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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The comments here really show how little some people know about the Kidman Land, most of this land is leasehold owned by State Governments. This land is not owned by whomever buys Kidman. So if the overseas investors are stupid enough to pay big dollars for something they can aver own, then let them!
Serf, All you need do is stand back and let Barnaby, the industry, government and Dept of Ag introduce some minor changes that achieve nothing without consulting the 90 percent of levy payers out here that are not identified and will get no input into any change. Does that remind you of John Anderson and the AMLI Act of 1996 1997. You see their biggest fear is democracy in the levy system, we can't have that it's just unacceptable to them, and they will find any excuse not to have democratic voting whether that is cost, or because they can't identify the levy payer etc.
Mike you need to read the article carefully, that is not what David said at all, in fact he said the opposite! the existing system is taxation without representation, David is saying that system is broken!!
If the existing Senate political parties make recommendations that are not adopted even when they are bipartisan and better, and nothing is done by the government, and Barnaby Joyce, to fix the broken system, then why wouldn't those disaffected disappointed farmers join the Liberal Democratic Party? David is the only one supporting democracy here, the Senate has the power to bring the lot down using disallowance motions and they do nothing to restore democracy. How can we continue to support their party?
We wrote to many Senators requesting their support for a disallowance motion should Barnaby not adopt the Senate recommendations re the grass fed levy inquiry. We got one gobbledegook response and then nothing. The Senate is not serious when they do these inquiries, they are just playing politics and costing us all money in inquiry submissions. Their intention must therefore be the same as the government, that is taxation without representation. This is SOCIALISM and Government prescribed bodies with assigned constituencies that do not represent the tax payer!!!
Well done, exactly what we think also.
Under Section 69 of the AMLI Act 1997 the Minister can instruct Cattle Council to act in a certain way. Cattle Council no longer represent the majority of cattle producers and cannot sign for us. Minister Joyce should instruct them to get out of the round table and not put a noose around the necks of those they (CCA) say they represent!!
Well done!! Unfortunatley it is going to take much more than your excellent article here. As every day goes by the removal of property rights with zero compensation increases in pace. We have the Venezualan example to look forward too, where the property owner lives in a hovel and his property is rented (controlled rent) to tenants and the Gov. sets the rent at a pittance. The terms used to remove ownership that every property owner needs to cringe at are as follows:- social licence, community expectations, stakeholders, industry consultation.


Of course an inquiry is ruled out, nothing good can come from having the electorate scrutinise the loss of our sovereignty, its better to keep all the bad bits hidden from view, otherwise they would have to be accountable!!


John Niven, Yes there are thousands whom agree with you that the seven bipartisan Senate recommendations should have been adopted as they stood, instead Barnaby has done little, and for an Inquiry he initiated. What a waste of money. One really has to question is he deserves to be voted for in the upcoming election! The inactivity in relation to these Senate recommendations must be seriously questioned! It could be that those in his electorate would be better off with an independent that can bargain for gains directly for that electorate, in view that Barnaby fails to act for cattle breeders
Keep up the pressure David, who would have thought the good old boys club (the Nationals) don't believe in democracy for levy payers; but its true!! When are the National voters going to wake up??
For a coalition partner, and comparing the Nationals activity and perfformance to say the LDP, one has to ask what prevents the Nationals achieving a much better performance than they actually achieve. Is it their agreement with the Liberals?
What rubbish, the Nationals did not double the price of cattle, or take sheep prices to record levels. Drought, a lower Australian dollar and declining stock numbers along with the
Live exporters creating markets and competition in the market did. Joyce's interest in the livestock segment really is probably limited to having a Senate inquiry into grass fed cattle levies and then doing nothing to remove the government control of the industry, allowing the processors to still control the market whenever they can! The Nationals and Barnaby have nothing to crow about as a defence against Labor.
I support John Carpenters comment above. However the Joyce and the dept , and all of the Red meat industry would baulk at such simplicity and transparency. John C is right this has been taxation without representation for too long
One would have thought the ag bureaucrats could handle this, does it really need our ag
minister to be involved in petty bio security incidents. minister Joyce should more focused on the job he is not doing ie the adoption of the seven senate recommendations from the grass fed cattle transaction inquiry.
This will be interesting, you head online , the survey asks for your details and then you might get an invitation to participate.
John Michelmore
United Stockowners of Australia


Yes Jock, And Barnaby Joyce likes the socialist set up (with the Government and bureaucracy in control of taxes without representation) in view that he has not adopted the 7 bipartisan Senate Inquiry recommendations.


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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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