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RSPCA cannot be negotiated with until they stop demanding live export to be banned. If they wish to work with industry they first need to recognize live export as an essential part of Ausralian agriculture and then we can work together to improve outcomes. Industry has been improving animal welfare outcomes for millions of animals in recipient countries for 20 years, greater than I would suggest any other animal welfare organization has done. RSPCA should fix things in its own backyard first with over 15000 pets abandoned with most put down, in south east QLD each year.
02/11/13 02:03 AM
  Divided they fell 10 Comments 10
Big call saying one was worse than the other. They were both terrible.
13/09/13 08:39 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Wooly non thinker, there is no premium for non mulsed wool, don't kid yourself and the wool levy is voted on by wool growers every two years, just like David wants every one to do. I don't like what democracy dishes up in this country sometimes either but I can't pick and choose wether I want to be a part of it or not.
13/11/14 07:52 PM
What David doesn't't mention is the greater diversity of chemicals the greater control over resistance to anyone chemical there is.
21/04/14 02:42 AM
Steve, the Australian government regulates that the food we eat is sustainable and healthy, oh and they do it with science.
05/04/14 11:23 AM
When a family is hungry it is about dollars you clown. If it is not about dollars give all your money to charity.
07/10/13 09:12 PM
Free range, organic etc are just a brand. There is nothingi stopping a new brand of less than 1500 per hectare. I always wondered how someone can think like a chicken but after listening and observing they seem to do sound and behave like it.
04/08/13 09:36 PM
The money would be better spent opening markets and building infrastructure that farmers badly need to be competitive
30/04/13 02:00 AM

Get Muddy

Well put Sam. Biggest problem with farm groups is not enough boots sharing the work load. These groups strongly encourage anyone on board and are accepting of all ideas but only one viewpoint can be represented in the end.
17/03/14 08:41 PM
Wait for the buggers to get hungry. Then they will pay.
30/07/13 10:07 PM

A matter of opinion

Well said Vernon.
08/06/15 09:57 AM
I was a young person very successful in agripolitics and burnt out because when my father retired and with a young family I simply didn't have the time or the money to continue sacrificing to represent those that didn't care a dam or could only criticize from the sideline. Make no mistake, there is no honey pot and very little reward for representing agriculture but I will say the support I had from the old farts in the organization was amazing even if they disagreed with me. The problem is with the crowd that can't be bothered turning up for the game, not the team on the field.
19/04/14 10:38 AM
Are we afraid of being positive or is whining more fun. This deal is a big positive but yes it could have been better. Ask a Japanese beef farmer and see if he thinks it won't make a difference.
11/04/14 04:06 AM
Supply and demand. Last 12 months oversupply, next 12 months under supply and prices will jump. It has always happened that way and will always continue to do so. Fiddling with regular
Action will not help.
29/03/14 11:12 AM
Those that can't compete with asbvs complain. It is easier than stepping up to the plate.
01/11/13 10:12 PM

Burrs under my saddle

The cyclone wasn't a cat 5. Cat 5 wipes out everything, not a tree standing, as they have done before. I am not saying it wasn't destructive but any person with eyes knows it wasn't a 5.
25/02/15 12:13 AM
The whole polar bear story was proven to be bogus. Just another reason climate change "scientists" are struggeling to be believed and will continue to do so until they actually debate the other side and stop calling them deniers.
13/02/15 12:09 AM
I don't agree that farmers are special but nether should they be expected to absorb the costs of so called moral decisions of animal rights or environmental movements. The restrictions of a highly regulated labour market also is a higher cost than any other competitor. Something has to give, we cannot have it both ways.
05/04/14 11:18 AM

Out of the shadow

The ABC is important to regional Australia but the money they waste in other areas is appalling.
05/10/14 08:41 PM


