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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Why hasn't the DoA, the RMAC,or MLA got the courtesy and just plain manners to give Rob Moore the answer to the perfectly reasonable question he has asked time and time again?Are the processors being allowed to improperly vote at MLA general meetings on the basis of cattle they have owned for less than 60 days? If Rob is wrong then it should be a simple matter to explain and clear up but no these people just hide behind the protection racket provided by the National Party's beef industry structure.David,why don't you raise this in the Senate?
The solution is to get rid of the levy.
At least there is one person in the Australian parliament who has the courage to stand up for freedom and democracy.
Both the main political parties will bankrupt our nation,the only difference being that Labor will do it faster,with much more enthusiasm and then blame everything on something they call "extreme capitalism".By now it should be clear that we have reached and exceeded the limits of the welfare state and big government.Neither party can balance the budget.Neither will confess to the electorate that they have grossly over committed to massive,locked in expediture programs that can't be funded.Neither has shown any creativity or honesty.Tax,borrow and spend is all they are capable of.

Get Muddy

Foreign investment in agriculture is very good for Australia.Look no further than the great success a Chinese listed company has made of Cubbie Station Investment,output,employment all up and contractors delighted at actually being paid on time.When the time comes to sell, farmers have every right to expect the highest possible price for their business regardless of the purchaser's nationality.

A matter of opinion

Rob Moore is right,unless there is a mechanism that enables full and immediate price discovery, competition will remain asymmetrical and completely in favour of the processors and the supermarkets.Farmers will be the lowest rung on the supply chain and nothing more than indentured serfs.

Burrs under my saddle

The problem with the western democracies is that politicians get elected by promising to spend other people's money creating an insatiable demand for more taxes from the political class.Baird's attempt to increase the GST by 50% is the most recent and brazen in a long line of attempted tax grabs.Cutting spending and reducing the size of government is not something they have any interest in.Our tax act is one of the longest pieces of legislation in the world.The ATO issue 10,000 private rulings a year usurping the rule of law and creating the rule of the regulator.

Out of the shadow

Like most of the political class the shadow minister pays lip service to the mantra that "change" is possible with the proviso that,like death and taxes, it should be postponed as long as possible and that until there is a consensus no change at all is preferable because the circumstances aren't "just right" and it would be better to adopt a Darwinian type evolution that would be glacial and not upset the stays quo.Minister, in an era of disruptive upheaval which we are currently experiencing change is the norm.
Nice article by the Shadow Minister but it lacks a statement of intent.If LABOR wins office will they implement all 7 recommendations of the Sterle committee with further delay?
The Shadow Minister's job is to oppose the government not re-write history.Labor/Rudd did not save us from the 2008 GFC.What saved us was;zero C'wealth debt;a $20 billion surplus;a AAA credit rating;foreign investment;and the forgotten fact that Australia never,ever had a subprime,covenant lite securitised mortgage market.The Shadow Minister lives in a world decorated with meaningless buzzwords.Why doesn't he get specific a tell us how Labor address the relentless decline in farm terms of trade.Half a dozen bullet points should cover it.
There he goes again trying to impose a 5 year Marxist/Leninist central plan on farmers so that the political class can "pick winners".The current Labor party just can't get out of Clement Atlee's post war Britain and now repudiates it's own reformers like Keating.The history of Australian governments picking winners is appalling.The car and component industries only survived behind a wall to tariff,quota,local content protection which effectively doubled the price of cars.The same stupidity can now be observed in the green energy sector.The key is to get the government off our backs.


This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.MIT economist, Lester Thurow ,(The Future of Capitalism 1997) warned US wheat producers of a resurgent Ukraine and Belorussia once they had recovered from the ravages of communism and idiotic soviet style collective farming.Much better soil and rainfall,easy access to the Black Sea and ME/African markets and a long history of broad acre farming.The price of wheat in Europe fell by 60% when the railroads opened up the great plains in the 1880's.Dont think this can't happen again.
The message from all of our customers is clear.They hate hormone implants. So it's time for these misguided "beef leaders" to stop lecturing customers about the "science" and to agree to a total ban on HGPs in Australia. Remember we are meant to be clean and green.
Just like motherhood, Nico, it is axiomatic that science is good.The US is the great global driver of science and innovation.Philanthropy plays a role but it is the gigantic expenditure on military and space programs that have really pushed these epoch changing waves of technology innovation.Added to this US risk takers can reap huge rewards from introducing new technologies due to free ,markets,low capital gains taxes and the huge US economy.The concept of the dead hand of the Australian government and it's hordes of public employees leading the charge on science and innovation is laughable
This is mere tokenism aimed at giving the illusion that the government is "doing something".Big government and innovation are polar opposites.If they really want to spur innovation and start ups they should slash income and capital gains taxes,deregulate and take a chainsaw to Fair Work Australia.
What is Scott Morrison talking about?The Commonwealth has the power to overturn any decision of a self regulating territory like the NT under S122 of the constitution.This is merely scapegoatism for a really bad decision.The US has every right to be peeved over a 99 year lease on a strategic northern port to a Chinese company with communist party/PLA links.Darwin is out of the range Chinese missiles and therefore an important port for the US navy.It is important to remember that the US is the ultimate guarantor of our sovereignty.
The Liberal Party teaming up with their best new friends in the Greens to nationalise private property rights.
Why do we need foreign investment? Because Australia saves less than it invests resulting in a sizable current account deficit that is funded through foreign investment, borrowings or depletion of official reserves.
What a joke.
Scott Morrison has graduated from turning back boats to turning back investors,including investors who have spent time,money and effort putting in serious offers.He even has the enthusiastic support of the Greens.Open for business,welcome to the Liberal Party's new banana republic where individual property rights mean nothing and can be nationalised on the weakest of grounds like Anna Creek being in the green zone of a missile range that hasn't been used for a serious weapons test in six decades.
Aussiebattler,well done.In a single sentence you have made Penny Wong's point for her.


