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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

We can all look at reducing costs but in reality you cannot reduce them any further. Unless you have a 5 million dollar farm, you are running it into the ground to stay afloat. Running down infrastructure and your soils just to pay Govt costs. There is no future in ag when the local land rates we pay are more than we pay ourselves. If we had anyone in Govt with intelligence and guts they would be trying to reduce wages, so Au could compete in all sectors with the rest of the world. Reduce wages, living costs will reduce in time.
10/12/14 12:33 AM

A matter of opinion

The earth has been cooling since the early 90's. "Snow Falls In Cairo For The First Time In More Than 100 Years": Report The Huffington post. "Ireland set for worst winter in 100 years say experts" ,"The worst-case and more plausible scenario could bring something on a similar par to the winter of 2009/2010, which was the coldest in 31 years, or an event close to 2010/2011, which experienced the coldest December in 100 years" report Irish Central. "Britain faces coldest winter for 100 years" report Daily Mail. I could go on and on. Cooling is bad, warming is good. We are now cooling.
02/01/15 01:02 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Pete, we can add your name to others that have been conned by the global warming scam. The majority of farmers don't believe in this con, you would be in the minority. I thought your new party might be a breath of fresh air. I think I have been mistaken. I wouldn't vote for anyone that can so easily be mislead by this carbon dioxide scam. The earth has been cooling for nearly 20 years, have a look around, open your eyes people. The carbon ship has sailed and a few more record cold winters and even the foolish will see the truth finally.
17/02/15 11:23 PM


Targeting city buyers, increasing prices, 80% imported product, turning away core, loyal rural customers. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out why sales are down.
16/04/15 12:48 AM
This isn't new to discard their loyal rural following to concentrate on yuppie city type, try hards. In my opinion RM Williams is now nearly a dirty word in the bush. They don't want rural farmers and workers as customers any more. You cannot have it both ways and appeal to both city and country people. RM Williams has decided long ago to only appeal to city customers. I went to one of their FEW ONLY rural stores on Monday to buy some more of their work socks. "We don't sell work wear in our stores any more". They had thin dress socks only. You have lost me as a long time customer, for good.
16/04/15 12:35 AM
It is safe, all farmers would be dead already if it wasn't. Proof enough for anyone without an agenda to shut down agricultural production. Hundreds of millions of people will starve if Glyphosate is banned. Consumers don't understand anything about food or it's production, any "backlash" from them shouldn't hold much weight.
26/03/15 02:14 AM
The tax should not be charged on off road fuel in the first place. Users are already out of pocket claiming the tax paid back, in time and opportunity cost on the money tied up till it's paid back. If the Govt wants to cut costs they can start with their own ministers ongoing benefits.
18/03/15 03:31 AM
I may not be very smart, but I have done a Business degree and I can never understand the figures ABARES use. What the hell is farm cash income? What about ABARES using standard terms like net, gross or taxable income instead. I assume farm cash income may be net income, why not just use the term net income?
10/03/15 11:51 PM
Thanks Barnaby for bringing this up. I don't purchase anything that says "Made with local and imported" . Tony, who are you working for - Australians or foreign countries? Who cares if it costs one cent more to have a correct label on a product. It may actually result in more Australian product being consumed. Maybe Tony doesn't want Australians to eat our own food? From his comments and reluctance to improve labels you would think he is totally against Australian grown food. Tony is un-Australian and shouldn't be PM.
19/02/15 12:43 AM
I will have to disagree with you Andrew, Colesworth from what I can see do not have a strong buy AU policy at all. Coles brings bread from Ireland, when they have their own bakeries in store. Colesworth are about maximum profit and that comes from purchasing low quality, cheaper product from overseas and selling it for less than branded AU product. For reasons I don't understand, most Australians won't buy a cheap phone or car but are happy to eat low quality cheap food. You won't find homebrand in my trolley and I don't own an I phone or a BMW either. Priorities?
21/01/15 11:15 PM
Very good idea but the insurance companies won't insure small farmers, and they are the ones that need it the most.
02/01/15 12:45 AM
Sounds like a text book case of extortion to me. Just shop at IGA and support the competition, otherwise there won't be any.
17/12/14 10:50 PM
You would swear the Lib Govt doesn't want agriculture to export any produce. They, like all recent Governments make life harder for farmers to produce exportable commodities. Their drought relief is a joke and will cost the Govt next to nothing but also doesn't help many farmers either. Ag production will continue to fall this decade while costs keep increasing faster than returns and the drying climate continues.
15/12/14 06:52 AM


You don't have to be a scientist to know that we have all been using it for decades and we are still alive so it must not cause cancer. I used it without a cab on the tractor for at least 10 years and I don't have cancer. Who sprays crops we eat with Glypo anyway? You spray weeds with it not food we eat. It is a non residual herbicide. It hasn't killed the worms yet and it won't kill us either.
30/03/15 06:29 AM
Good to see an honest story about profit. Looks like farming winter grains has no long term future. Costs are still increasing but yields are not. Anyone that farms knows that we are all taking more risk with every season. In my area summer cropping sorghum and corn is nearly unviable. The loss now from a failed crop is just too great, the risk is too great for the tiny potential profits. Poor weather forecasts don't make it any easier.
17/03/15 10:26 PM


