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Grain of Truth

You are EXACTLY right Ted! Look where AWB is now! The more management has distanced themselves the more dire the situation has become. They need to look to the past a little further back to see where their future direction ought to be.
03/01/10 02:15 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, is right. The level playing field doesn't exist. The lunatic that brought Australian producers stall free sows have eliminated a perceived problem & created another. Consequently, sow free stalls will now cause more stress related spontaneous abortions and increasing numbers of piglets being accidently crushed and killed by their mothers. How is this possibly a positive step? As David mentioned the infiltration of Coles management by ex British supermarket executives is driving our unique industries in the wrong direction and the sooner we reject this stupidity the better.
17/03/14 02:43 AM
Graincorp was always doomed to fail. It's a former government asset, plagued by decades of underfunding until lack of capacity demands caught up with the underlying maintenance liabilities. ADM would only have closed lines to make a profit. The real story within this story here is successive state and federal government failure to maintain vital infrastructure. Trains are far more efficient per ton carried than trucks & generate less green house gasses, yet we needlessly accept more trucks on our roads to cater for the rail capacity shortfall, I assume out of ignorance. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!
02/12/13 02:18 PM
Bushie, what are you on? Overseas protectionism (aka subsidies) hurt our primary producers dearly. Farmers in the US get paid to grow comodities which is anti competitive, generating an unlevel playing field. How on earth can you say that such circumstances are beneficial to Australian producers. As for it being out of our control, not necessarilly. Negotiating FTA's is an opportunity to negotiate away anti competitive foreign subsidies.
13/11/13 01:12 AM
Hydatid, you got it right. I was about to make the same post as you did!! Well done. Some of us obviously have a far better memory than Michael has.
28/10/13 12:06 PM
Percy, EVERY shareholder has the option of selling or retaining. The board suggesting you sell, doesn't mean you have to. The best interests of the company aren't always in the best interests of every shareholder, as people buy with intent to sell after differing periods of ownership. The price may have doubled for a number of reasons, including speculative purchasers upon hearing of the take over. It doesn't mean the shares are actually worth double the price they were at initial offer stage. NEVER, EVER leave it upto the board alone to advise you on share divestment decisions!
28/10/13 04:03 AM
Our farming & manufacturing woes all centre on the idealogical "level playing field" government want us to embrace. In the real world, we compete against countries like China where basics we take for granted such as, annual leave, sick leave, fire safety regs, OH&S, Workers Comp, superannuation & more don't exist, meaning our competitors don't have to factor in those costs in their products, giving them an unfair advantage. Until competitors have these costs, the fanciful "level playing field" mantra will slowly kill off industry. Mining exports are a misguided & unsustainable short term fix.
21/06/12 12:55 AM


Woolworths are their own worst enemy. Their quasi specials are dearer than quality alternatives and this is best illustrated in the meat department. Beef in particular is always a very pale pink (meaning it's young or yearling meat) and 40-50 days grain fed guarantees it tastes like cardboard. I can buy high quality MSA certified meat from places like Super Butcher once a month, have it sliced to my liking and cryovac'd far cheaper than lesser quality Woolworths meat. Even Woollies budget meat is expensive. BBQ Sausages at Super Butcher are $4.99 every day & $3.99 on special.
18/06/15 03:57 AM
How much land can a foreigner own in Japan?
02/03/15 12:18 PM
Whilst time is wasted debating thresholds, like an incurable cancer, our valuable farmland is lost, bit by bit, to foreign interests hourly. By 2050 China won't be able to feed itself. Food produced by Chinese owned farms here will be called upon. Our land will produce food we can't access, whilst we eat crap grown elsewhere! Foreign ownership of our agricultural land is a pathway to catastrophe.
02/03/15 12:17 PM
"negotiate similarly to Australian ­ business, increased labour flexibilities for specific projects." This is political jibber jabber, which in reality means, "Employ foreign workers for less than Australian wages to bypass local working conditions." The 457 Visa system is being rorted by businesses, who use the visas to avoid training Australian staff. It's time the entire 457 system was reviewed.
