10 reasons Melbourne is better than Sydney

27 Mar, 2015 12:14 PM

Sydneysiders are deserting the sun-drenched city for Melbourne in droves, and who can blame them?

In just six months 32,720 Australians moved to Victoria, while New South Wales lost the most people of any state.

We at Domain love all of Australia, but it's clear, to us at least, why Melbourne is so attractive to our friends to the north.

Here are 10 reasons why Sydneysiders are flocking to the world's most liveable city:

1. We've got cheap(er) property

Let's say you've got $600,000 to $700,000 to spend on a nice abode. You can buy a lovely terrace cottage in Fitzroy North. Or in Sydney you could buy a semi-derelict box jammed in a block the size of a single car park. Take your pick.

2. Trams are free!

Negotiating Sydney's ticketing system requires a three-year undergraduate course. In good old Melbourne town it's free, as long as you don't leave the CBD. Even Heidi Klum likes them. Ding ding!

3. There are more public holidays

We'll take any excuse for a day off. A big horse race? We'll take a holiday please. Footy grand final? You got it, another holiday, thank you. We're now officially the public holiday capital of Australia.

4. Our laneways are the best in the world

That's right, we're still baing on about our laneways and why should we? They're really good. Pop down any damp laneway, pull up a milk-crate, admire the street art and start downing a gluten-free beer, brewed on a city rooftop and served in goji berry jam jar.

5. It's a food-fiesta

There's a reason Heston Blumenthal chose to open up The Fat Duck in Melbourne. OK so it costs $525 for dinner, but it's nice knowing it's there. The dining experience here really does come up trumps. We've even got a restaurant tram, but let's not focus on if anyone actually uses it.

6. Even the shopping is better

Melbourne is the choice for international brands coming to Australia. H&M, Topshop, Uniqlo, Cos. What do they have in common? They all came to Melbourne first. So tighten your boat-shoes and go shopping for a pair of skinny raw denim jeans.

7. It's a sporting mecca

You don't really have much choice but to like sport in Melbourne. Have you been to Richmond? Half the suburb is taken up by the tennis complex which hosts one of the worlds grand slam tournaments. Throw in the crown jewel of the MCG, a couple more award-winning stadiums and you've got Australia's best sporting precinct.

8. The holy grid

Yes Sydney, that's right. If you walk along any one street for more than 100 metres it actually takes you 100 metres in the direction you started in. A good city starts from its very bones. Any there's no better bone structure than the mighty Hoddle grid.

9. Party all night!

Do you want to have a nice drink after 1.30am? In Melbourne it's really simple. You just find a bar, walk in and order a drink. How good is that, Sydney with your lock-outs?

10. No more sunburn

Being sunny all the time gets tiresome. It's much safer to go to the beach when it's overcast and raining. And actually there's more rain in Sydney than in Melbourne, depending how you measure it.

Have we missed any points? Comment and let us know.



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