If anyone enters your property you have the right to record their voice on your phone without their consent. Don't tell them and when they deny saying certain things, the recording can be used against them.
12/05/15 12:30 AM
“Don't stand between a bureaucrat and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of consultancy fees - and I think that's the biggest threat that Bjorn Lomborg is to them - that he might actually question this unparalleled commitment to reporting about reporting about reporting for reporters' sake.” The truth about Global warming, a scam perpetrated for the sake of money! Anyone with any intelligence can see it for what it is. They want the gravy train to continue for as long as possible. Global warmists are just like the earth is still flat scientists of history. You are wrong, accept it.
11/05/15 05:50 AM
The point that I remember most about Moore's movie was, there are other countries with similar firearm laws and the number of firearms per capita to the US, but don't have the firearm deaths. The problems in the US aren't the number of "guns" but the violent US society that has many social and economic problems that other "gun" bearing nations don't have. Moore made this very clear that the "guns" were not the cause of their issues it was the US culture.
The restrictive firearm laws in AU cost my business and reduce my tax payable because pests cannot be controlled as easily.
15/03/15 08:45 PM
"THE world is headed into a major drought-bringing El Nino event, which will lift global temperatures and lead to bushfires and water shortages in eastern Australia, climate scientists have confirmed" Who said? Fairfax said this no one else. And when it gets cooler, which it will, Fairfax will be saying the warming is causing the cooling.
08/05/15 03:51 AM
And pigs might fly. Makka, it would be good if someone with too much time on their hands started a Facebook page naming and shaming all these people that have made claims 10 years ago that are clearly wrong. Just as those now are making claims that are wrong. I will take my forecasts from those that can tell me accurately what will happen tomorrow, and are not making money from peddling propaganda. They are telling me the earth is cooling and drying, which I can see with my own eyes.
08/04/15 08:55 AM
I must thank The Land for publishing a story about hot weather without mentioning climate change or global warming. This would have to be a first and hopefully it's something that will continue.
24/03/15 07:04 AM
Exactly Gumtree. More Global warming propaganda getting the light of day in the land. This is just more lazy reporting. You have a group making money from publishing rubbish and it's easier for the media to just change it a little and print it. They do the same with the wind industry. You have a advocacy group making money and publishing ready made media reports. The media are lazy. How about publishing the same quantity of anti global warming news? This will take more work but it's the professional thing to do.
18/03/15 03:21 AM
If they don't understand the simple concept that the Govt is repaying off-road users for tax they should not have paid in the first place, they clearly don't have an IQ in double digits. A novel thought, instead of paying us all back, how about we don't pay it up front in the first place! That should make the ACF happy because the Govt wouldn't be "paying" miners and farmers.
29/04/15 09:23 AM
Some very good points Senator. It's a shame Glen didn't stand up for hunting instead of folding like a deck of cards after the first sign of criticism. I don't hunt for a pastime, I hunt to protect my livestock and native animals from being mauled and killed. I would much rather be inside in the winter watching some brain killing dribble on TV like my city cousins but sadly hunting is a part of managing the environment for the benefit of all.
11/03/15 04:25 AM
Why does the Land continue to run these anti farming articles? Are you purposely trying to drive away your readers? I can tell you it is working, you have succeeded with me. I bet I am not the only one that is sick of you pushing the global warming and animal liberation down our throats every week.
10/03/15 05:28 AM


Katrina you won't mind me breaking into your house to check your not abusing animals or people will you? I can secretly film your every move as well if you like, just in case you may do something wrong. What ever medication you are taking isn't working.
Well done Senator, those against you clearly don't care about animal welfare. We all know they are about shutting down all animal production and cashing in on donations for their own benefit.
06/03/15 01:51 AM
Qlander don't forget they also ask for donations to stop the supposed cruelty, that they have failed to report to anyone, but are happy to use for there own financial gain. They are much worse than those they profess to stop. We all know now their main aim is to stop the use of animals for food and to line their own pockets with donated money while doing it.
02/12/14 10:53 PM
Well done Senator a sensible piece of draft legislation for the protection of animals.
02/12/14 05:36 AM


Dave would you give a 8yr old child a chainsaw and tell them to go and cut a load of wood without training and supervision? A responsible adult wouldn't and you also wouldn't let a child loose on a full size quad. They can be dangerous in the wrong hands, just like other forms of machinery. A child doesn't have the capacity to understand the dangers, so they shouldn't be riding one. The manufacturer states clearly on the bikes, they are not suitable for children under 16. I have ridden over 12,000hrs on quads and cannot farm without one, they are essential to my business.
28/01/15 05:13 AM
A handful of deaths per year isn't very many. More rural people die from the lack of a good medical system. Does anyone care? Quads are not an issue worth mentioning, except some people don't want to be responsible for their actions and want to blame someone else. The quads now have warnings for children not to ride them, so don't. Don't try and stop me from riding one because others cannot do it safely.
28/01/15 05:02 AM
Quads already have notices stating children must not ride them. If they do then it is something their parents must live with. Saying that, I rode thousands of km's on a full size quad as a child an never had a problem. From Tony's figures only a handful of people out of the hundreds of thousands riding quads died from a roll over. Hardly a huge danger. Facts are farmers rely on quads to produce food and fibre for this country and our exports. How many people died in their bathroom last year? 100? 300?
26/01/15 08:37 PM

Rural Lifestyle

VWT, all those countries you mention have wages half what we do in AU and those famers are subsidised, we are not. If AU workers didn't have an entitled attitude and would actually compete globally like AU farmers AU would be a better place. AU workers are protected and subsidied by every business in this country. Farmers are competing against the rest of the world but are being held back by the uncompetitive labour force in AU. Most business's that can, are moving offshore where people want to work for a living, not be given a living.
24/11/14 10:55 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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