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Grain of Truth

Take note any terrorists; just knock out a couple of telephone exchanges and fuel supply companies and Australia is on its knees. Also take note those in authority that such a scenario is not out of the question in future so emergency protocols should be in place now. That begs the question "Does the Labor government have a Minister of Defence capable of working through such protocols?"
03/01/13 02:13 AM

Canberra Comment

The trade should never have been completely stopped because I think any animal rights activist would also have a grudge and get rather angry if someone stopped their food supply without due notice. What should have been done was stop supply to the offending slaughterhouses and continue with accredited abattoirs; while at the same time helping to fast-track accreditation and training of more businesses. That way we would have had more influence and kept much ‘face’ (and business).
05/10/13 01:34 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The senate was wisely set up by our forefathers as a house of review not as a policy making body. These politicians are there to make sure any legislation is in the long term best interests of Australia and it's population. Muir is doing just that but Leyonhjelm needs to change houses. What's that? Not likely to get enough support? Very likely!
Stick to your role as a Senator.
Sadly parties have corrupted this part of our constitution by appointing Ministers from the Senate ranks.
02/07/15 03:19 AM
Perhaps David can introduce a Bill to make defamation of an industry illegal; then the Farmers Fighting fund can be used to send a clear message to any individual or body of vegans trying to shut down the animal industry.
After all anybody can denigrate an industry (like the donkey meat scandal) without fear of repercussions. So put up or shut up!
26/04/15 07:26 AM
The main criteria is whether any purchaser is likely to become an Australian citizen and contibute to our economy or whether they are a citizen of a foreign country where no person can own their own land (nor can we buy any).
In this case they are buying for their nation and thus are part of an invasion of Australia.
24/03/15 09:35 AM
We are not doing something right when we are over-protecting children from exposure to pathogens because they do not therefore build up any resistance. Eating dirt does not really harm children, provided that dirt is not highly contaminated, but gradually helps built resistance. People succumb to Deli-Belly because they have no immunity to the pathogens involved or no pathogen recognising mechanism within their bodies. If your children have not any immunity then certainly do not give them anything likely to kill them like stale (days old) raw milk.
18/01/15 07:26 AM
The time to prepare for a drought is before it hits but with very little excess finances left after costs are taken out of production returns this makes preparing for any leaner times very difficult.
The cost price squeeze has been consistant for so long that many farmers now have no margin left for facing any disaster. Any wonder the next generation is not returning to face similar struggles; especially when other 9 to 5 jobs with regular holidays and a decent income (including superannuation at the end) are on offer. CRUNCH time is coming!
04/12/14 02:39 AM
No mention of collaboration between buyer?
The losing bidder sets the price in an open cry auction so take away the buyer competition and you end up with something like the supermarket monopoly. If producers try the same (like the egg industry is supposed to have done) the CCC steps in.
30/07/14 04:20 AM
Pity David did not mention the fuel levy which was introduced to fund road works but as time goes by the voters are brainwashed into thinking the non users of government funded raodways are getting a subsidy. Keep that in mind when next the proposal "to include primary producers tractor fuel into the levy" is introduced in the Senate.
13/07/14 11:49 PM
David: Farmers do not fear foreigners but the takeover by foreign governments who should not be allowed to buy huge tracts of Australian land because this is an invasiom by any means (in this case wealth).
11/07/14 06:08 AM
I have always considered myself only a guardian of the land and allowed most anyone free access to my property (provided they respect that privilege). After all stop paying rates for a while and you will soon see who really has ownership.
Sadly because of a few who abuse the privilege most people are now refused entry and should drones start flying around here then open season will be on.
25/06/14 11:50 AM
The basic fact that someone contaminated someone else's product does not seem to fit with this ruling. If he burnt his neighbour out I am sure the ruling would be different just the same as if he had oversprayed the neighbours crops. Justice seem scewed in favour of GM technology. As this is going to be used as a test case then an appeal to a higher court may be worth the cost in the long run and maybe the NFF "Farmers Fighting Fund" should be used. Should the appeal fail then the case will have at least been fully tested.
01/06/14 11:43 PM

Get Muddy

Many comments but no-one asked the right questions:
* Why is PrimeSafe a state based organisation when we are mainly an export orientated country.
* Why is nothing mentioned in the act PrimSafe work under about animal welfare (they are charged with food safety).
* Why did the NFF Fighting Fund not enter the fray as this was definitely a case for setting a precedent.
* Why has contamination of the killing line never been mentioned as a reason for urgent dispatch of the escaped animal; besides worker safety.
While Giles can sue PrimeSafe they cannot sue their boss. May he join Fannery ASAP.
05/10/13 02:12 PM

