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Its simple and most know it. If Kevin Rudd returns to the leadership of Labor, then Tony Abbot will be in trouble.
10/02/13 06:58 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Agree Rob Moore. We need some new thinking in Ag rather than continually rely on levy bodies for our future prospects
07/11/15 06:01 AM
BTW David L, what is your actual solution? What practical steps do you intend to follow to make levies more accountable?
Chick Olsson
04/11/15 02:17 AM
Great article David. The levy model is now fairly much outdated, a product of a past era that will have to end one day if we are to enjoy the fruits of free market principles. Lets face it, if there is a dollar in it, farmers generally embrace that chance and take the punt, with or without any levy body assistance.
03/11/15 01:28 AM
Dear Mike, you might notice that you are the one actually mentioning the name of the rights group, giving them air, allowing them to get public attention. btw Mike, why tell us who you are if you are man enough?
23/04/15 10:19 AM
crazy crazy talk David. The wool industry ( AWI ) tried such an approach with an inflammatory federal court case in 2007, which only made matters worse. Peta want you to act like this, beat your chest and talk about " we are at war". All it does is inflame the matter and helps them raise more funds.
22/04/15 07:11 AM
Opinion, the market disagrees with your thought totally.. otherwise we would be all driving Hyundai motor cars.
14/11/14 06:12 AM
Like it or not David, mainstream media and buying decisions are made in the cities by the younger generation, who are able to make up their minds as to what is "ethical" or not. Not to understand this will be at an industry's demise.
11/11/14 11:09 PM
One man /woman = one vote. Not weighted in favour of the mega wealthy.
09/10/14 11:36 AM
Best of luck David. Aussies need some maverick action to control the tide of big politics.
29/06/14 10:38 PM
Unless fine wool prices improve gents, merino wool will only be a memory.
20/05/14 11:39 PM

Get Muddy

NZ merino model worked well, but farmers didnt run it..
16/06/15 01:46 AM

A matter of opinion

Hi Jock, no problem at all with a voluntary marketing wool co op. It will probably happen sooner than we all think.
10/06/15 02:51 AM
Hi Jock, I could rabbit on about the tech difference between what we had and what you are suggesting, but its all the same animal at the end of the day. Trying to interfere with any natural market is dangerous on all levels, and has rarely worked with basic commodities, and really just adds another layer of "management" to an existing market. What you propose has no legs in today's markets, as your proposal is aimed at lifting wool price by monopolistic control mechanisms. It has never worked, and will never work, as there are many fibres that now easily compete with wool on many levels.
09/06/15 02:16 AM
Hi Jock, we have tried a single desk and it almost destroyed the industry....Wool is such a small part of the world textile market now, it is almost impossible to take any percentage of it unless wool becomes cheaper and easier to produce. Maybe a 10 year cold snap would improve demand. However, the fact is clear that for the billions spent of levy, the market for wool has not improved.
04/06/15 11:44 PM
Brilliant article, Vernon. Consider the amount of levy collected and spent over the past 20 years on behalf wool growers. With only 20 - 30 million merino ewes being joined this year and a resulting greatly reduced national wool clip, the overall levy model has been a gross failure in providing any measurable benefit for the Australian Merino industry throughout its entire history, despite best efforts of those managing the levy.
04/06/15 01:47 AM
Great article Louise. Bringing water down from the North via the original Bradfield scheme would allow mass irrigation in many dry land areas
29/05/15 07:34 PM
Excellent and correct response, Vernon. When we wake up to the opportunities being presented on the world stage to talk about how good our farmers are, rather than a typical attack on the messenger..well, what have we learned over the past 10 years?
28/07/14 11:22 PM
Great article Andrew. With $500 million plus in levies spent since 2003, it is reasonable to ask, has it benefited growers?
29/06/14 10:35 PM
Great article Jenna. These people just love to make it harder for farmers, impose their small minds on a community who have no real voice nor protection from those who are supposed to represent us.
24/05/14 09:50 PM
The deal is totally brilliant, and opens up further trade potential with over a 100 million new customers. Bring it on !!
11/04/14 05:06 AM
well said Andrew... less obstruction and more construction
18/10/13 01:55 AM

Burrs under my saddle

You might be surprised how resilient many farmers are Peter
05/07/15 09:19 PM
It wasn't long ago that the faculty of climate change in Melbourne University merrily set sail to the Antarctic to hopefully measure and prove the affects of climate change in the polar ice. One might remember their ship getting stuck in the inconvenient huge amounts of pack ice, and they all had to be rescued by the non believers of the mainland…. there is a moral here somewhere.
13/02/15 07:09 AM
Peter, everyone has voted and moved on. The majority of Aussie's just don't believe what you are saying, especially farmers.
10/02/15 10:09 PM
I think everyone votes for their best advocate. The issue is, who would be best for the State.
25/01/15 01:49 AM

Out of the shadow

Middleman, there is no hate here, just facing the facts that Labor tried to destroy the foundations of Northern Agriculture, so one can never take them seriously again
14/07/15 08:14 AM
Joel, when will you apologise for almost destroying Aussie Live Ex?
13/07/15 10:54 PM
Joel, you still haven't apologised for banning live cattle export to the North.. until you do, how can anyone take you seriously ?
01/06/15 04:09 AM
Sorry Joel, APVMA have been a nightmare for all Aussie businesses trying to register any legitimate product... They need a clean broom and new blood
09/05/15 03:52 PM
Great article Joel.
26/01/15 10:35 PM
Joel, you are a decent man, but what your Party has done to our economy can never be forgiven. Your politics are totally anti business and completely anti farming.
21/10/14 01:10 AM
Will you apologise Joel for what your Party did to cattle live export?? Yes or No??
29/07/14 08:42 AM
Joel, vote to remove the carbon tax to regain any shred of credibility.
02/07/14 03:13 AM
Joel, you are a decent enough fellow, bur surely its a bit rich to criticise Barnaby, especially when compared to the chaos your Party wreaked on live export, on top of a destructive carbon and mining tax? Farmers are still waiting for an apology.
03/06/14 09:46 PM

