Water policy ebbs and flows
ONE of the more extraordinary events on Capital Hill last week was Barnaby Joyce's attempts to claim responsibility for water policy.
Politics of spin
ARE people sick and tired of political spin? I believe they are.
Education equals innovation
LAST week I had the honour of addressing the Nuffield family at their National Conference - a key breeding ground for Australia’s agriculture and agribusiness leaders.
China FTA needs more work
LABOR wants the China free trade agreement finalised, but it's not yet the best agreement it can be.
What now for Ag White Paper?
THE Abbott government’s Agriculture White Paper has disappeared without a trace. People everywhere have been left with an empty feeling.
Ag needs investment boost
AS a great trading nation, trade liberalisation is a very good thing for Australia.
Barney's grains and grassfed squib
BARNABY Joyce needs to learn a thing or two about expectation management.
Great White expectations dashed
THE longer the White Paper was delayed, the more Barnaby Joyce fuelled expectations - “better to be late and get it right” - but did he?
Addressing the tyranny of distance
SURELY most people who choose a political career are, at least partly, motivated by a desire to reduce poverty and inequality.
Red tape ties up ag investment
AS an island trading continent, we have always been heavily dependent on the money of others to fund our businesses.
Backflips and brain bubbles
LAST week the government’s agricultural policies came under the scrutiny of a Senate Estimates hearing. What emerged was further evidence that Barnaby Joyce is all over the shop.
Agriculture's 'B' list
LAST week was a busy one up on the Hill - a week of “Bs” Biosecurity, the Budget and of course, Barnaby and Boo the dog.
Canberra exodus no good for ag
THE APVMA is not without its critics, but its challenges will become more difficult when Barnaby Joyce forces it to move to Armidale.
FDI 'stunt' sends wrong message
IT'S hardly a new debate, but last week Barnaby Joyce and I again found ourselves disagreeing on foreign direct investment.
Ag policy needs discipline
IT'S time we brought disciplined process to ag policy. The Americans and the Chinese do it and it would make sense for us to do it too.
Where's the White Paper?
A COMMITMENT to produce a strategic White Paper is a great way to have a policy when you’re not having one.
FIRB screen hinders ag investment
EVERYWHERE I turn, agri leaders are expressing exasperation and dismay over the Abbott government’s new foreign investment rules.
Ag's future lies in courageous change
NO area of our economy is more important to our future wellbeing than ag, but how do we transition to clean, green and ethical?
Farm ethics require investment
ASSESSING the ethics of a business entity’s activities before making investment choices is hardly a new practice, says JOEL FITZGIBBON.
Come to terms with industrial hemp
I RECENTLY visited an industrial hemp production factory on the NSW North Coast. Now don’t jump to any conclusions!
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