18/11/14 09:39 PM
BushBashing Bill. Thank you for your ridiculous suggestion that I get a job. My wife and I both already have 2. However, if you'd like to roll up your sleeves and are prepared to do a decent days work in the bush, let me know, there's plenty to done out here in the real world!!
05/11/14 12:48 AM
By its very presence Santos devalues properties & kills off market interest, then it buys it cheaply. What a cunning strategy to evade the inconvenience of land user agreements and operational scrutiny.
05/11/14 12:21 AM
Bushie Bill, (even though you aren't in the bush) My head certainly isn't in the sand, but my back certainly is against the wall. Ignorant city slickers like yourself are a huge part of the problem, as you can't see the forest for the trees. You want everything cheap & don't value quality Australian produce. In case you hadn't realised our governments have entered us into a race to the bottom. We can't compete with foreign subsidies and third world countries paying $2.50/hr wages or less. Only when they are gone will people like you value Aussie farmers.
03/11/14 05:21 AM
Dr Barr's uses, but overlooks an alarming statistic. "50% reduction in farm numbers since 1976." Dr Barr explain why. The rest of the explanation is dressing Mutton up as Lamb. Over 65 farmers can't retire as their kids don't qualify for loan to buy the farm. Cheap subsidised overseas imports & poor returns are killing Aussie farms & our govt doesn't care. Off farm income keeps us going. How did this crisis happen? Why is Dr Barr pretending there is no crisis? Comparing the US to Australia is another flaw in his report. Thankfully, we are nothing like America farming dynamics.
03/11/14 12:53 AM
Dr Barr is dressing mutton up as lamb. More importantly, I'd like to hear his explanation for the 50% reduction in farm numbers. Over 65's are staying on the land because they have to. The kids can't qualify for a loan to buy the parents' farm, or don't want to perpetuate their parents' life of misery. Farmers are sending their kids to Uni telling them to get a career. Farming has poor return for effort. Overseas subsidies are killing the Aussie family farm whilst "ostrich academics" like Barr with heads in the sand, gloss over the real issues pretending there's no crisis.
03/11/14 12:21 AM
StopTAC & Jock, you are ingnorant muck rakers. As a farmer, I can tell you that farmer subsidies in this country are a myth. Last financial year my taxable income was just under $3k for a whole year's blood sweat & tears so that you can eat beef. When you sold your last car, did you place conditions on how it was to be treated by the next 4 or 5 subsequent owners? No? How do you expect famers to control the 4th or 5th subsequent owner of our cattle in a foreign country? We have no right to dictate anything to Indonesia.
30/10/14 09:02 AM


"The field evidence just doesn’t fit the theoretical models of the bureaucrats..."
This alarming decision is of great concern. Industry is required to provide scientific evidence, yet the APVMA has elected to ignore it and based a decision on "theoretical modelling."
"All creditable field data has shown Ester 800 moves little more than any other chemical. None of these studies have been rebutted or refuted."
The APMVA should now be challenged over this hypocracy.
27/08/13 02:20 AM
Along with many others in this forum, I predicted that abolition of the Single Desk would be linked to the reduced farm profits and was mocked by several deluded, over-confident, greedy & short sighted people who thought we'd actually be better off. Where are you proponents now fellas?? Fragmentation of the "pool" has seen traders better off, but the vast majority of producers are far worse off. Traders shop around pitting neighbours against each other. Producers are taking the majority of the risk, yet returns are down making producers become price takers. Overseas customers are shopping elsewhere, ships cannot be loaded in a timely manner, due to poorly maintained rail infrastructure which includes, closed branch lines, lines with 25 & 40km/h speed limits and a lack of wagons. Only now do we have a total of 4 grain trains to service the entire East Coast! No wonder our roads are choked with B Doubles and Road Trains! We were told competition would be good for us. Can somebody please tell me how, because so far this hair-brained idealogical experiment, which has been forced upon us, has been a catastrophy in reality.
