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Before embracing GM like fools, research the backlash in Europe ,USA and other nations against Monsanto and co. GMO's are owned by the manufacturer not the user. Don't play with fire.
We have entitlement Geronimo,hard earned entitlement.You are the embarrassment.
Wong will always be wong
Don"t trust the National"s Jock,They were supportive of the Lima Declaration in 1975.That has done us wonders.
FMD"s for me would be sheer luxury old mate Geronimo.
Keep selling us out Malcolm,what's new?.
This country has has pandered to the multinationals for fifty years,no tax income for Australia with the double taxation agreement still intact.Let us continue to screw the little people.Arrogant big end of town treacherous hero.
It is called pricing yourself out of business.
The sooner the better.
There people of Iraq had as much right as the rest of us to be fed.When does any nation have the right to starve another?Especially when the sanctions were placed based on so many lies. Money is the real reason behind all wars,the misery and destruction is a mere flesh wound to the military industrial complex.
Section 100 of our constitution is being trodden on by Corporations and complicit politicians.
Leave Flugge and Geary alone the only ones that got a number one haircut out of the Iraq deal was the Australian grain grower. The Paris club whoever they may be have some answering to do.


Mitch with all due respects,please fill us in on what you have done for the aussie grain grower in the past twenty years that has helped us battle against the corrupt grain cartels that continue with false market forecasting and market manipulation,screwing us to the floorboards.
Derergul8, you are patronizing us.
Prove to us that John Howard didn't know what he was up to when he pulled on the Cole inquiry, playing right into the world's greedy grain cartels hands.
Explain how Fred Hillmer's comment that 'it is the grain producers responsibility to feed the masses cheaply' is nothing but socialistic ideology spewed forth as always, without regard or respect for those of us attempting to do so. There has to be an economic balance, a relativity between cost of production and return so that we can carry out the most responsible occupation, FEEDING THE WORLD!
Southern Australia has been subject to heat shock events for decades.We as growers fund you where have you been GRDC . Heads where the sun doesn't shine I am sure.
The only reason cannabis hasn't been legalized is that big end business and governments can't agree on how to enforce cultivation practice to enable a tax regime to be implemented thus securing a massive revenue stream like alcohol and tobacco provides.
The USDA is one mean disinformation entity that manipulates and distorts markets to keep buy sell trades in motion. The farmer just happens to produce a commodity that enables this despicable activity.
The ACCC will never bring resolution that is a benefit to the Australian farmer or the Australian consumer.
ACCC should be defunded, what a waste of tax money.
Good on you for resisting peer pressure Geoff we all may learn something valuable.


Bill Heffernan is a straight shooter,an advocate for a fair go and a thorn in the flesh for the wimps.


Good to see more great Aussie workmanship and ingenuity.


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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