Rosy finish for Three Day Event

23 Nov, 2015 02:13 PM
NSW rider Shane Rose placed first and second in the four-star class at the Australian International Three Day Event at Adelaide on the weekend. Photo: Carla Wiese-Smith
NSW rider Shane Rose placed first and second in the four-star class at the Australian International Three Day Event at Adelaide on the weekend. Photo: Carla Wiese-Smith

OLYMPIC silver medallist Shane Rose dominated the podium at the 2015 Australian International Three Day Event, taking out first and second place in the Adelaide CCI four-star and bringing him one step closer to representing Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Leading into Sunday's ATCO Showjumping decider, Rose was already ranked first and second after dominant performances in the dressage and cross country phases.

He also had a five-penalty lead over New Zealand rider Clarke Johnstone, but with Rio on the horizon it was important he also produce clear rounds in the showjumping.

Aboard Virgil, Mr Rose's showjumping round went according to plan and the pair finished on their dressage score of 50.80.

Last into the arena was Mr Rose's horse CP Qualified and the pair knocked one fence which added four penalties to their score, but it didn't affect their lead and the pair rode to victory with a score of 49.30.

"I knew Clarke would be really hard to beat and we have about six Aussie guys that are here that I knew would be up there," Mr Rose said.

"I think both horses have performed very well and it would have been great to jump clear on Qualified but to run first and second in this field is what I was hoping I could do.

"Before the event I said I would be pretty disappointed if I didn't finish in the top four. I have very competitive horses and I felt if I did a good job that we'd be close.

"Coming down here I openly said here that this is where I wanted to qualify and get selected for Rio."

The Adelaide CCI4* was an important event for Australian eventing riders and none more so than Mr Rose who knows what it takes to make it to the Olympic Games.

"I don't think (the road is) any easier after this weekend, it's just clearer and this is certainly the way I wanted to try and get there," he said.

"All those tentative plans I put in place on where I'm going to go and how I'm going to try and get to Rio I can hopefully act on and get there with everything firing and put ourselves in a position when we can win."

"I know I'm competitive against anyone in the world on those two horses but I have to make sure on dressage day that I do a better job than what I did on Friday.

"We have eight months or so to get that right but I'm confident we'll be able to polish that off."

Mr Johnstone's clear showjumping round helped him to solidify third position with a score of 54.10, while Olympic silver medallist Sonja Johnson on Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison finished fourth after she too produced a clear jumping round and finished with 59.40 penalties.

Final Top 10:

1. Shane Rose, CP Qualified

2. Shane Rose, Virgil

3. Clarke Johnstone, Balmoral Sensation

4. Sonja Johnson, Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison

5. Michaela Martindale, Kinnordy Gatow

6. Katja Weimann, BP Flamboyant

7. Hazel Shannon, Clifford

8. Isabel English, Feldale Mouse

9. Stuart Tinney, Pluto Mio

10. Megan Jones, Kirby Park Allofasudden

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