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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Q-time: Sen DL to Ag Min " Do you have faith in the integrity of the MLA voting register and the subsequent Processor domination of the Producer Company via their Grainfed feedlot levies?"SUPPLIMENTARY Q1 for when he says "of course"-" Can you explain where the one in four grainfed cattle entries to the Levies Collection Unit (LRS) originate from?"When he starts waffling SUPP Q2 " Have you had this discrepency of $200M in tax&Ley funds-sitting on your desk for several months in a WHISTLEBLOWER capacity?" Be most interesting as telling porkies is a serious offence -when from a public servant!
18/11/15 03:15 AM
At mla-agm last week-RMAC wheeled out their MISP2020 fantasy with a +$12.9B extra windfall due to the ponzi accounting of their paid consultants.Just how did your last 5yr plan eventuate boys??The RMAC boss confirmed that Processors that own feedlots DO pay the grainfed levy from their own lots to works & that it is according to the act!(not voluntary).This eliminates half the equation of the answers I'm seeking form MLA/DA and Joyce!All I want now is -explaination of the 1in4 grainfed entries from Levies Agency- that RECORDS Grainfed Levy EXEMPT-I can't wait for the answer??Fraud??Oversight??
16/11/15 10:48 PM
Chick-Red meat must firstly get a roll of levy payers-ATO,NLIS?? and give every person a vote on levy level-with a zero optionGOVT must pay public servants(meat inspectorsAQISetc)- not Levypayers.OTHERWISE no more levies.................pretty simple Barnaby- something you should be able to handle before xmas?
05/11/15 03:09 AM
Given that no journo's got the guts to use my evidence on hansard now-I will go to the Fed police & file it when next in Bris(MLAagm).It will prove that the worlds biggest multinationals have had voting control over our producersfunds for LAST 18yrs. EVERY subsequent change -nlis,lpa,heavy trimming , dark cutting ,post weighing/extended o/night feedlot curfewing HAS come at the cost to PRODUCER=vast gain to p'cessor.China has Kilcoy now& will have rest of Bindaree in no time +Kidman.Competition will be the usual ZERO Joyce's office has ignored this for 12mths=offence re tax/levypayers $'sgov!
28/10/15 02:30 AM
HOMC- the monthly LRS remit form says it all- it is grouped up to 6 headings& totally anon.See handsard- my sub attachs-there-showing it..CCA smith says could take 3yrs to id producers?If the ATO were to collect levy-full transparency+amt's displayed on BAS returns.Voting rights then immediate& accurate.NP,SFO's CCA,NFF,AMIC,AMPC,Ausmeat all benefit NOW in this unaudited SLUSH fund ($100M)& they certainly don't intend to change it. We must flush the parasites away before they kill the beast!Can trace a beast BUT NOTtheir owner.Surely CCA can't be serious although there contemp for us boundless
27/10/15 01:55 AM
Barnaby Joyce is a disgrace for not acting on all these senate inquiries. I have put abt a 1000hrs into getting reform in last 2 yrs & Joyce wouldn't have even read any of it. Every day is "mile high" for a photo shoot,pr, hand out a bit of money to all these trough dwellers. Spruiking free trade ,motherhood lines while our production base turns extinct!The NP-Scott ,Truss,BJ- no wonder we are near done for!
26/10/15 10:31 PM
BRAVO-David L. Go to the RRATsubs on Govt hansard site. Pull up Rob Moore's sub & you will see that from the Roma Red Meat sen INQ- I tabled4 items that proves that the 4 biggest meat processors DON"T pay a levy BUT have the controlling voting block in the MLA (so called "producer co"). Their ONLY legit way would be to pay a grainfed levy out of their OWN f'/ots to their own works.The ACT exempts this & half a mill cattle exempt /yr tends to confirm my theory. See the LRS evidence that I TABLED. Any journalist worth feedingMUSTfollow up on this. I demand a ruling from the Aust govt sol on act!
26/10/15 09:37 PM
Well done David - you have cracked the ton. Thanks to Barnacle Bill there has hardly been a coherent useful comment since page 9........... We finally got a bit of rain so lookout- the elements couldn't beat me so the vested interests that won't sign onto the PPP solution will want to be on their game in 2015.
08/01/15 09:52 AM
David L says "“Australia’s lack of long term price-making power in agriculture and mining is not something to lament”
Easy to say now he has entered the 2 ring circus and is set for life.The fact that this is heading for 90 comments , a record that I hav seen here- says that he is talking crap. How is it such a difficult concept to intoduce a rule to create competitive tension for our Ag products. Everyone else has it but Ag prod are at the bottom of chain and are helpless against the big fat cat. Use your senate vote-PPP/2015 please David
23/12/14 01:56 AM
Spot on Paddy! Charlie and I know this is the "Root cause" and so do all the other posters here that ARE Actually in this crazy game. Ag products/produce are in demand - domestic and Export companies are minting money. David L - for a consultant you don't seem to have learned much accept to find where the trough is. I expect better from you! Get Max to explain my PPP bill to you. Competition will transfer the power balance back to even and THEN we will get a fair and open price which may be good or bad.THEN we will be in a position to make truly commercial decisions for our future-ring me up.
18/12/14 03:08 AM