What a total load of rubbish. The facts are Australia is producing more crops and meat off the same soils with less people and less imports then at any point in history. While it might be trendy to have a go at farmers, it is simply crap.
12/08/15 02:17 AM
That 6 billion was to be paid by higher power cost, most of us cannot handle higher costs. It is in many cases now cheaper to run pumps on diesel than electricity. Is this what the clowns want?
19/05/15 02:24 AM
I've taken a 100% wage cut due to drought. .5% sounds really attractive and I produce food for people to eat.
24/03/15 12:10 AM
They have to be sued. Any government has to realize that if you make a decision without consultation and logic which messes with thousands of people's lives you have to pay.
30/10/14 06:37 PM
John this is the sort of information the article is referring to.
13/10/14 09:33 PM
Gil and Hydatid, well said.
11/04/14 08:13 PM
Hooray, leadership at last.
07/04/14 11:41 AM
Great to hear from from you Barry. Keep up the good work.
04/04/14 11:11 PM
If the technology is so good why aren't all electronic transfers instant.
03/04/14 11:58 PM
What a load of bull dung. Farmers have always adapted farming in the face of challenges and have increased yields in that time. Nothing will change.
01/04/14 12:07 PM


The court relies on facts. What a relief!
09/06/14 02:41 AM
I wander what the climate doomsayers think of this.
02/04/14 08:44 PM
Good luck Baxters
10/02/14 08:24 AM


I am with you Makkah.
12/06/15 12:54 AM
How about Aurizon becomes a bit more efficient and customer focussed before blaming others, although he is right.
12/06/15 12:48 AM
Sue them for the rest as well. Good to see the little guy have a win.
25/05/15 10:15 AM
The reality is hard to accept, I know, but those farmers who have been living with csg for over 15 years with no adverse impacts, are not mutated, are not dying of some incurable disease and are drinking and bathing in the same quality water that they were before csg was even thought of. Doesn't make a good story though, does it?
19/05/15 06:13 AM
What were the academics scared of. Science perhaps?
12/05/15 01:31 AM
Give me a break. Two drug smuggling organisers, knew there was a death penalty in Indonesia and still went ahead with it and then were given a fair trial and Australian government says this is unfair.
29/04/15 02:19 AM
This boms best guess as there is no official recording station within 200km of Quilpie since it was shut down last year. That are terribly inaccurate at recording actual rain let alone forecasting it or climate. It is not going to rain now because of an El nino. Can someone please tell them it hasn't rained for 3 years, none of which were elnino.
03/06/15 07:11 AM
Nico, only weather science is based on probabilities.
28/05/15 08:37 PM
Nico, again you do not argue the questions. Simply saying increased carbon dioxide s causing global warming does not explain why there is so much evidence suggesting that if the world is warming at all it is certainly not warming anything like the models have predicted or any of the other dire consequences that were supposed to come with it have not eventuated. This throws all your science in doubt, particularly if you only debate the man.
26/05/15 11:25 AM
Again it is just dismissed and not debated. While this continues to happen I am with the sceptics.
25/05/15 10:12 AM


It always astounds me how these people speak on subjects they obviously know nothing about. Thousands of hectares of land is being under utilized because, despite of dire predictions for 50 years, we have too much food and as a result prices are not economical to invest in developing more land or taking a higher risk on more marginal land.
19/08/14 12:45 AM


The fruit loops have finally found this article.
27/03/15 07:06 AM
At last a government supporting the most sustainable protein source in the world.
24/03/15 02:44 AM
If there is a debate it is certainly not a scientific one. There are hundreds of areas inside and outside the fence where predators and pasture is controlled and many NP have differing make ups as well. Baiting controls cats, foxes and dogs and in those areas where everyone does it, come out and count the species, and that will not cost millions.
18/02/15 03:13 AM
I think Wilkie needs to look up the meaning of objective.
19/08/14 09:37 PM


John lambert you are full of it on two main points. Tractors are very different to quads as for all sorts of very obvious reasons and It is in the best interest of the quad bike manufactures to make their bikes safer. Quads are also used in many different ruggered, scrubby areas where the fitting of something high at the back will be very dangerous and many quad deaths are not from comment riders on flat ground doing sensible things.
22/09/15 08:17 PM
CPD bars of this design will never be mandatory because they are dangerous. Design a better system and you will have much greater support. The New Zealond one seems a much better design but it is hard to get much info on it.
21/09/15 08:48 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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