Leadership could cost Barnaby the ag portfolio
ONE fundamental question underscoring any future change of National Party leadership is whether Barnaby Joyce will retain his agricultural duties or take over a traditional cabinet post that offers broader political opportunity.
Changing style of agri-politics
WHATEVER happened to good old fashioned agri-politics and those crusty old agri-politicians in tweed jackets who once spear-headed Australian farming?
Messiah must not walk on water
PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull must give Barnaby Joyce the freedom to push forward and make things happen.
Paper thin or solid start?
NO doubt the media will lament the demise of Joel Fitzgibbon’s weekly White Paper jibes, but what did the document deliver for us?
Proof of ag pudding in the eating
JOEL Fitzgibbon could be wearing a significant amount of egg on his face when the Ag White Paper is finally cracked open.
Splitsville for Barney and Dr Grimes
BARNABY Joyce has often likened an image of the Labor-Green alliance to a marriage ceremony. Now he's facing his own relationship trauma.
Abbott's days are numbered
TONY Abbott averted a crisis this week, but his Liberal colleagues seemingly have no choice but to change leaders eventually.
Ag's duelling dynamos
THE clash between Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon represents one of the most intriguing and colourful pairings in this parliament and a potential bonanza for agriculture’s profile.
Bowen's ADM blow out
DON’T be fooled by Labor’s cute criticism of the Federal Coalition for blocking the sale of GrainCorp to Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).
Single desk slammed
FINDING someone to take Independent MP Andrew Wilkie’s call for a return to the wheat single desk seriously was more problematic than locating a genuine commercial wheat grower in his inner metropolitan Tasmanian electorate.
Sporties score free kicks
AUSTRALIAN Sports Party Senator-elect Wayne Dropulich would make a dour opening batsman in anyone’s cricket team, given his monotonous, disciplined ability to play everything with a straight, defensive bat.
Activism out of control
TENSIONS between extreme animal rights activists and frustrated piggery owners near Young in south-eastern NSW are fast escalating towards an ugly head-on collision.
RSPCA's 'olive branch'
THE RSPCA’s apparent olive branch to industry at the Townsville live export conference still came with a few sharp thorns attached.
It's time: for a rural Senator
LABOR faces the looming embarrassment of having no Federal Senators based in regional Australia after next July when Goulburn’s Ursula Stephens departs the scene.
Attitude defies adversity
IF you only read the headlines in this week’s rural news coverage, you’d think Australian farmers should just pack up and move to the city, or take a job in car manufacturing.
GM fanatics hurting ag
EXPECT to see a tall dark shadow cast over plant breeding science and commonsense in Perth at the march against Monsanto and genetically modified (GM) foods rally.
Calm before next storm
GIVEN recent positive developments in live animal export, one could (mistakenly) assume animal activists will simply raise the white flag, pull anchor and sail out to sea, never to be heard of again.
Live ex ALP's millstone
WHOEVER wins the federal Labor leadership ballot will need to go out and clean up the mess that’s been left behind in rural Australia by the previous government.
Divided they fell
THEY say disunity is death in politics and that’s the brutal truth underpinning the 2013 federal election result - and this recent political era.
All spin, no delivery
THE current federal election campaign shares many striking similarities to the one-sided Ashes series between Australia and England in the UK, which concluded this week.
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