Get Muddy

Jock -I'm on your page 90% of time but China is a tidal wave & we all know history but Tianamin Sq was near30yrs ago.I talked with Aus Commissioner in a Chengdu(central province)-he had 320 M people in his area.Been up there for years and he says that the pace of change is staggering (I agree)They used more cement in last 3 yrs than the US has used in the last 100yrs!The central Govt(far from being evil now) is very skillfully steering the country and has to control the levers or there will be global disaster.Everyone I saw seemed happy, polite and everything worked nicely v western decay???
29/09/15 03:29 AM
I know a thing or two about all this SAM.Been to China on an Austrade/TSBE trip and it was first rate with its research and introductions.No doubt China leads the world in almost every area by now.All this Chafta static is of course useful BUT JOINT VENTURESare much more preferable than selling the assets& future profit &the resultant COMPETITIVE tension void!The unmentioned "ELEPHANT" in the room is that meat /dairy is controlled by our processors (multinationals) who have no reason to share the extra cream with anyone.Just look @ elders -always in the red till they got a hold of the meat!
28/09/15 11:49 PM
Wolf - you don't know what your talking about. Yes land was overvalued but the orchestrated vandalism that lead to the suspension is as real today as it was in 2011 where I think only 130000 went over for a pittance.The "captured" supply that has followed for 3 years has lead to all these drought/debt crisis events.Don't bother airbrushing history to suit your hippocritical belief system. Be a brave wolf and hunt with Barnacle Bill- the old shearer that could never get a tally unless it is Fri night at the bar!
19/12/14 05:51 AM
So as per usual "Concerned"- the miniscule minority gets sway over the huge majority. Who cares what they think - they will never be our customers.
04/08/14 10:50 PM
Great article Sam- take it up to the airheaded basket weavers!
04/08/14 10:30 PM
Geronimo- how many times have I said on here that I refuse to produce?? I didn't join my bulls this year- first time ever in 35 yrs.The returns have become imposs -only in last 3 yrs. It takes time to have a firesale and the drought wiped out another 30% The whole of Australia is for sale and I would get half what this place is worth- to go early. This is why I am fanatically pushing the PPP because it will turn things around. To the clown above who is talking about "ploughing profits back in" and pushing land up- it is the realestate spec and easy banks that did that -profitability-who cared!
19/03/14 02:15 AM
Here is a" lesson in understanding" also showing my" reason for being".I get $1.65 or $515 delivered for my supermart feederAFTER 690 days inv-The supermart feedlotter gets $235 after a 77 day inv- Coleworths get$1793 AFTER a 5 day investment. These figures are all gross figures out of the one animal that I start down the supply chain. We need $400 from the meat counter back to us and I'll shut up forever more! Competition and the PPP will do it . We would still be getting less than our US counterparts but ALL of rural Aust would get back on its feet in no time .Come on NFF- walk the talk !!!
18/03/14 04:36 AM
Ando- Agforce have about 33 staff- I used to be a member - have been @same address for 35 years I have a website with 3400 members- I am not a blowin with an envelope from left field. Naturally - if I got support I would join again. They DIDN"T even look at it as it was a threat to their positions. They should have made it anonomous and put it to their members- they had no intention and all the job creation "issues" that they huff and puff over are meaningless to me and most of us. The PPP will be monumental to the whole of Rural Australia. Things are crook and we need structural change NOW!
17/03/14 11:52 PM
" What if Jock Laurie in 2011 represented 100pc of Australian farmers when Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig called him about the live export " Sam the truth is stranger than fiction on this one-CCA and MLA and some SFO execs even attended these "Unlikely Alliance " mettings with the sole aim of shutting Live ex down! That was the time for them to stand UP. They said nothing and the results are massive. They are shopfronts with no goods inside-I'm afraid. They make bad decisions that cost us dearly and the 85%non members must be informed of what is going on and have input- make it free!
17/03/14 11:19 PM
Sam- you're young keen and idealistic. Nothing wrong with that but you will learn that man likes to congregate in groups and many of the big changes HAVE come from indiv efforts that have been spurned or received little support I got off my island last Sept with a very sound idea to remedy Rural ills and politely contacted 100% of the people that could have helped the idea along. 96% didn't even open the info - let alone give me constructive criticism! I have put 100's of hrs in since and will get there in the end. Do you seriously think that I should be recruiting membership for them wtf!?
17/03/14 09:28 PM

