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If I was Abbott - and thank the Lord I'm not sir - I would feel sad that Labor governmennts everywhere were happy that I was staying on as PM......
12/02/15 01:21 AM
Colin, please apply the torch to LNP - they are in power and will be calling the shots. ALP is going to have little say in gov for some time to come.
29/10/13 02:04 AM
  Divided they fell 10 Comments 10
Maranoa has the most rural sector workers in the country and had a swing of 9% against the sitting LNP memeber - in an election with a 4% swing against ALP. If they run him again next time they will lose it.
18/09/13 01:29 AM
From your articles Colin I would think you are a LNP man through and through - would love to see you add some rigour to examination of LNP policy.
02/09/13 05:29 AM
Col, am i right in thinking you would rather lose with Abbott than win with Turnbull? Can you point to success for Abbott outside parliament - when compared with Turnbull?
08/08/13 04:22 AM
Colin, spend some time with Sam T - you are really sounding like the Alan Jones of Print.
15/07/13 05:53 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I talk like you too David - but only late at night - after a dozen stubbies. However when I wake up I slap myself and get on with the real world.
30/04/15 11:52 PM
By all the weeping and gnashing of teeth I think you have touched a nerve, David.
02/12/14 03:46 AM
Joh didn't do as much for Qld as Joh did for Joh and his mates.
20/05/14 11:32 PM
"But I only want to sell cattle to people who don’t care if I am environmentally sustainable." That sounds a bit odd.
31/03/14 02:26 AM
A man that knows this much about chooks will be great in the senate. Maybe.
25/11/13 08:04 AM
Chooks were never designed to be put together in 100s or 1000s. Hence all the problems - with free range or caging. Unlike cattle and sheep that herded together as protection from predators. A dozen back yard chooks no probs, lots of probs when we try to do it on a big scale.
11/10/13 03:24 AM
Be a bit embarrassing if the Indos manage Aus stations better than Aussies, hey?
30/09/13 06:41 AM
Ok, 3 ways to get a property.
1. Inherit
2. Marriage
3. Hard work/good luck
I didnt get 1, wasnt smart enough then for 2, eventually cracked 3!
27/08/13 04:51 AM
Max, if you can't inherit it, next best option is to marry it!
26/08/13 04:22 AM
On the bad days I have thought farming is just another form of dementia?
25/07/13 08:18 AM

Get Muddy

Warren Truss is very well respected ?
17/05/15 11:06 PM
Drought kills more cattle than BJD. But I don't see that as a reason for not taking control steps on BJD.
11/02/15 11:31 PM
Makka, my emotions may change, sure, but the logic does not.
Do you want the rest of us to have BJD establish on our properties? The producer above points out the affected cattle were not 'doing' - do you think the rest of us want that in our herds?
10/02/15 03:24 AM
Sam, emotion cannot be used to replace logic (except on your wife’s birthday).
You know that 99% of Qld producers don’t have BJD - why should they get it or run the risk of being locked out of markets because < 1% of Qld producers have it? The hotter drier climate in Qld means it is easier to eradicate than down south – where you come from…...
10/02/15 01:56 AM
Sam, you would have voted for Newman?
03/02/15 08:45 AM
Spot on Wolf. One good market, for a product that is remote, not top quality, and single niche focused. Heavy borrowing in that area is very risky.
19/12/14 05:25 AM
"Recently I heard the Australian ageing and dementia sector struggles with a lack of unity, which degrades the effectiveness of already questionable advocacy groups."
Already questionable?
22/09/14 11:53 PM
Cant we all just get along?
05/08/14 07:54 AM
Sam, I'm with 'Concerned' - it is very populist to bash vegans, but I don’t know that it advances agriculture. But it does sell papers I guess.
Ag hides from the fact it does have operators that don’t stand up to scrutiny - and they probably do more damage than the odd vegan. Your best articles are those that challenge ag readers, not follow the ag herd mentality. Cheers.
04/08/14 10:59 PM
  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
Sam, I'm not saying you got it - but follow the link and then answer - is this farmer welfare?http://www.humanservices. ce-for-farmers
28/05/14 03:53 AM

A matter of opinion

Beef and Rugby - the combo for a great life.
27/05/15 04:52 AM
Colin, you dont live in the bush. ABC delivers much greater value than Tonys Paid Parental Leave scheme for the rich.
01/12/14 09:32 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Why not just stop blindly voting for the Nats? Then the Nats may have to become the representatives you want them to be.
12/01/15 11:21 PM

Bush Matters

"At the same time, farm debt in Australia has increased by almost 75 per cent in a decade, from A$40.3 billion in 2004 to an estimated A$70 billion in 2014." In what industry doesnt debt significantly increase in 10 yeras???
01/05/15 01:37 AM
Bazza, the populist king. Come tell the farmers around here with falling groundwater why you support CSG over agriculture.
20/02/15 06:05 AM
So Big Bazza wants to tell us who we can vote for - yet his constituents cannot get him to vote how they want him to.
23/01/15 05:19 AM
So Barry, please make clear your stance on Abbott's Paid Parental Leave scheme.
And farming more influence in Canberra? Yeah right.
23/12/14 10:53 PM
Gee Barry you forgot to mention the previous government had to deal with the GFC - no wonder people have little repect for the current government...
11/12/14 10:45 PM
Feel the love Bazza
08/08/14 10:55 AM
Barry, you can take a populist stance here - but they are just words thrown to the faithful. But what are you going to do? What will you achieve?
13/06/14 04:47 AM
"Just as individual farms must reduce over-reliance on credit, so too must the nation. "
Thanks for putting on a hat in your blog photo - gives your populist lines with no offered solution so much more credability
16/05/14 01:47 AM
Very populist Bazza. Since you are not a beef producer, but rather a professional party man, how about you talk about something you know - eg politics.
02/05/14 01:43 AM


