Hamilton praised by oblivious taxi driver

20 Jan, 2016 09:12 AM

Three-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has posted a hilarious video on his social media pages which shows him having a conversation with a taxi driver - without the guy realising who he was actually talking to.

The cabbie told the 31 year-old Mercedes driver that he looked like Lewis Hamilton, the video captioned: "My driver said I look like me pt. 1."

In the short clip, Lewis asks the driver: "And how much do you think he made?" to which he replies: "I think he made like £60 million ($123 million)."

The fashion-forward driver then quips: "And his name is what sorry?"

"Lewis Hamilton," the man replies, while keeping his eyes on the road.

In a second clip, the driver is heard singing Lewis' praises, still not noticing its Hamilton himself who he is actually talking to.

"He is perfect; he knows how to do it. He's perfect," he continues, admiring his driving skills.

"So he's the best driver?" Lewis asks, before being met with: "He's the best driver."

The videos have already hit over 22,000 likes apiece on the superstar's Instagram page, with his fans no doubt feeling vastly amused.

It is uncertain as to where exactly Lewis was, however he had posted videos of himself in Beverly Hills in Hollywood earlier that day, followed by a quick clip of his dogs, Roscoe and Coco, aboard his private jet.

There are not very many places Lewis Hamilton can go without being recognised, but it seems that Los Angeles is one of them. My driver said I look like me Pt. 2 ????????????, Thank you, man ???????? Snapchat: lewishamilton A video posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on Jan 18, 2016 at 4:56am PST



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