14/04/09 05:34 AM
WA observer. You are referring to your state which is bucking the national trend. Australian wheat plantings are in decline which will continue due to the increases in risk and costs the demise of the single desk has delivered to the grower who was already over burdened with both. In eastern states, governments have also got away with neglecting railway infrastructure necessary to efficiently transport grain to port for decades (and now cite cost as the reason for failing to bring it back to standard and essentially abandoning it) forcing more trucks (which are far less efficient than rail transport) onto our (inadequately maintained) highways. The federal Govt is intent on taxing the daylights out of heavy vehicles (citing damage caused to roads) with ridiculous annual registration fees! Road transport rates increase accordingly as do cost of products bread etc. to the consumer. Without the immediate formation of significant grower cooperatives, the demise of single desk will reduce wheat growing to a cottage industry. Growers already have enough on their plate growing their comodity. Demise of the single desk has fragmented growers strength and certainty and set them on a collision course with each other. Traders are gouging huge margins for now doing what the single desk did for a lower fee. The biggest risk takers in this stupid policy are growers, who are now significantly worse off. I agree with Mark, "This Government is determined to kill the golden goose by strangling it to death with bad Policy."
15/01/09 03:45 AM
Welcome to post single desk life, people.
For those misguided soles who still believe they are going to be better off with the demise of single desk, (if this is the case) you are one of the tiny minority. Unless you have rail access on your property and massive storage capability, you will not be better off at all.
Demise of the single desk serves 2 purposes, the interests of corporates and works against the interests of the family farm.
I'm so thankful our family is out of grain growing, especially now that quality payments are being stopped. There is now no encouragement for producing high end product.
The US values and protects its farming sector, yet our stupid and idealistic federal goverments are happy throwing the Aussie Primary Production sector to the wolves.
15/08/08 02:20 AM
The loss of the Single Desk will be of enormous detriment of farmers and Australia generally.
It will expose our graingrowers to the inadequcies and whimsical price fluctuations in Chicago and Boston which can easilly be manipulated against Australian growers.
The loss of the desk removes stability in the market and totally works in favour of giant corporate properties and will cause a huge reduction in smaller family farms already under enormous pressure.
To put it simply, the loss of the Single Desk is no different to shooting oneself in the foot!
09/07/08 09:44 PM


Given that there has been a net jobs loss since coming to power, unemployment is higher than at any time whilst Hockey was in opposition (which also included the GFC) waffling on about minimal jobs growth is nothing short of patronising! We are on the cusp of losing up to 70,000 Car Manufacturing, Ship Building industry & associated jobs between now and the end of 2017, so there is absolutely no time whatsoever for celebration in the absence of any legitimate & significant jobs creation strategies. We are heading towards a recession, yet Hockey is busy celebrating mediocrity. WAKE UP!!
19/06/15 11:48 AM
BushBashing Bill, As a cattle producer, I can assure you farmers are not pampered at all. I challenge you to get out of the city, roll up your sleeves & do a hard days work on a farm, then turn up again the following day & continue doing so 7 days a week all year. Northern farmers are financially struggling & may never recover from Ludwig's incompetence, despite constant 60hr+ working weeks for little or no return. Wake up to yourself! Your childish urban myth pedalling diatribe is nauseating, ill informed nonsense.
05/11/14 12:37 AM
Our industry woes started with Joe Ludwig's disgraceful handling of the boat cattle issue, sending many operators broke. The drought has compounded the matter. Shame on Fairfax Media for giving Ludwig the opportunity to purport to be an authority with any understanding of agricultural industry. Never have I witnessed such incompetence from a government minister!
11/02/14 03:52 AM
All the Libs have done is talk down the huge NBN benefits without legitimate alternative. Our farm outside Roma has daily wireless b/band & mobile dropouts. We recently had over 2 weeks of unexplained loss of service. Telstra advised that no tower upgrade is planned for 5yrs+. NBN (optic fibre cable) will enable more towers to be plugged into it, improving reception & coverage for all and improve productivity. The existing network is outdated. Without NBN we are consigned to mediocrity in a world of increasing demand. The Libs solution is inferior & doesn't look sufficiently into the future.
