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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The sheep CRC is the greatest waste of resources the universe has ever seen. $18 million P.A. for mumbo jumbo.
06/10/14 09:10 AM

Get Muddy

For goodness sake Sam put the horse in front of the cart. Quoting success stories when there would be failed brands all over the world is silly. How in the name of creation can "True Aussie" cover integrity in the beef industry when it relies on nonsense such as the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS). ?
16/06/15 03:03 AM
So BB, an agsoc is some sort of mythical creature something like the devil being looked after by God.
17/12/14 06:19 AM

A matter of opinion

Couple of things relieved, these CRC's are not cost effective and very little benefit to those who pay. Also astute breeders outside the parasite club in both meat and wool sheep are using measurement and recordings to stay in front in the genetic gains business. We also put our names to our claims.
10/06/15 05:01 AM
Graham, totally agree and of course we are paying levies for these parasites to try to put us out of business. Not sure if it is a proper gander or a proper goose but in any case is propaganda.
10/06/15 04:07 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Pete Mailler is correct. We have just had a State election and already Niall Blair is falling into step with bureaucrats.
12/09/15 11:03 PM
What is ignored completely is many farmers who are not debt stressed but caught up in profitability squeeze are cutting back on expenditure, especially capital improvements or replacements. This then causes production decline .
20/04/15 12:35 AM

Bush Matters

India exported 6.8 million tonnes of wheat 2012/13 and 10 million tonnes 2013/14. Please Barry, more homework required.
29/07/15 01:24 AM
Here we go again. The sky didn't fall in when Gough Whitlam was elected anymore than when John Howard was elected.
24/01/15 12:56 AM

Out of the shadow

If agriculture is profitable farmers will invest the surplus. Interesting article about investment in sheep industry. Numbers have gone from 160 million to about 60 million so prices have increased to a point of expansion in profitability and ultimately production. Borrowing to simply survive is ridiculous.
10/08/15 12:00 AM
Joel certainly has a problem with some of his colleagues. Every now and again a Labor politician talks sense. We desperately need somebody to follow people like Sen Peter Walsh. Ken Wreidt John Falkiner just to name a few.
15/07/15 05:01 AM


So Mr. Keogh we must maintain market share at all costs. Doesn't matter how many people go broke with no profitability. Only takes a few feathers to make a goose.
04/08/16 09:07 AM
Well why are they paying MLA levies. ?
28/07/16 11:59 PM
Be very careful with delivery specifications. A long story but fat lamb futures were closed down in the early 1980's because of rorts.
26/07/16 12:00 AM
Jock, they will NOT enhance Australian producers. How so called free marketers believe withholding their sand bucket of wheat can influence a market where there is no market because of multinational control is delusional. Sadly some others of us are our own worst enemies believing the goal posts will stay the same.
21/07/16 12:16 AM
This is great while it remains education. So many of these programs become indoctrination.
16/07/16 05:55 AM
Am I missing something here.? Punters all tell us we are food bowl of Asia.
24/06/16 01:35 AM
On line markets will certainly expand in the future. Tools such as video will describe stock more accurately. It is all about credibility which leads to trust by both seller and buyer. I generally sell stock over the hooks rather than the lucky dip at sale yards.
16/06/16 11:19 PM
And get the parasites such as MLA and LLS off our backs.
29/03/16 08:12 PM
You don't think this is all about the Bank?
14/03/16 12:43 AM
If Truss is looking for a clone it should be the end of the Nationals.
29/01/16 12:26 AM


Exactly Jock. I appreciate you are rusted on National but I think they let you down big time in the name of the big end of town.
13/06/16 10:55 PM
I don't grow wheat. But why in the name of creation would a grain trader with product on hand whether purchased on farm or whatever want to blurt to the world his commercial business ?
12/06/16 12:26 AM
Here we go again with the crystal ball. I remember when we were told if oil went over $10 a barrel wool and cotton would go through the roof. I don't remember what happened to cotton but wool price collapsed.
19/01/16 10:33 PM
Terrific, No doubt results will be available at a fraction of the cost of some levy funded and biased bureaucratic "research".
30/10/15 10:58 PM
QMCC, why be so selfish? This is not an either/or.
06/04/15 09:08 AM
How does the everyday person/consumer distinguish between a scientist and ranting entertainer, or worse still peddlers of self interest. ?
27/03/15 02:45 AM
Oh dear Erin, I don't follow the single desk debate but Jock must have hit a high spot
11/03/15 11:16 PM
It may be well and good. I certainly hope somebody with some brains had a good look at it in natural environment in South Africa..
06/01/15 10:16 PM


It will take about 10 minutes to work out which side she is on, the parasites or the producers. I have first hand experience of the sheep CRC which is a disgraceful waste of resources, an insult to intelligence.
01/09/16 09:21 AM
So at the end of the day Hugh you are advocating anarchy. Freedom for all.
18/07/16 05:05 AM
Didn't anybody tell this clown Australian companies are buying rice from Asia to fill orders.
30/06/16 11:26 PM
A race to the bottom for Government sponsored market failure. Actually I think Barnaby has his nose in front especially by ignoring the recommendations of the Senate Inquiry into red meat industry.
24/06/16 04:33 AM
Somebody might like to show me a list of farmers who oppose a level playing field.
05/08/16 10:52 PM
I understand one of the biggest problems was immigration. I doubt there will be any great surprises with trade.
22/07/16 01:23 AM
What rot ! NFF and Nationals are one and the same
29/06/16 05:47 AM
I think Hans Christian Andersens story about the Emperor having no clothes was extraordinarily visionary. The bullshit around what we want to believe has so many applications. Hope we are on the same thread. JN
27/06/16 09:30 AM
About 30 seats from 76 in Senate will hardly be in control. Tough work I know Pete but your effort and preferences have helped others.
31/07/16 12:47 AM
If ever the Nationals had a chance to get their heads out of the sand and the parasites off our backs this is it.
20/07/16 11:35 PM


Best way to encourage native birds is clean out the cats which are deadly on many native birds. Native birds are more territorial and will chase away introduced species.
15/09/16 12:29 AM
They need to have a serious look at how Meat and Livestock Australia sidelined producers for the benefit of a processor club.
20/11/15 10:02 PM
Do you not think we are going around in ever diminishing circles destined to disappear up our own noses ???
05/05/15 10:47 AM


Shame Barnaby, we need profitability not gimmicks. This is at least 100 years behind the game.
28/04/16 02:36 AM
I think the Greens have run their race.
28/10/15 10:12 AM
Anit the rabbit. Your comment seems to indicate some form of delusion or ignorance of reality. I personally know the first Vet to accompany a shipment of live cattle to Middle East. After a couple of days the majority simply sat down and chewed their cud. To make a profit the welfare of the cattle is paramount.
17/06/15 12:34 AM
For goodness sake put a bounty on dogs pigs and foxes
16/06/15 04:49 AM
Here we go again from the lunatic fringe. Do you not think every exporter wants every animal to arrive safely so the profit can be realised?
21/01/15 09:13 AM
Nero is still fiddling while Rome burns.
18/11/14 11:39 PM


I certainly hope expanded family farms is the case. Success stories are in spite of Govt and Peak body antics NOT because of them.
07/06/15 06:43 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Ask the locals
03/04/15 12:11 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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