Katie Price turns her mountains into molehills

09 Dec, 2014 11:05 AM

Katie Price had her pound of flesh just as the public has long been subjected to her cosmetically exaggerated pounds of flesh.

Yes, the former topless model, formerly known as Jordan and formerly married to Aussie popster Peter Andre, has made her questionable name from her behemoth breasts.

"I am famous for my tits," as she once eloquently put it.

But even breasts can become boring and, ever studious, Price has taken a leaf from Madonna's book, and decided to reinvent herself, or rather, her ample assets.

Six boob jobs, five children and three marriages later, and 36-year-old Price has gone under the knife for a seventh time.

This time, the 1.63-metre tall Brit, said to be worth $85 million, is turning her mountains into relative molehills.

She has reduced her pumped up 34FF breasts five cup sizes to a far more modest 32B.

"I want to be taken more seriously," Price reportedly said, if The Mirror is to be taken seriously.

Last week, at the launch of her latest perfume, she added: "I'm tiny. For the first time in 20 years when I walk in a room people don't look at my boobs, they look at my face."

No doubt. People can finally see her face.

Price had her first breast implants aged 19 when she went from a 32B to 32D.

Just one year later she had a second operation which took her to a 32DD.

Not feeling inflated enough she had further operations, taking her to a G before reaching her zenith at GG.

A botched fifth operation was fixed by the sixth, before Price, who has a lingerie line, a beauty range and a (ghostwritten) book, decided to take her breasts back from whence they came.

"It's my second-best boob job," Price said in a rapturously gushing tweet.

But, never fear, her more humbly sized breasts have not made the self-promoting Price more prudent.

"New boobs, new calendar coming soon," she tweeted. New boobs new calendar coming soon woooo x — Katie Price (@MissKatiePrice) December 7, 2014

We just have one suggestion.

Given that, in 2014, bums have become the new boobs, next time she is looking to reinvent herself, perhaps she should look to Kim Kardashian instead.

We can't promise we'll take her seriously, but when reaching for her next set of implants – and it's a fair bet she will – perhaps she should burn her bra and give her booty a boost instead.

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