A matter of opinion

Has any scientist calculated the amount of ice (currently above sea level) that has to melt on the poles to raise the seas accross the globe by one metre? Presumably they claim thet is the job of mathemetitians as their job is to only think up hypothesis which is not based on any common sense factor.
02/01/15 04:26 AM
Just as well they changed the name to "Climate Change" because global warmist seem to have got things mixed up a bit. We really need to stop all aircraft travel which is polluting the stratosphere and maybe stop all coal and gas exports like we did the cattle. That will soon show just who our masters are and how small the influence we can have on this issue..
07/03/14 11:12 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Back to the issue here. A child coming home from "school" (not college) in a terrorised state is certainly not providing the sort of education a developing child's mind really needs. In a school situation then they should be learning to think for themselves and not being brainwashed by the opinions of the teachers either way. The big problem is that most of our teachers have never left a schooling situation themselves and come to bounce with reality but are simply passing on the brainwashing they have experienced themselves.
04/03/15 12:20 PM
The best drought protection has to be completed in good years, but very little (if any) help or encouragement is provided to make sure farms are ready for the inevitable next drought. Subsidies for stock containment areas were a good example when research and experience showed that was the way to get bigger numbers of livestock through a difficult situation. Sadly of later years nothing is provided as a carrot to build fodder stocks, water supplies, or containment areas. When the drought arrives the time is already too late to prepare and just after a drought finances hardly permit.
13/04/14 01:29 PM

Bush Matters

Paul Keating seem to think there are plenty of jobs in the 'service industry' so perhaps he can act as a pimp for some of these green politicians; then they can do to the customer what they are doing to the country! Any tax collected would help the budget.
A balance view of conservation and use of resources must be held if this country is to prosper and retain any sense of independence.
Kangaroos in my area are certainly in plague proportion; as many city drivers will tell you after hitting one on many roads where they have not been seen before. Night time driving speed here is 80 km/hr.
23/02/15 10:28 AM

Leading questions

I think that the media attention deters many worthwhile candidates from putting their name forward.
With so much intense scrutiny, lack of respect for leaders, and vitriol in parliament then who would impose that sort of life on themselves or their family.
The old saying pay peanuts and get monkeys does not seem to apply and because of the bias of many reporters against elected officials as they are all made out to be monkeys if possible.
Stalking laws should apply when politicians are hounded too much because they need some breathing space to work out what is best for the country.
02/03/15 10:05 AM


What we really need is better and much faster outcomes when product is dumped onto our markets. A slap on the wrist to overseas suppliers is not adequate after they have sent our own farmers broke. Quality control of imports also need to be upgraded to at least our own standards.
17/09/15 09:47 AM
I am sure the Labor party would like them to set a precedent so that should they themselves make a deal to gain power in future that all agreements would be open to view! Not likely.
17/09/15 09:43 AM
Pity Labor when in opposition cannot put forward any constructive arguments.
Opposition does not mean oppose every single thing. Bill, show some leadership and we might just think you have some policies that will be better for rural constituents.
17/09/15 03:52 AM
Because Tunrbull is a comeback leader then the Press is unlikely to give any honeymoon period. With the need to get re-elected to qualify for a PM pension then he will be very careful until then, However, watch out afterwards should he get elected by the people.
While he is a republic sympathiser he has no desire to hold on to Australian sovereignty. Like mining minerals; you can only sell off "the farm" once.. Production off the land and factories can go on forever and while factories can be moved offshore, fixed assets cannot. We need to keep control of the land we fought for..
17/09/15 03:40 AM
Just imagine what this could have been had the Country Party (now Nationals) kept supporting farming instead of pandering to the mining industry! Starved of funds because we 'must' have an equal balance of payments situation then, had we followed China's example by building foreign reserves and paying decent returns for productivity, all farms would have been far more profitable and thus more productive. Give farmers the money and they will pour that into inputs to increase production every time.
16/09/15 03:32 AM
Simply, the Liberal party have to pander to the Nationals or they are out of office. Malcolm will want to survive past the next election or he does not get a Prime Ministers pension.
Fair reason to allow the Nationals some say in the policies. Supposed to be a coalition government so we will see how much that holds true.
Close numbers between Government and Opposition usually leads to an effective system but when the margin is too close and an opposing party holds the Upper House control then we get destabilised Government too often. Hence we have another fiasco.
15/09/15 12:58 AM
Perhaps we need to define what constitutes a FARM and find another word for "Hobby Farm". Otherwise we need to become RANCHERS to define which is a business then include Ranchland into a register. Selling off the 'farm' (and businesses) reduces our future population to becoming tenants in our own land, send the wealth created offshore and provides less for funds for any Government.
15/09/15 12:45 AM
Bit out of kilter?
$250,000 for false labelling but nothing for dumping of product by overseas companies!
Better to hound your own producers out of business?
15/09/15 12:39 AM
Would have made much more sense to build this facility at Maryborough or Dunolly closer to the source of inputs and with standard gauge railways to Geelong and Portland via Ararat then easier to transport to the end user.
Besides, Geelong is spreading so fast they will soon be squeezed out by irate neighbours complaining about dust or noise; besides the many more trucks on the roads.
11/09/15 05:08 AM
Lets hope it is in standard gauge!
11/09/15 05:00 AM