Mmmmm. Water put in Ag could well be a poisoned chalice.
15/09/15 10:40 PM
It appears to me the govt has enough problems now with overseas students/457 visas/back backers/people from overseas without work visas/etc being exploited/underpaid etc, without opening a whole new tin of worms. Sort that out and then we can get on with a FTA without consigning our kids to a dodgy future.
30/08/15 11:42 PM
Farmers need to focus on profitability, not productivity.
30/08/15 11:37 PM
Invey, Germany is one of the manufacturing powerhouses of the world and yet pay good wages. I think the idea of making profits by playing low wages is dumb, making profits by being the best at what you do and paying accordingly is smart.
20/08/15 05:11 AM
So if she could get good people to work for low wages she would make more profit?
Why would good people work for low wages?
19/08/15 01:21 AM
First the 'vigilante' activists - oh and that probably will cover the "leading farming groups."
18/08/15 11:28 PM
"Increasing speculation has suggested the ambitious, forward-thinking farm-sector policy document ..." who is writing this, Barnaby?
22/06/15 04:39 AM
This is more foreign ownership than foreign investment/development. Having said that, isn’t NAPCo foreign owned?
27/05/15 05:47 AM
Its no wonder young Australians dont want to work in Agriculture.
18/05/15 05:32 AM
"a lack of sons and daughters willing to inherit their farms". This hits the nail on the head. Many young men and women would love to be in a position to buy a property but the bulk of the properties are only to be had through inheriting either the property itself or the wealth to purchase.
20/04/15 06:02 AM


Will the new varieties be CSG/coal resistant?
18/11/14 11:37 PM
Not sure why people on here are often advocating low wages - why do you live in a first world country and expect your contrymen to accept third world wages?
10/11/14 07:41 AM
How come Colin does more reporting on the opposition than the government?
06/12/13 03:42 AM


How much do we subsidy the coal industry now?
23/09/15 05:23 AM
Does anyone think we will be burning coal in 100 years? The future starts now.
22/09/15 12:50 AM
No Makka, just wondering.
As to a lot of other stuff that bothers people I remember when any idiot could get a SKS and shoot up road signs and anything else they wanted to - something had to change.
10/09/15 08:09 AM
Makka, how often do you buy a new firearm?
09/09/15 08:14 AM
Boycott the ABC but go on a Sandilands show???? What does he expect????
02/09/15 06:22 AM
If you cant inherit it, you will have to either marry it or earn it.
Mind you, those who inherit it or marry it consider that they earnt it.
25/08/15 06:44 AM
Everyone will keep voting Nats, and the Nats wont do anything.
18/08/15 01:14 AM
Cocky, hunters come to shoot what they can - including stock - but also to steal fuel, quad bikes, batteries from tractors, etc. Round here you cant leave a tractor or fuel down the paddock.
14/08/15 07:06 AM
Hmm, Jacky is a bloke actually, current farmer, former pro shooter. Hunters hate 1080 because it is effective - but then argue they need 'better' guns to be effective - yet 'hunting' is a very ineffective pest management tool.
Hunting is a hobby, pest control is a science.
13/08/15 12:24 AM
Yeah, OK. So hunters 'need' these the same way they need semi autos.
12/08/15 12:02 AM


Backpackers - half pay and no WHS.
20/02/15 06:06 AM


Aaron, are you a hunter? 1080 will not take 4 days to kill a fox, and is very biodegradable meaning carcasses are safe very quickly. Eagles like all Australian natives have a very high tolerance of 1080.
13/07/15 05:55 AM
"They tried baiting with 1080, but believed it was unsuccessful as the baits were untouched"
They are spending money on shooters but not baiting????
13/07/15 01:10 AM
I ran into our local stock route supervisor who organises the baiting and trapping in this district, he said he has never seen "The Plan", and only heard from the people promoting it when they are trying to get the shire to buy the products they sell.
30/06/15 02:49 AM
More wins in wild dog fight???? Or a great financial gain for those who benefit from wild dogs? The actions taken as listed above [e.g. baiting etc] were done with out this group - they are taken by local govt/local producers - but these blokes take credit for it and say give us the money!
29/06/15 05:07 AM
Over the last 8 or so years years money from Govt and levies have been spent by the Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre on their wild dog hobby horses - and the problem has got worse everywhere - so they get more money. A great funding circle - nice work.
16/06/15 05:59 AM
Sounds like a sale pitch - give us more money...
15/07/14 05:19 AM
"The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) estimated that 60,000 calves were killed or maimed in 2011-12 in its jurisdiction alone, at a cost of about $80 million."
Interesting maths?
10/07/14 01:57 AM
Shooters cant control wild dog populations - but thanks for your loopy comments, weekend warriors.
02/05/14 01:41 AM
Great. Save $1M and maybe lose an export industry. At least we still have MPs expenses for the footy, weddings, buying investment properties etc...
11/11/13 12:09 AM


There was much the same squeal over ROPS on tractors
22/09/15 03:05 AM
Part of an aging farmer issue - quads are essential for older farmers. I wont let my kids on one but they are happy on two wheelers
30/09/13 11:39 PM


Maybe they borrowed more than they could repay - it does happen you know.
13/10/14 07:11 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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