A matter of opinion

Precisely Mike- the China milk powder boom has been and gone and the multinationals- Saputo's Chinese co's ,Rinehardts etc all jockey for the ride -but the poor old milkers keep getting "milked". Same as meat - there is all the smart talk about "predictions& red herrings and rainbows" but - if you miss the gravy train on the odd occassion it passes by - then it is a longtime between drinks. The "Online offer board " would give fair and open comp- any day any year ,any market circumstance! Can't have that though -CAN we Mr Joyce & Mr Robb? - gotta keep milk @$/l to keep voters happy=gutless
24/07/15 02:06 AM
It is a crying shame that the producer groups did not support my PPP plan of a mandatory "online " Livestock exchange for this farmgate to direct secondary company /commerce. This in beef is- feedlotters, Abottoir, Live EX & contracted backgrounding for the same. How on earth are producers going to know what is a fair shake to lock into a contract for months or years ahead. Of course it will be the current prices reported plus a little cream. To accept that en mass almost guarantees that the price will never move up as this takes the competitive tension out of the rest of the market !
22/07/15 10:58 PM
Feed=80% Breed=20%. Until we get paid for quality and not just kgs hanging - who would be bothered with all this bs. Processors will always pay the very least on the day and pull all the levers to ensure this.This is the real commercial world -not this "alice in wonderland" built from our levies that get taken and are then untraceable -into the MLA trough!The MLA is an expensive joke on the australian taxpayer and the long suffering LEVY payers imo!
11/06/15 01:25 AM
Qld Mum- spot on -transparency and equal access to supply a specs offer by way of a forward contract simply makes COMPETITION which will raise prices. Serf makes good points and when feeder ,live ex and kill livestock are all competing for farmgate supply.. well that is as good as it will ever get! The simple trade practice act -the PPP will just like the ASX- make a visible record of prices and volumes that are traded in advance. The offered price will draw the product- not the product finding a mystery price. This would fix and apply to ALL Primary Production Pricing (PPP)=market barometer
28/03/14 05:20 AM
Lou- It is not getting hotter- it is just that we are all getting softer Having air conditioning nearly everywhere from "ride on" lawn mowers to schools to homes etc - makes it feel much hotter than if you had none of this to walk in and out of all day long.The last summer was just a normal one and hot is hot- just depends where you are on the day( get over it!) An av day can vary 20 deg so whats the big deal about half a degree or even 2 deg. All these people flogging this simply don't have enough to do for the day and our country can't fund them any more either imo!
07/03/14 02:29 AM