Look out for this market lest it go the same way as wool. With all eggs in the one basket then China will keep screwing the price down. So where do we go should China decide they do not want any next year?
11/09/15 05:03 AM
I think that formula has been severely discredited because of the run-down of soil carbon it causes. Probably a break crop of legumes or pasture phase is the better option.
24/08/15 10:07 AM
Graincorp does not seem to want to listen to growers so maybe the grower silo committees are not doing their job properly.
16/05/15 05:53 AM
After using Glysophate for many years maybe now I can get a retirement package from a class action.
Look out Monsanto, who patented this product then encouraged much greater use through GMO technologies.
26/08/15 06:20 AM
Bring back the skills of Indigo Jones who seemed to be the only person who could get a real handle on long range forecasting. Some go close but none have matched the accuracy of Indigo!
I think the Southern Oscillation system has more to do with our seasons in Victoria.
17/07/15 10:04 AM
Interesting that Roundup Ready crops were introduced after the patents expired. Best way to make a chemical useless is to make it useless on the worst weeds which then means other chemicals (still patented) must be used instead. Hindsight is a great thing but lessons must be learned so that this problem is not encountered again.
09/06/15 12:00 AM
The introduction of "chemical ready" crops has sped up resistance problems and the only plus in this case is that another company may produce a suitably chemical to compete with the Monsanto monopoly.
04/06/15 01:32 PM
Viterra storages look like someone owns them or has pride in them!
Take a look at Graincorp storages in Dunolly and the neglect is obvious.
Maybe we should have sold out when we had the chance. Or maybe Graincorp need a shake-up in the management.
09/04/15 04:08 AM
Cancer alone will not be the problem. The age of farmers is the concern. Not everyone can work extremely hard until they reach three score and ten and many farmers are already over that time frame. The next generation has walked away just like peasants children in Singapore which no longer grows its own food.
What form of disease would you rather ingest once clean food supply becomes a scarcity, Hep A B C or maybe worse?
Any cancer causing properties of Glysophate will not be the problem but weed resistance thus forcing farmers to use more dangerous chemicals.
27/03/15 04:03 AM
Insurance is not cheap but you only have to get a claim once in 70 years to get your money back (not taking into account any inflationary factors).
18/01/15 07:53 AM


Firstly Billy, the most useful thing on a farm is good working dogs not something like a pit bull (eg Ludwig) that will turn and savage you. Did all the delegates at the conference have to be signed up union members? I suppose it was a pleasant change away from the Royal Commission to have a nice trip into the country..
28/09/15 07:14 AM
Interesting that studies have found lamb is improved by feeding poly-unsaturated canola oil making the meat more healthy.
Does the opposite happen when fed GM modified foodstuff that may harm the consumer? After all "You are what you eat!"
24/08/15 09:43 AM
The great mistakes of Labour:
----: John Kerrin and his rock-solid guaranteed floor price for wool (lasted one week causing devastation of the industry)
Joe Ludwig and his stopping the live export trade to Indonesia (devastation for the cattle industry and devastation for relations with Indonesia)
And the list goes on:-----
Geez they must have short memories!
14/08/15 02:32 AM
The original Country Party deserted the farmers to pander to mining interests and now that mining is on the skids they want to pander to those few farmers we have left on the land. Any wonder the now named Nationals are concerned about some opposition because rural folk have long memories and do not forgive easily.
Time for a real rural voice but sadly since one-vote one-value was introduced then that is not likely to happen. The voice of rational Country folk like the whole country is just about stuffed. Real integrity displayed by party members would win votes if the press reported that.
08/09/15 12:35 PM
Of course the climate is changing; as it has done for millions of years.
Ask the right questions: Do you think that climate change is being caused by human increase in carbon dioxide? Anyone can scew a survey by the questions the ask.
02/09/15 01:31 PM
Hopefully Barnaby will ensure that Depp is charged and fined for breaching our quarantine laws which are set strict to protect our valuable primary industries and clean green food. This would be a great way to advertise out laws to other foolish enough to breach them even by ignorance (after all it worked for Indonesia about drugs).
As for media calling politicians foul names then charge them because they are showing no respect to the ministerial office. Sadly this has been initiated by the foul mouthes of the likes of Keating and others using derogatory remarks in Parliament. Shorten too!
02/09/15 01:26 PM
As a farmer who bought in without inheritance, stealing it or marrying it, I can tell you it is a hard road to hoe.
Nowadays farms have to be that big to be viable that very few young people will be able to buy in.
Family farms are now corporate enterprises and cannot be sold to anyone but a corporation or family thus eliminating much of the population in rural areas. We need affirmative action on getting young people back on the land before it is too late.
25/08/15 08:40 AM
Apparently someone has learnt how to survive on trees and air because there is not enough country to produce enough grain to feed the world now. OK Australia has no worries because we produce much more than we currently use but then we must have a duty to help feed the world's population of humans. Placing animals as equal to humans overlooks out creative abilities for reasoned thinking.
We also need to make prices paid back to farmers in Australia on parity with what is paid overseas. This means $9.00 per litre for milk if we match China.
15/06/15 04:16 AM
Please explain? In the days of numerous active volcanoes surely much more heat would have been trapped by the ash and carbon dioxide than under present conditions. Why did the earth not cook then?
30/07/15 02:30 AM
All this tilting at "Windmills".
A windmill is one that pumps water a "Wind Turbine" is one that generates energy!
18/06/15 04:00 AM


