs facts, not rumours
AN inquiry into the effect of market consolidation on the red meat processing sector should be built on facts and figures, not rumours.
Feeding the elephant and the dragon
WHILE many of us watched Lord’s this week, Australians are also getting bowled over in the race to feed the elephant and the dragon.
White Paper brings ag to fore
THERE will be ardent supporters of the federal government’s rural blueprint in the Ag White Paper, and there will, of course, be critics.
Transforming the North
WE ARE making furious steps to realise the true economic potential of the north to capitalise on the growing wealth across Asia.
Shoring up rural communities
THE decline in mining revenue and associated job losses means rural communities are experiencing the impact of this more than most.
A changing food landscape
IT WON'T come as a surprise for anyone to read that I have always enjoyed a good, hearty dinner.
Making the most of it
THE life of a politician can often make you feel like you exist on a never-ending treadmill of airports and air travel.
Farming's epic battle
AUSTRALIAN farmers could be forgiven for thinking their blood, sweat and toil over the past few decades have been futile.
Lest we forget our bush soliders
THE thousands of tombstones at Gallipoli stand as a permanent monument to the misery and waste of war.
Drought: a war of attrition
DROUGHT forces the landholder to examine even their most basic order of beliefs and turns them into questions, says BARRY O'SULLIVAN.
Bananas on a slippery slope
TO understand the threat Panama disease poses to Queensland’s banana crop, you have to understand global soil fungus diseases.
Sugar's supply should not be soured
THE sugar supply chain is about to face arguably the most significant public policy process in 100 years.
Green, mean, fighting machine
YOU don’t have to be in parliament for long to see the lengths the Greens will go to push their corrupted view of the planet.
Green tape debacle is back
WHILE the final results are still being calculated and the negotiations among the elected parties are still in motion, it would be remiss of me, as a Queensland Senator, to not spend some time in this column discussing my state’s election outcome.
Keep the chaos out of parliament
POLITICS is a game of numbers. You either have them or you don't. If you have them, you are probably the government.
Dawning of the age of ag
WHILE it might not be the popular opinion, I believe 2014 will be remembered as the year we stopped relying on easy answers.
Hard realities of a rocky parliament
WHILE cigars, burkas and barnacles dominated the headlines in 2014, I believe the simple rock best typifies the parliament's year.
A co-operative approach
IT IS not mentioned every day, but the word co-operative is once again being spoken in the corridors of Canberra.
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