Burrs under my saddle

but Pete95% of voters wouldn't have ever met their serving MP's and you can bet that the squeaky wheel ones- pushing barrows have though. So imo - this is a personal and private matter(Do blondes have more fun???) that ONLY the electorate can decide on. You live @ Goondiwindi about the edge of functional communities and all that clap trap about emotion and "young people"- applies generically- no matter what their preferences are.It is very isolated- and always has been BUT the social media has compensated the comms gap.Like you say - addressing the economic wealth transfer from our farmgate!
22/08/15 09:00 PM
What is all this "assistance" we keep hearing abt?There is NONE other than a new loan that will pee off the big 4 forevermore! Simon-The middlemen/processors/forwarders etc -value add but in Redmeat the majority are multinational that transfer price -profits across the seas. In doing so they keep a deadweight anchor on competitive tension for the whole sector -domestically.This lets Supermarts get a free ride @ expense of retail butchers that are nearly extinct . This is now terminal and the raw material is drying up= MORE disaster for ALL=pathetic foresight from the puppet masters!!!???????
20/08/15 10:59 PM
Good article Pete. You chaired the meeting in StGeorge a year ago where I tabled my slightly radical PPP plan . A year later the need has never been greater.The PPP will work and one simple rule will realign all the nonsense. You hit on the problem"no experience or understanding". We could expect that from Joe Ludwig but????
Rob A- Norbeef should be backing the PPP because any new player will need a fair and open manner in which to get supply
23/02/15 05:06 AM
Daw and Invey- don't waste your time arguing with clowns who are scared of Santa Clause-they drag you down to their level! Pete - this article is a serious breech of judgement and the last thing that we want a potential or existing mp to be wasting their brain matter on.It has been done to death and is a SCAM from the UN. There ARE real threats and natural disasters to save for not taxing the air that we breath out. I have met Anthony Watts..........2M visits to his site every day in US.
19/02/15 07:50 PM
In the early days of my computer/blogging career(6-7 yrs ago)- this was my hobby horse. My gut told me it was a scam and when Rudd gave MLA $11M on top of their bloated levy budget- to look into farting belching cows I knew it was Disneyland! With money like that being thrown around - do we think MLA is going to say the methane cycle from cattle is neutral- here -have your money back? I have since met some of the world's best independent scientists and I'm CERTAIN it is all bs and just a money transfer/UN scam! The member for Goldman Sachs still won't give up on it because the trough is .....
11/02/15 04:46 AM
Pete- you have said it all there and are spot on about the last sentence.We are out of sight out of mind and the govt and there depts are in denial of what is ABOUT to happen next year. Their is no intellect in the tank to lead- it all is reactive inquiry after inquiry after blueprint after master plan after "white" paper which all may as well be toilet paper if there is NO political will for change. I will stake my life on the PPP being the single simple saviour for all the above mentioned up to now -intangable problems. I will not rebuild under the current paradyme. I'm not a slave yet!
05/09/14 10:39 PM

