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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

13/07/15 01:49 AM
Gee, what can this ridiculous fund actually invest in?
03/02/15 11:15 PM
Katrina, are you a politician? You seem incapable of answering a simple question. Do you refute that animal welfare standards are improving in the countries we LE to? How do you propose we lift AW standards in other countries if we don't have a Foot in the door- LE. Or does this not matter to you?
31/07/14 03:37 AM
Vegman, Farmers are also intelligent, living creatures that have an inherent right to be protected from abuse by crazed zealots such as yourself. If you don't like farmers, cease your hypocrisy and stop eating! I'm sure there are no farmers out there who could live with the guilt of knowing that it was their produce which was keeping you going.
23/06/14 03:11 AM
PAYG I did actually spot that reply, but my response must have been deemed inappropriate- never mind. Katrina L you seem to have a lot to say- will you answer the question I posed earlier? It's fairly simple and is basically the guts of this whole issue.
18/06/14 06:49 AM
Seems I am Right, Not 1 AA zealot has responded to my Question.
18/06/14 12:22 AM
Victor et al, I have a question for you. What would you rather- Aust continues LE and working with other countries to improve their animal welfare standards, or withdraw from LE and let them import animals from other countries and handle them as they please? I'll bet none of you has the guts to answer this.
16/06/14 08:23 AM

Get Muddy

Jacky, when you receive that phone call, I can only assume, from what you have said, that you will be quite happy for your business to be driven to the edge, if not beyond, of bankruptcy, with bugger-all compensation, all for a disease, which in extreme cases, causes less economic damage than a dry spell. You do not understand the FULL ramifications until you are personally affected.
10/02/15 04:05 AM
Jacky, when you receive the phone call that informs you that the property you purchased a bull off 5 yrs ago has just had a positive test for BJD, I believe you may change your current views on this disease.
10/02/15 02:47 AM
As a grazier, I have to admit that I quite like many vegetarian, and even vegan dishes. They just need to be served ON a rump steak, with chips, and a fried egg on top
15/08/14 12:05 AM

A matter of opinion

Problem. When a processor wishes to lock in forward contracts, it is generally in the producer's best interest NOT to, and vice versa. For this to work ,there needs to be a general acknowledgement that EVERYBODY in the supply chain needs to be PROFITABLE, large corps do not, generally, seem to understand this.
23/07/15 12:56 AM
Recal- don't forget sunshine, beef, and beer!
09/04/15 07:28 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Spot on Action- we'd save billions!! Which, you may be aware, we don't seem to have at the moment. As for your irritable bowel, have a good feed of Aussie produced tucker- definitely no frozen imported berries, and STOP WORRYING about something about which, WE CAN DO NOTHING.
17/02/15 11:08 PM
Who stands to benefit from G'vt grants for research etc, by spreading dubious info ? Gumtree et al or the Aust Academy of Science? LOL
17/02/15 04:53 AM


Have we all lost our sense of humour?? Katter's ad could have only been better if the pollies he smoked were also lawyers.
16/06/16 08:18 AM
How on earth can carbon neutrality be achieved when an extra 1 billion people swell the earth's population every 10 years?
17/10/15 08:02 AM
We are being bought up because, on a world scale, our land is dirt cheap. We have the 3rd cheapest land in the world, behind Mozambique, and Uganda (correct me if I am wrong)!! As Aussie farmers, our main problem is PROFITABILITY- being constantly squeezed by regulation on our cost side, and buggerall protection to our income side, allthewhile shouldering societies' environmental expectations, whilst competing against mostly propped up, and subsidised production from overseas.
21/09/15 12:12 AM
Each day we deal with WEATHER variables far in excess of what our CLIMATE variables are expected to be in 50 years time. I reckon we will cope- so long as the climate change cult doesn't bankrupt our country in the meantime.
24/07/15 12:23 AM
I abhor the business practices of large corporations and do all I can to avoid supporting ANY.
18/06/15 12:46 AM
Simple answer- forget the whole freerange BS and just produce caged, after all, the majority of sales is for caged.
08/06/15 09:45 PM
I hope there is no Gov money being proposed- as per Henbury.
05/06/15 03:24 AM
If Doug is banging on about job losses, then staffing levels REALLY do require some scrutiny.
03/06/15 03:06 AM
Freshy- "getting bigger" is exactly what has got so many farming families into dire financial situations. The ones who were happy to coast along on their inheritance are still doing quite nicely.
20/04/15 11:29 PM
PM brilliant idea- any imported product not produced to Aust standards SHOULD be branded that way- INCLUDING inhouse brands.
25/02/15 11:09 PM


