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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Well said David. Wages for those spending my money must be linked to their performance, based on return to levy payers. No increase in wool, meat etc, no increase in wages. You have to ask why won't Govt change, so those paying have a say and get a return? You can understand those profiting from the levies not wanting to change. What are the rest of the pollies getting from doing nothing? The satisfaction in keeping farmers poor and without a voice? What is the NFF doing, nothing. There is more freedom and democracy in China than AU.
26/10/15 10:30 PM


So James travelled as a guest of the Govt or us as taxpayers. I hope this isn't all he is going to write on this topic. What about some substance about how it will work? Not just telling the city they are subsidising those of us that have no essential services. If I am already getting NBN sat, will my speed increase? I assume it will stay pathetically slow, the new sat will be used to over subscribe new users, just like the old one did. Are all NBN sat users going to get better speeds James or only those hooking up onto the new NBN sat?
01/10/15 07:00 AM
If you want to know why farmers aren't increasing production, just ask one. We could all produce more but there are many reasons we won't and don't. Mostly to do with massive costs, high risk and Govt imposts to business. Remember LE, you have to protect your business now from our own Govt interventions and restrictions. This means you only run a low risk low production business, and mostly just as much profit. Profit is more important to farmers than production. Let us make a profit and production will rise.
30/08/15 10:28 PM
Exactly Jeckle, the workforce in Aust is subsidised by business. Yet the same workers on inflated uncompetitive wages want to bash farmers for everything we do. Farmers are the ones competing against the world who have lower wages and imposts to business. The reason next to nothing is built in Australia anymore, is because the wage earners of Australia don't want to compete. They believe they are entitled to be paid at least double what everyone else in the world gets paid. Ag in this country is doomed while ever wages continue to increase.
19/08/15 02:30 AM
Have they thought about asking a farmer what the problems are? That would take intelligence. Most of us are mining our soils or infrastructure to stay afloat. You cannot make a profit competing with countries with lower COP while hobbled with high wages and regulations.
12/08/15 10:20 PM
Instead of telling us to get smarter to compete with third world countries with our first world costs, why not just cut wages and remove excess costs to business and every business in this country could compete. It costs too much to increase production so why would you when it normally results in lower profit. Profit and production are not constantly aligned. I think we need smarter politicians not farmers! There are only a handful that are actually qualified for their positions.
21/07/15 09:17 PM
What happens if it does harm local agriculture? The Govt will fine them, make money from it and leave those harmed with nothing. This is how our legal system works, always in favour of the Govt over the victim. Not everyone impacted has the time or money to make a civil claim. If the mine was in the Sydney basin I bet it wouldn't be approved. The Govt is happy taking the royalties and spending the money in the city. We need another rural state, split from "NSW".
08/07/15 02:26 AM
Foreign investers taking advantage of the system and landholders. Another community destroyed in the country. Build them in Sydney if they are so good. There would be plenty of wind along the coast line.
26/06/15 06:58 AM
You don't hear about Aldi taking advantage of suppliers for decades like Wesfarmers has done. I shop at Aldi when we can get near one but I won't shop at Coles on principle. Wesfarmers are no friend of the farmer and they have proven it over a long time. It's hypocritical of Wesfarmers to be talking about tax and supporting Australia. How much produce do they import every year that is available in AU? How many jobs have been lost at their hands?
23/06/15 10:01 PM
I wish I could pay myself such a high wage farming, I would be on clover!
18/06/15 08:16 AM
How many containers are checking coming into this country? You can bring in what every you like if you have a private jet! More good luck than good management I would suggest. Didn't fire ants already escape?
11/06/15 12:25 AM


Another example of Govt acting against farmers wishes for the benefit of???? If you want to secure food supplies into the future just allow us to make a profit, it's that easy.
12/08/15 10:00 PM


