AFL ticketing: Free Sunday footy for children under 15

18 Dec, 2014 02:22 PM

Sunday football will be free for children under 15 in the AFL's latest move to embrace its fans.

In a bid to claw back crowds after numbers this year dropped by an average of 4000 per game, the AFL and clubs pledged in early November to devise a "back to basics" ticketing model for MCG and Etihad Stadium matches, and to make Sundays a family-friendly day.

In other moves already flagged, general admission tickets will be available for every game apart from the Essendon-Collingwood Anzac Day blockbuster at the MCG which will remain a fully reserved game, and there will be a price freeze on all general admission tickets - $25 for adults, $17 for concession and $5 for kids.

Variable pricing will stay, but the model will be simplified, with complicated match classifications removed.

Clubs will now decide the prices of next season's tickets, with the AFL signing off on the prices early next year.

"Clubs know their supporters better than anyone, so it makes sense for them to take an active role in setting ticket prices," said AFL general manager of clubs and AFL operations, Travis Auld.

A user-friendly online ticket search tool will also be available on the AFL and club websites.

Auld admitted this year's controversial ticketing framework had deterred crowds.

"This year's ticketing framework posed a number of problems for those fans attending MCG and Etihad Stadium matches, particularly in relation to fully reserved seat matches," Auld said.

"As a result, next year's ticketing model is very much a case of going back to basics – the AFL and clubs are committed to removing as many obstacles as possible for those fans looking to attend AFL matches.

"Fans no longer have to worry about complex match categories and seating maps."

The AFL is also working with non-Victorian clubs to implement similar initiatives next season.

Other initiatives to improve the match-day experience include kick-to-kick after the siren at some venues, LED signage at Etihad Stadium and WIFI access for fans.

The AFL Fans Association, which has railed against the 2014 ticketing system, said in a statement the the changes were "a win for fans".

But the new ticketing system, which "still leaves ambiguity and scope for price increases" would have to be monitored, president Gerry Eeman said.

"Fans don't want to be punished by the AFL when their clubs are doing well or for supporting popular clubs," he said.



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