15/12/13 01:10 AM
Quadbikes are commonplace due to; cost efficiencies over keeping and looking after horses year round, the need to get around larger properties with less staff, less time to do the work, ever invcreasing govt compliance requirments on everything, decreasing producer returns and the list goes on.
Essentuially quad bikes are an efficiency gain many have adopted in the pursuit of trying to make ends meet.
18/02/13 01:44 AM
My family has a long history of supporting the RSPCA until about 5 years ago when we ceased our annual donation. Since then RSPCA has acted so apallingly that they have no chance of receiving our support ever again.
18/02/13 01:17 AM
Again, the RSPCA, fails to address the fact that Australia has no right to tell aother nation how to run their country. Live Ex is cost effective & suits Indonesia as it lacks infrastructure to store & distribute boxed beef & the RSPCA know it. This story is just an attention seeking attempt by the RSPCA as it struggles to remain relevant. Extremist views has cost the RSPCA my family's significant annual donation, initiated my my grandfather in the 1960's. I have several friends who've ceased donating to them given their apalling performance on a number of issues in recent yrs.
26/06/12 01:11 AM
Too many rural hospitals are ill equipped to deal with basic medical issues, have high % of nurses in their Grad yr who are given little or no mentoring, lack clinical reinforcement & are prematurely left in charge with another grad after as little as 4 weeks on the job. Mock arrests & scenario training is viewed as unnecessary, so that when an arrest occurs, staff panic & don't know what to do. The RFDS is over used to compensate for poor management practices & lack of resources. My wife (a nurse) is scared of going to her own hospital as a patient if she ever has a serious illness.
13/03/14 02:59 AM
I bet Qld is the worst. Distance is a barrier to access, lack of Allied Health Services. In Qld the cost of attending treatment & specialist appointments in Brisbane is cost prohibitive due to lack of Public Transport & conditions often make catching a bus over 100's of km unsuitable, you have to wait min 12 weeks for Qld Health to reimburse mileage claims if you drive yourself. You only receive $40 per night for motel accommodation regardless of cost. Rural hospitals lack experienced staff & resources, If you're flown out by RFDS you are left to find your own way home.
13/03/14 02:41 AM
Before you decide, think about TELSTRA. Privatisation has seen decline in rural services. My mobile reception is still worse than CDMA. We regularly loose mobile/wireless broadband service with no explanation at our property. Call centre jobs sent offshore, technicians to fix problems are a rarity & Telstra will not improve or fix anything without a business case to justify the expenditure, meaning the bush is being ignored despite assurances we would not be worse off. We are far worse off than pre privatisation & it's getting worse!
12/01/14 12:24 AM


A great Australian innovator and winemaker who will be sadly missed.
06/07/13 12:53 PM
If the same amount of effort was placed in making the seasonal jobs more attractive to Australians, we wouldn't even need to import workers. It's easy to sit back and whine and say "Aussie workers don't want to work, I can't find anyone to pick my crop". But the real story is that you are paying $17 an hour, expect your seasonal workers to sleep in a tent that they are expected to bring with them, or a crappy shed. By the time someone incurs the costs of driving to a remote location for this seasonal work, works for a month or two (whilst still paying rent back where they came from) there's often no money left at the end of the exercise to show for all the effort. So instead of making the jobs more attractive, our Govt wants to import workers. Good grief!! How much has all this investigative and consultitive process cost the taxpayer so far? Rather than investigating a complex response like worker importation schemes, which require significant and ongoing administration, why not simply make income earned from seasonal fruit picking jobs INCOME TAX EXEMPT. I'm sure that would make a huge difference and go a long way to solving the problem and save the taxpayer millions of dollars!
13/01/09 05:37 AM
Emerald (Qld) stuggles to get pick staff because coal mining, and the associated wages, has artificially inflated rent.
A basic 3br hose costs $400pw plus. Try paying that on $20p/h, runining a car to get you to work in the absence of public transport and don't forget you need to eat.
But then you also have the honour of paying super exhorbitant prices at the supermarkets as well.