Perhaps they should also consult on returning the $100 million slush fund the board is sitting on back to the 16000 members.
That may be the case PD but neither side of politics is ever going to tear up the FTA's particularly with the US.
Single desks, like the dead and buried AWB, have basically been outlawed under international trade agreements and it is inconceivable that they will ever be allowed again. For example our FTA with the US as well as the TPP would make it impossible to regenerate a single desk monopoly ever again in wheat or anything else. So this argument goes nowhere and serves no useful purpose. If growers believe the merchants are abusing excessive market power then the onus is on them to come up with ideas that would level the playing field at no cost to the taxpayer or other growers.


Keith,I think you will find tariffs are precluded under the chafta.
This stupid decision has nothing to do with the national interest and everything to do with the interests of the ultra nationalists in the National Party.The claim by Morrison that a $370 million deal was too big is pure desperation.Australia's GDP is $1.5 trillion so this deal is statically insignificant Further it's not like they are buying 2% of Sydney,they are buying a company that owns the leasehold over semi desert running an insignificant number of cattle in comparison to the total national herd.Another attack on property rights by the lefties in the Liberal Party.
This bloke has got himself stuck between a rock and a hard place.Trying to sell the looney,wacky policies of the Labor lefties to people who actually have to work for a living.Mission impossible but I do admire the stiff upper lip and the fact that he can keep a straight face when marketing these economy killing,investment killing,employment killing policies.He is from Cessnock and I'm from Quarrybylong not far away but even the old time unionised coal miners would be horrified by present day LABOR.
Yack,Yack,Yack, this is nothing more than nationalisation without compensation.
Another vote for big government,regulation and red tape from the left of centre Liberal Party.She's doing it because the UN says so?
Sounds like trying to unravel all this beef industry stuff has got the senators all tied up in a knot.They shouldn't expect any insights from the keystone cops at the ACCC who based on past experience will believe anything the supermarkets tell them.Our new minted agricultural commissioner, an intern from the SFO fronted AFI and his new consultative committee which has more members than the house of lords are guaranteed to drop the ball and issue a mealy mouthed report confirming that all is well in the industry.In the meantime beef consumption per capita continues to sink like a stone.
Behold the birth of another bureaucracy created out of thin air by the government.Another stone tied around the neck of the taxpayer.
Round up the usual suspects and let the witch hunt begin.No way should the keystone cops at the ACCC be given FBI or SFO powers.
It seems we may need to have an inquiry into the inquiry.Sen Sterle is now suggesting that the senate report on the red meat consolidation inquiry may be "dead"if there is a election.This inquiry was scheduled to report on 12 aug 2015.This was later deferred to 17 march 2016 and then to 5 may 2016.Why the delay? The committee has received 98 submissions most before 30/6/15 and has held 3 public hearings.The delay on this critical report seems inordinate and should be explained by the committee.After all they are not doing this pro bono.
I also hope Archibald and people like him are right at the front of any new CCA. I am sure their first act would be to organise a plebiscite amongst levy payers to vote on the cattle transaction levy i.e do they want to pay it or not.Their second act would be to thereafter wind up the new CCA.


Calling it a sham would be putting it mildly.This is a carefully scripted PR stunt organised and attended by the cheer leaders for the beef industry structure that live off the river of levy money extracted by law from struggling cattle producers.All of this under the watch of the LNP government that publicly claims to believe in freedom,lower taxes and smaller government.
Yes Jock, and just like Animal Farm there won't be any farm left by the time the Marxist/Leninists in the DoA have finished with us."In an age of universal deceit telling the truth will be a revolutionary act". (Eric Arthur Blair writing under his pen name George Orwell).
The Shadow Minister has again confirmed that Labor's policies towards agriculture,farmers and rural communities are absolutely toxic.The silent agenda is to close down live exports if not by fiat then by stealth.This announcement is meant for the internal consumption of their own left wing and the detached inner city voters.


5000 plants/minute and a 90% reduction in chemical just shows the brilliance of the US free enterprise system. A stark contrast to our failed socialist, collectivist levy-based system administered by the bureaucrats in the DoA.
What's the point of bringing in a law that will not be obeyed and cannot be enforced?If this is going to be federal legislation then why are Nationals supporting it?What's next,a license to ride a horse?
Another attack on farm productivity especially our ability to keep noxious weeds under control.


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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