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Get Muddy

Nagev = Carnivore but not quite so catchy I suppose.
30/12/13 06:54 PM

Burrs under my saddle

The wool price boom in 1972 saw my father clear his debt with the local stock agents. It couldn't happen today because they don't help their clients anymore because of this profit driven economy which sees companies charge interest rates at 17% or better on overdue accounts. Share prices are more important than producers. Banks lend money to farmers on figures which obviously add up at the time, so why if due diligence is used at that time do these farmers end up being sold up? We need a level playing field for all and to stop overseas countries dumping excess produce in Australia.
05/05/14 01:08 AM


I think it is time we stopped selling our country to overseas buyers on this scale. We won't need a war to be taken over we are just being bought up
20/09/15 10:48 PM
Have you considered representing farmers in politics angry Australian? I totally agree with you
21/08/15 02:57 AM
It makes so much sense. Rents are cheaper in rural areas, Decentralization would bring jobs to other areas. On the cost of breaking leases, why not wait until they expire or sublet. This would all be too hard for these people to think about as it makes sense. Well done Barnaby
12/07/15 12:13 AM
Those wages sound fair to me as a farmer. People expect to be paid too much and so eventually price themselves out of a job. How much do young people at large chain stores and restaurants get paid per hour?
18/06/15 12:55 AM
It is wonderful to see the Agricultural sector recognised for its consistent contribution to Australia's economy. I sincerely hope that the money earmarked for counselling and mental health in drought areas is better spent than in the last drought in Tasmania.
12/05/15 10:30 PM
Perhaps they are running out of things to sell and the profit isn't as good
05/05/15 08:58 PM
Australian Made has a giant loophole in its structure. Companies can import components from overseas and as long as it is constructed or made in Australia it can have the Australian Made branding. it is therefore in my opinion truly Australian Made. I am assuming 100% Pure New Zealand is just that !00% made and grown in New Zealand.
23/04/15 07:33 PM
So well said Jock. The bottom line is that Australian farmers have to compete against cheap imports. Some from countries who have little or no regulatory control. Their labour costs are minimal whilst here in Australia our input and labour costs continually rise whilst our incomes at best stay the same. Then they spend hundreds of thousands trying to find out why Australian farmers have a debt crisis.
06/04/15 11:38 PM
Just remember Private Enterprise can probably do this work cheaper. I was told a story about a man whose company offered an option of wage cuts or sacking 50 people. He voted against wage cuts because he couldn't take a wage cut. He lost his job.
23/03/15 09:51 PM
I am bemused at how cost savings of $2 million to timber importers improves the bottom of agriculture in Australia. I would see that as a negative as we can grow all the timber we need here, if allowed to harvest it.
13/03/15 10:37 PM


Somehow the RSPCA has lost the plot. 99.999 percent of farmers care for their stock because they are there livelihood. Take a look at the models on the catwalk they don't die because they are skinny.
25/05/15 09:36 PM
Small is very big.
25/03/15 09:31 PM
Well done Barnaby, Maybe the kids can stay on the farm now.
12/05/15 10:40 PM
Perhaps its time the Nationals stood people in all Electorates and became a force on their own. The other major parties seem to have completely lost the plot.
Barnaby Joyce speaks common sense.
06/02/15 09:06 PM
The previous Tasmanian election in which the Greens polled so well was not a vote for the Greens but a vote against the major parties. People were unhappy and wanted to show it unfortunately that led to the Greens having sufficient elected members to hold the balance of power and therefore they killed the Forestry Industry in Tasmania and in the process effectively put thousands of people out of work. Hopefully now the highly sustainable industry can start to recover and bring jobs back into rural Tasmania.
18/03/14 07:46 PM


WHY? We had better start learning Chinese now because they will soon control a large part of our rural sector. They won't need to buy from us they will just send their own product home therefore also avoiding paying income tax as it won't be sold here. They won't buy inputs here as they can ship them much more cheaply form China. How can people be such short sighted idiots.
The war my grandparents so much feared won't happen, we are just giving them our country.
27/09/15 10:25 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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