Chad the media are also on the payroll. This is all about people pushing a lie to line their own pockets. Billions are spent every year paying for this lie by Governments world wide. These leaches will never admit they are wrong because they rely on the lie to make a living. The fact that they don't call it GW anymore is proof that they know the earth isn't warming but they won't admit it.
02/11/15 11:23 PM
The health effects are considered by the planning department. They only allow them to be built in rural areas on farms. We are second class citizens, a minority that doesn't matter. They don't want the truth to come out, so force them into areas that have a lower population and no political power. Only a total fool would believe they don't make a noise and cause problems for their neighbours. They also devalue neighbours properties for the benefit of foreign owned companies and the hosts. Even some of the paid hosts cannot put up with the noise and regret hosting them.
20/10/15 10:43 PM
Howard's knee jerk reaction was wrong just like many other things he did that hurt rural Australia.
09/09/15 10:54 PM
Ask a loaded BS question and you get the answer you want. Climate change could mean different things to different people. The climate changes every day, is that climate change? This survey means nothing because the question is purposely misleading. More proof that global warming doesn't exist, the CSIRO cannot even use the term and has to muddy the waters to get the answers they want.
01/09/15 08:42 AM
Can someone explain why a farmer has to redo chemical training every few years while you only have to sit a driving test once in a lifetime? Money! The Govt loves to suck it out of farmers to keep others in a job. Most farmers have done chemical training but we shouldn't be forced to pay a fortune to redo it over and over and over again, just to keep others in a job.
25/08/15 04:42 AM
Jacky they already have. I don't know anyone that has received a cent in the last 5 years. While your advocating getting rid of support for those that actually do something for this country, why stop there. What about the pension, baby bonus, child care benefit, child payment, single parent payment and the list could go on and on. There is something badly wrong with this country when a single mother of 4 can get over $40,000 tax free for doing nothing every year. The vast majority of farmers don't have any money in FMD's.
30/07/15 03:40 AM
For thousands of years people hunted to survive. The same ancestors of both rural and city residents. Most in society are out of touch with how food is produced so they can survive. They are ignorant and worst still they go out of their way to ridicule those that are providing life giving food to them. Producing food for everyone means managing the environment and that involves firearms. I hate shooting animals but it is part of my job, growing food for others. I find it offensive that others judge me for it.
26/10/15 10:58 PM
Bill shorten also voted to shut down LE.
29/09/15 10:52 PM
How many wind power stations have been approved since the Lib/Nats have been in power both on a State and Fed level? Actions speak louder than words and the Nats have sold farmers out. If the libs want towers and they have been approved recently, then they should be made build them in the cities as well. If the Nats are serious stop all subsidies for wind and do it now.
17/09/15 05:49 AM
Does anyone know how many people and animals died because of his actions?
11/08/15 09:32 PM


Shouldn't the heading for this article be "Lee Rhiannon supports criminal acts"? Shouldn't she be stood down? No one in Govt cares about the abuse of children in our society, they don't have a voice either. Docs don't do anything to take children away from parents that fail to care for them properly. The Govt has made it impossible to adopt children to give them a better life. Lee what are you doing to protect children? Everyday a child dies from abuse or neglect that has been reported to DOCS yet nothing changes.
28/10/15 12:49 AM
At 500c they would be better than some lambs. Lamb prices are pathetic. No wonder sheep numbers keep falling. Lambs cost too much to produce to make a reasonable profit at 500c. I hope the processors are buying up land because they may have to grow their own lambs if prices don't increase soon.
24/09/15 08:20 AM
Exactly Grizzly. The Indonesian video from a few years ago was allegedly recorded, after paying the worker to abuse cattle. I wouldn't believe any video or photo these people produce. Are the dinosaurs in Jurassic park real? They were produced on a computer, just like most of the footage allegedly taken of animal abuse may have been. Every pic can be photoshopped or video manufactured to show whatever they want. Don't let the truth get in the way of their main aim. Shutting down animal production for food at any cost.
16/06/15 05:13 AM
Exactly PayAttention. They don't spend any of their money on animal welfare in other countries. Most of this alleged abuse doesn't even happen, it's all staged for one reason. To shut down the use of animals for food. Stopping Aussie stock from going overseas won't change a thing for animal welfare, they will get them from somewhere else. Does everyone believe the fake footage on the internet about Aliens and 100 foot sharks too. You can doctor and make footage look anyway you want with the technology today.
09/06/15 08:56 AM


More useless paper shufflers trying to destroy agriculture to justify their pointless jobs. Ring your local member and voice your opinion.
25/09/15 05:55 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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