We need to start up a farmer owned co-operative that cannot be sold off to foreign investers; but this would only be viable if the Federal Government granted them a long term contract to process fruit to use as foriegn aid given to overseas countries in the form of food rather than money. Creaming money off the top by corrupt officials in countries being supplied with aid reduces the effectiveness of whatever we provide and canned foods labelled with "Australian Food Aid - NOT FOR SALE" would stand out in any market so discover any evil dealings. That way the money circulates in Australia.
01/05/13 04:09 AM


If they are going to change NVD's then a rebate should be available on any unused forms. That might make them think twice about changing these every couple of years.
04/09/15 11:10 AM
Good idea to report as this is the way of the future. No risk of picking up disease in yards, very full description of what you are buying is provided, able to ask questions before the sale and get an honest answer, Can set a reserve and so not have to bring the sheep home because they are still in the paddock, much less stress on the livestock, can negotiate with losing bidder after the auction if passed in, only one cost of freight (picked up by buyer). Yes the assessor has to be honest and independent but with time then confidence will build in their ability. Publicise how it works more!
02/09/15 01:16 PM
Farmers with wool producing sheep (you remember that lovely natural fibre), even though they have bred plainer bodied animals are now returning to the practice of mulesing because they must have forgotten what the alternative brings. There is virtually no discount for unmulesed wool (probably because there is little price differental in any wool) thus the animal do-gooders have failed by not providing any alternative except not farming animals or have failed to convince users that farmers are evil. Get a dose of reality because some actions have to be taken for the real welfare of the animal.
09/10/14 11:25 PM
Defamation laws need extending to allow businesses like the abbatoir owners in Gippsland to sue for wrongful accusations which destroyed their business along with the jobs of many workers.
25/08/14 01:49 AM
When people have an agenda to close down an industry (in this case farming of animals for human use) then whatever common sense argument you apply will have no benefit. Take a body of people who think home cooking is the only way to go and that resuarant meals should be outlawed then I am sure kitchens would soon close their doors to visitors too.
28/07/14 11:53 PM
Vegans who think that meat production (thus eating) should cease are away with the fairies; or should be. Many agricultural areas can not be cropped so unless they are willing to go out among the rocks and scrub to get a mouthful of grass for themselves then demand for production from cropping land will not be enough to feed anywhere near the world population. Have any of them tried to eat saltbush?
06/05/14 03:15 AM
Finally Australia is open for business once again!
23/03/14 11:40 PM


Just the thing big brother in the form of animal libbers need. One good shot will bring them down should they fly anywhere near my property! Better be well marked to show no one is on board and a registration would be an advantage to track owners illegally snooping.
18/07/13 09:50 AM


The Chinese Investment Corporation must surely be an arm of the Chiniese Government which is buying up our farmland at an alarming rate. When do we stop this invasion or stop selling our sovereignty?
14/07/14 12:08 AM
With Anzac day drawing nigh then we need to ask the question: Just why and what for did so many young man sacrifice their lives in the wars we have fought to preserve our sovereignty and freedom to make our own choices?
Do not allow invasion by wealth!
21/04/14 01:54 PM
So either Indonesia think they can produce cattle cheaper than Australian farmers or else they are seeking food security.
I can see workers on 457 visas working for little with cattle going to Indonesian feedlots at low prices hence all profits made there and nothing paid by way of taxes in Australia.
Wake up Australia before it is too late --- woops, sorry already too late as the horse bolted many years ago and Griancorp just being one of the last of our major businesses to go into offshore hands.
What is wrong with having a financial body that will finance young AUSTRALIAN farmers.
05/10/13 01:43 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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