I guess we'd better go and sell everything.
12/05/15 09:31 PM
No offence, Barry, but I suspect many of your colleagues have been smoking this stuff illegally for years judging on performances!!
06/04/15 08:52 AM
IF the weather is becoming more extreme, I believe that the most successful crops will be perennial pastures and livestock! Comments?
03/02/15 01:56 AM
I'm not even a farmer, but I reckon I could have figured this one out!
16/09/14 11:24 PM
Bushie, from what I have read, most of your comments constitute pearls FROM swine.
19/08/14 03:51 AM


If these laws are passed, what will be next? Working dogs? Horse racing? Pets?
11/07/16 11:34 PM
I wonder what all the union members (the grass roots) involved in animal production, processing, transporting, etc think of this completely out of touch decision.
28/06/16 06:27 AM
It seems that Labor is concerned for the welfare of wild rabbits. Enough said.
26/05/16 11:44 PM
Who cares what the densities are- so long as each producer clearly and honestly states what they are, on their packaging. Let the buyers then discriminate.
03/04/16 06:20 AM
Brace yourself for disappointment Jo.
01/03/16 05:19 AM
Why are the loons pushing the re-wilding barrow not financially responsible for the damage and losses suffered by farmers as a result of their unproven theories.
18/03/16 06:08 AM
There is very little true independence in this proposal. I suspect that anyone with actual practical experience in the management of, production of, carting of, or processing, of animals, would not be welcome in this group.
01/03/16 04:16 AM
How about just concentrating on being able to give ACCURATE predictions of rainfall- we're more than capable of looking after the rest.
04/02/16 11:32 PM
I wonder what the mortality is for people on cruises?
01/02/16 05:51 AM
Government interference is a far bigger problem for Aussie farmers than climate will ever be.
17/03/16 11:27 PM


Would these nectarines come with or without chinese faeces??
23/02/15 03:30 AM


Good AW outcomes for livestock are VERY dependant upon the commercial value of those livestock. To put it into simpler terms for the twits in RSPCA- the more it is worth, the better it can, and will be managed. If these twits believe that by reducing market opportunities for farmers,and thereby decreasing the commercial value of animals, that they are improving AW standards, then they have proven that they have NO place in livestock production systems. What about the improving AW standards in other countries brought about by LE??
25/10/15 10:43 PM
Mandy, by being involved in LE, Aussie exporters are actively involved in improving animal welfare standards in our customer countries, why do you have a problem with this, and what do you personally do to improve animal welfare standards ANYWHERE?
10/07/15 05:18 AM
Re the last sentence- I would have thought that the action plan's main focus would have been to increase the number of dogs killed. If it isn't about decreasing dog numbers, what is it about?
29/06/15 07:13 AM
Jack, who do you have in mind who is truly independent?
18/06/15 08:31 AM
Katrina, do you seriously think that any gov is going to bankrupt our country to placate a rabble of misguided misfits such as yourself? Remember app 95% of Aus is only suitable for various levels of livestock production. The extreme level of devastation caused to farmers and their livestock by that livex ban was plain to see for anyone with a soul, and a heart.
16/06/15 05:38 AM
Katrina, you still didn't answer my question- what are you and those you represent doing to improve AW standards Internationally? At least, through ESCAS, exporters are trying, and largely succeeding.
15/06/15 09:48 PM
Thankyou for clarifying your position Katrina. What exactly do you and those you represent have against Australian live exporters attempts to improve animal welfare standards in our customer countries? What are you, and those you represent, doing to improve AW standards internationally?
09/06/15 11:36 PM
Who pays you to make all these comments, Katrina? You have posted that it is your job.
09/06/15 02:13 AM
Once this is released, will we then be banning the import of animal products from countries that do not have such lofty ideals. Must ensure all apex predators get a copy so they will know the standards and guidelines for preying upon lambs, calves and other lesser animals.
03/06/15 12:29 AM
Katrina- if your job entails monitoring and comment upon livestock management, handling, and selling practices, presumably to support your employer"s ideology, then I believe you need to clarify WHO you represent- as YOU have clearly stated that you are not merely a concerned individual.
27/05/15 09:05 AM


Has anybody bothered to compare the number of people working in Ag production 20yrs ago to the current number? Correct me if wrong, but I think current numbers would be well down on 20 yrs ago.
03/02/15 02:03 AM


Maybe a little over-capitalised?
27/04/15 09:50 PM
The level of property prices here is certainly an issue, however, the elephant in this room is the poverty level of farm gate returns. If basing a purchase price on cattle prices of the past 2 years, you would need the vendor of a property to pay you to take it. Is it this bad ANYWHERE else in the world?? We have sold grown cattle in the past 2 years for 10-40c/kg, this netted us 1/4-1/2 the price of a SHEEP!!!!!!!
26/10/14 03:40 AM
12 per cen? Tell 'im 'e's dreamin'!
I wonder if ANY of the highly paid execs has had ANY experience running cattle in these challenging areas that they are playing with other people's money in.
20/05/14 03:26 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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