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Maybe so? Fact is the "farmer" is going backwards fast, Fact water was as I remember from the NFF causing unrest and giving it "water" back would remove this VIOLENT outburst. Fact this would mean international investors would get free water. Fact mouth peices are politicains and are their for the voters from the National seats wanting this. This porfolio arrangement will only lead to more trouble with managing these resources and farmers worse off than before. What does it matter how it is achieved in a monopoly vote.

Burrs under my saddle

Stockman & Hilda Hereford......
I remeber the days of salt being thrown out to break down foliage so a crop could be planted, never mind survive.
You young people crack me up.
So what your saying you stomp around in it.
When will farmers get it, prime farm land can be made almost anywhere. And when will that attitude be the motivation for conversation.

Out of the shadow

Labors week stance. Because they dont know.
Dry upand blow away rings a bell.
And more land has been opened up for irrigation on the driest nation on earth.
Declared droughts, El Nino, lack of water, repeaded self interest and calls for handing over of water rights to use and hope for more rain/water to just come around some how coupled with barely any attempt to put forward a plan when water is not avaliable is the obtuse table stake holders are sitting at.


Senator you must be the only one as the complaining to state and federal government has been the marathon from 2000 to date over environmental flows. Gives a whole new meaning to drought and flooding rain and the operation of governance of that issue.
The terms of reference don't obviously extend to an objective point of view Senator Madigan. Any irrigator would know the first watering uses the most water after this water would go along way in a year. You farmers and your polly friends grandstanding at tax payers exspense lacks the objective opinion to be constructive with one line of input, those that lobbied for the inqury. I would never suggest that a politician would hear the enviroment and start an inquiry as the enviroment does not speak and could not start such a process.
So growers get a debt of their back and the new share holders get the banks interest payment as a dividend. How and why that came about will be the begining of the end for this company. A cash flow that can be turned off at share holders and a share price expense.
Looks a duck out of water.
The tripple bottom line looks blurry every time the irrigators speak.
More or less. Wounder how that fixes/improves things on a time scale.
Must be very cheap water. Not much room for profit at $415 a ton.
So the government cant afford to help the other 80% of the economy so just give that sector what they want when they ask.
And the water they converted to High security as part of the governments for permeant planting? ($2000 to $5000) What happen to that or is hocked as well? Another support a farmer program.
Could of mentioned the extra land developed for irrigation and why the water does no go round as it did previously in 1920.


Wonder if the touring senate group have tasted the water that has been recycled how ever many times depending what town one is in. Mmmmmm at least better than the old days.
Wrong end of horse mate.

General riculture/agribusiness/general-ne ws/food-producers-demand-water-ch anges/2745820.aspx
The practical regional voting asset demonstrationing the voting vicious circle of making law for water reform, win falls.
Mr Heffernan the development (murray Darling Basin) needs a regulation of farm activity (area dependant) for your water views(common sense) to be practical. Blue in the face arguing and politics is the other solution.
Mr Heffernan what do you think I would say about playing with peoples lifes and the BS from you and BJ's water dribble. Really its beyond a joke, as a senator.
NSW Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan would know all about watering after land forming earth works. What is the policy land forming earth works as far as the development of the basin? The who what when why and how, thanks.
Hell Mr Munro,
REALLY, the nationals have already tried to give water allocation to foreign investors and the whole campaign was just that, free water to foreign investors. And local farmers are you for REAL.
We are great to and everything everybody else does is negatively impacting on us.
What do irrigators say about water being avaliable at the autumn to late autumn to take advanage of the winter weather moister conditions? Or do irrigators just use water?


Encouraging nationalities willing to work cheaper to come to Australia? That demographic cannot afford to holiday never mind hang out for work on a wing and pray. 457 horror stories.


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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