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Dams were constructed to capture and store water to grow food and sustain livestock creating economic prosperity,Our forefathers knew the importance of this in the driest continent on earth.In drier than average years and times of drought many inland rivers in the Murray Darling Basin stropped running or went completely dry,a normal occurrence prior to dams and irrigation areas.Suddenly self and government appointed environmental interest groups want us to believe the inland river systems had water from top to bottom,which simply is not correct.Fix this mess pollies or irrigation is finished.
26/10/15 12:07 PM


this government will go down as the cruellest and most insensitive to the unfolding national crisis in agricultural communities throughout australia since federation, farmers are relying on charities to feed their starving stock and themselves, no wonder the late Malcolm Fraser resigned from the liberal party, as for the national party, they stopped representing the interests of rural australia thirty years ago
14/04/15 02:44 PM
If the ACCC don't knock this takeover on the head,look out meat producers,have a look their operation and business model in South America and the United States,take over everything shut down as much as they feel like,reduce kill space allowing price manipulation,farmers produce into a market that that has zero relativity to their costs of production,transferring profits into a corporates offshore bank account ,Australia does not need any more centralisation of the meat industry ,encourage more competition
03/12/14 12:56 AM
On the right track with this Barnaby,implementing it will be the challenge,by getting it right agriculture has a strong future in Australia
29/09/14 01:18 AM
cmt, my apologies, but you probably need to read Rashs comment,if simon didn't care what the hell was he asking cabinet for billions to keep the farming community afloat though the most serious droughts since European settlement
09/09/14 11:24 AM
Was best primary industry minister bah none ,I think he would do an excellent job,pity he isn't sorting out equitable drought measures instead of current debacle unfolding at the moment
09/09/14 01:11 AM
While your at it twiggy ,get some real competition and processing capacity in the red meat sector,and not the duopoly on beef operating presently,we are getting less money for beef than we were 25 years ago while the us cow price hovers at record levels ,someone's getting the profits ,but it ain't us
31/07/14 10:28 PM
would be interesting to run an investigation into the phone and email records of the ABC journalists associated with this coming story,you could bet london to a brick animal activists with the blessing of our pulic broacastor are combining for maximum sensationalism aimed at urban audience who want to have a fuzzy feeling in the tummy on animal welfare.One thing for sure from past experience we will not get all the facts,particularly from a livestock producer or live exporters perspective
01/11/12 08:15 PM
If Mr McLeod is serious about having a strong agricultural sector then he wouldn't have any problem allowing an indepedant audit of pricing of australian produced farm produce or manufactured food and while your at it do your own audit of what the cost of production is of locally produced food.We hear a lot about carbon and saving the planet lately,we should consider the harder we push the farmer through lack of profit the more that famer puts pressure on land and water resources so the fuzzy feeling everyone in suburbia gets from supposedly buying cheap food in the long run isnt sustainable
14/07/12 01:02 PM


Begs belief that a receiver is patting himself on the back for their stewardship of the property and is happy with the selling price and what he considers to be market value,heaven forbid!!!!
20/10/14 12:22 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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