15/08/08 03:05 AM


City Bill, if you had read the story carefully, you would know that the activists have positively communicated their message via legitimate advertising mediums. (bus advertising and sign boards) Therefore, your suggestion about restaurants and customers seeking legal advice has no foundation. You are advocating discrimination. You can't ban activists from advertising animal welfare concerns, but allow companies selling products to engage in it.
05/11/14 12:12 AM
Sow stalls reduce numbers of piglets being crushed by sows. Eliminating stalls increases infant injuries (pain & suffering) as well as mortality.
18/03/14 02:33 AM
Joanne, your stance proves your ignorance. The reality of what you are saying is that Australia should ignore customer requirements, dictate terms to the customer, loosing a $360 million a yr export market and bankrupt our Northern Cattle Industry. Indonesia lacks electricity infrastructure and the ability to refrigerate goods, which is why they slaughter and consume in the same day. Live Export is their only option. Your solution creates bigger problems.
17/01/14 01:40 AM
Diane, your post lacks logic. On the "long journey" on a boat, animals don't suffer at all. They are well fed & watered and are under veterinary care all the way & gain weight. Given that you have no idea about the industry, please stop pretending and go find yourself another cause.
17/01/14 01:30 AM


Ray Briffa I have some questions for you. Why has the technolgy been used in Honda lawnmowers in the USA for some time and not here? Why is the US so deserving of it at the exclusion of Australians? If Honda was serious, it would be a standard feature across their entire range!
03/01/10 04:13 AM
This annoying story amounts to nothing more than an attempt by an extremist element to make an issue out of nothing. A bit like that bloke Scruby who raves on about banning bullbars.
People (city and country) buy 4WDs as a general purpose vehicle capable of comfortably carrying up to five adults and luggage, able to tow a horse float/caravan/trailer/boat.
Simply the 4WD/SUV best suits a variety of needs front wheel drive 4cyl and 6 cyl cars cannot.
A simple question to the morons seeking the ban: do you have an alternative of any kind to accompany your ill-conceived demand? There is no Falcon Station Wagon any more, the Commodore Wagon is now ridiculously small in the boot. Neither the Falcon nor Commodore is capable of having a decent bullbar mounted to it, to protect occupants from animal strikes. My record is 14 roo strikes in 10 mths. Several would have seen a "Falcodore" written off.
Nicky, your post was wrong. Modern Diesel 4WDs are more fuel efficient than the sorts of cars your ban would have us driving instead, like the Falcon and Commodore.
Pajero Turbo Diesel has an official figure 9.4lt/100km hwy vs Commodore 10.4lt/100km, (Falcon uses slighly more), which means the environmental argument against 4WDs is factually wrong.
But, as always with these sorts of extremist generated discussions, facts are substituted with ludicrous and meaningless hyperbole.
Of course there's also the shameful issue of our poorly maintained road system infrastructure. We drive on unsealed roads which would shake the average car to pieces in the blink of an eye.
07/01/09 06:33 AM
I bet the header is the furtherest away, as it ought to be!! The current breed of $500k soft as marshmallow super header needs to be made relieble and pass a few basic durability tests, before they contemplate putting in $100s of thousands of dollars of computer gadgetry to operate the damn things without a human at the helm. These machinery manufacturers need to realise, that whilst a machine sits idle awaiting parts from overseas to effect warranty repairs, it still costs the owner dearly.
22/07/08 01:09 AM
Whilst the B Triple combination will lead to some efficiency gains in regional areas, it will not replace triple road trains in regional and remote Australia, so I'm not entirely sure where the B triple lies in the future of Australian Road Transport. We have in this country quite recently, massively increased the fuel tax and rego costs of large vehicles (because our governments like to gain cheap political points from "truckie bashing" on the basis that we have too many heavy vehicles on our roads) However, the only alternative to road freight, is rail. Yet, we all also know that our national rail infrustructure network has been allowed to fall into a pathetic state of disrepair over the last 30 yrs by successive state governments.
20/03/08 05:32 AM


Great solution Bronwyn! lets be in a race to the bottom of the swamp by paying workers 3rd world wages to lower input costs. The real issue is producer returns and predatory supermarkets. The difference between farm gate price and shelf price is huge.
05/05/14 11:51 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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