Leading questions

Lots of words here Mat, as produced many times before. What is your simplest solution to this continuous issue? Encourage Tony to bring down water from the North maybe??
01/06/15 12:25 AM


What an idiot. What country is he living in?
15/11/15 09:50 PM
Great result. Well done to all those positive people on all sides of the House.
10/11/15 04:58 AM
Congrats to Andrew Robb and Penny Wong. A brilliant agreement and hopefully a sign of improved cohesion to create a stronger economy.
21/10/15 03:37 AM
great move by Barnaby ... Amidale is the right place for AVPMA, using local talennt to make product registration easier and faster. It is a nightmare at the moment in Canberra, stocked by professional seat polishers who have made life hell for many trying to get thru any registration.
19/10/15 09:24 PM
NT doesn't have plenty of money?? Thats no reason to sell out port facilities to overseas interests.
15/10/15 06:51 AM
How is it that foreigners can own vital port facilities??
14/10/15 01:35 AM
Agree Peter C… and ever worse for those Aussie companies wishing to have a go and register new Aussie products have found this process to be a huge nightmare, awash with mountains of protocol and red tape, costly and prohibitive… only the big multi nationals have deep enough pockets to play the games that APVMA Love to play...
28/09/15 04:28 AM
Water is now in excellent hands, at long last...
21/09/15 03:34 AM
All good.. sensible and strong leaders all.
20/09/15 08:43 PM
Love this move by the Coalition… farmers will be the big winners here. A great pity that people in the Labor camp don't understand this. What is the problem here Joel???
16/09/15 01:15 AM


Fabulous of the year?
04/06/15 01:37 AM
Glyph is a fabulous product, but the rise of organic farm product demand is huge in the cities, so we might as well get used to more and more consumers shunning ag chem use.
13/04/15 03:01 AM
It is all such a load of crap. Apelike creatures affecting the planets temperature ? Babel like Hubris.
07/02/15 04:22 AM
Congrats to The Nats, esp Mark Coulton and Kev Anderson supporting legalised growth and use of this excellent plant. The majority will support this Mark. If in doubt, hold a referendum.
13/10/14 07:02 AM


I would not call them 'beautiful'. Sly,dangerous,destructive,cruel, savage,feral, rogue, pest… not beautiful by any description
19/10/15 05:53 AM
Good article Brent… I think we need to go a little further in protecting smaller producers...
11/10/15 08:41 PM
What a very very silly article by someone in ANU who has no idea how or why this trade works. Talking down to Indonesia will only make matters worse. Indonesia was humiliated by the Gillard Governments crazy decision to ban live ex, a situation that will take time to heal.
14/07/15 10:48 PM
Good article Gus. Sadly, Ag's leadership is poor and non representative. We need our well organised and sensible rural politicians to step up and take over and introduce Pro Farmer policy as a matter of urgency.
29/06/15 01:46 AM
Two wonderful Aussies.
12/09/15 08:41 PM
David L, do you understand the free publicity desire of these rights groups?
24/08/15 09:26 PM
What a fool.
11/08/15 05:44 AM
Uumm Craig Thompson / Peter Slipper. Labor has no high moral ground here. They all have their long snouts in that tax trough.
02/08/15 09:51 PM
Great investment by BOM. I have always found their long term forecasting basically pretty accurate in the majority of cases.
24/07/15 11:12 PM
And folks, here is the perfect oxymoronic set of conclusions, wondering if man is changing the climate, and calling for a transition to another mysterious energy source?? NSW Lemmings Assoc ..
19/07/15 04:31 AM


Great article Cara. We have started shooting religiously ourselves as well as employing shooters. 35 foxes in one night recently.
12/07/15 11:25 PM
More talk, more plans, no dogs killed.
28/06/15 12:03 AM
A new online tool to help manage wild dogs?? Barnaby you are being conned here,... please increase funds for more aerial baiting, as second round baiting gives 90% online tool needed at all
22/06/15 01:52 AM
labor is clearly showing its desire to make reality for Aussie farmers as draconian and harsh as possible... Joel, you are so out of touch with reality mate.
16/06/15 01:44 AM
We should thank Lynn White for her help in identifying such isolated poor behaviour. We can make this trade better and improve animal handling with her help.
09/06/15 02:18 AM
Such absolute nonsense. When wild dogs are aerial baited at 40 baits per km, 90 % of dogs are killed.
14/12/14 02:51 AM
I believe Aussie farmers are the best in the world at what they do… we have nothing to hide…. end of story.
28/07/14 11:58 PM
If one has nothing to hide, then what is the problem? The best and most profitable restaurants now provide an open kitchen for guests to enjoy seeing chefs prepare their food….. just food for thought people.
28/07/14 10:57 PM
Why is PAPP taking so long? APVMA needs a rocket up its backside.
27/07/14 06:10 PM
It is great that such a project has been launched, but will it work? We just sit back and hope someone else will fix it, and with low margin wool production, what is the answer?
26/07/14 09:23 AM


These are the same type of "nanny state" police who also banned fireworks....Please mind your own business and stop interfering in the affairs of others.
25/09/15 08:36 PM
Looks like a fantastic machine.. might order one and report back.
20/11/14 03:44 AM


Ted Obrien is totally correct. Be alert as Governments will try any subterfuge to increase taxation revenues in light of looming budget deficits.
07/12/14 12:28 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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