Bush Matters

The irony here"angry &Hilda" is that the mother of all communist regimes-China has evolved to being the worlds largest economy and actually overseeing the largest transformation for the better -in history.When I was there -it was explain to me that many of the top people in power hailed from engineering and professional careers and NOW know how to keep their hands on the levers(for the good of their own+ the rest of he world.)Good to read of your background Barry(most imp) We must develop JV's with China NOT sell them the farm. My PPP would allow good farmgate$'s to stay in REGIONSnot multi's
04/09/15 04:23 AM
Good stuff Angry- couldn't agree more.That $1265steer is worth @2500 inthe US now where all their input costs of production are well under ours and their retail meat prices are on a par with ours. Work that out Barry and tell us that processors haven't been skinning us for years. Please can you get behind my PPP push to get competition into the farmgate to secondary company -commerce.THAT truly would make a huge impact and instead of the poll (here)running at 76% saying that paper is a con- they would all be saying "Horray!"& thanks for once the pollies have acted for their country
10/07/15 12:48 AM
Sound theory there Barry though I think Jacky above makes two very good points. Also - when you talk Ag wealth and profits to fill the mining void- let's get out of kindergarten and call this for what it is - Multinational traders and processors making a killing on our produce/products and their books are very ambiguous and plenty of scope for "Transfer Pricing" As for all the state owned and Foreign owned- this is vertical integration and OZ gets zip there. Joint ventures -is the model to encourage and of course the PPP Bill will let aussie producers get a living for a change. NO more begging..
23/12/14 11:49 PM
Barry - timely article and your last sentence on page two is only partly right. Change that "decade" to another six months!
05/09/14 04:10 AM
Sound thinking Barry. There is 123 countries that are all looking to China to save their backsides. When in Beijing- we are a speck on the wall. After Clive's brainsnap we are probably a pimple on the globe. to them.Barry- get your crew to support my PPP Bill and things will improve on many levels. I refuse to even try till it is legislated. I will just sit here and annoy Bushie dill the troll till the cows come home.
21/08/14 11:52 PM
(cont) on this theme-I had 45mins @Rocky on Grassfed Beef Levy Inquiry. Barry was across the issue and asked the most probing Q's, Chris Back was quite capable and ALP chair Glen Sterle seemed to "get " the PPP and the urgency of action needed. In contrast Ian McD is on record- asking "what is a PIC" and "who is Ian Burnett"( which I found hilarious!) So Barnaby, Back , Williams ,Barry O'S, Canavan, Nash, Heffernan are just some in a position to do something urgent and great for Primary industry- it must transcend petty party politics-I tell them-national INTEREST matter to address NOW.
08/08/14 10:59 PM
ANGRY- you're on fire mate- well said.In my journey with the PPP-I'm learning that you very clearly need to see an "endpoint solution" something that is evident from 36 years of hard slog experience. You have to put the blinkers on and use what "tools" are at your disposal then. As with Bank managers etc- ALL banks are the same but there are individuals within occassionally that are a cut above and make things happen.These people are on all sides of politics and I need them all to achieve the end point.
08/08/14 10:47 PM

Out of the shadow

Joel says- "Or how does a proposal to address market power abuse fit with principles around competition and regulatory burden?" That is good Joel - at least you've read my submission! This is the $64KQ!Surely Joyce can get the 4000DA staff moving to give the answer. Forget climate change Joel- oz polliess can't even influence the most basic of fair trading rules let alone influence nature. Glyde will be quite ok. My PPP plan only requires guts, NOT $'s. Will you show some for us Joel (for the nations good)?
22/03/15 11:36 PM

Leading questions

Matt - this is all well and good BUT you were in a "leadership " role in Sept 2013 when I contacted NFF- you and Maher. Sheep&cattle prices ATROCIOUS! You and your members dismissed my PPP plan"out of hand"- none of you even read it. Getting sponsership from corps like coles/woolies, banks would have had some bearing on this no doubt.You have moved on to another spruiking role BUT I plug on with the NUTS and BOLTS cure that will fix almost all of the woes that you talk about. Do you see a little irony here?
31/05/15 10:39 PM


Not much Chick! It is very hard to measure & the "what if" factor of doing nothing with no levies is an abhorrant idea to pollies & all the beneficiaries.AT LEAST in woolpoll- we get a say -every 3 yrs & while I voted for zero - I accept the majority of payers VIEW that 2% is what they are happy with. MLA/Red meat must follow this same model immediately- as Joyce,Glyde and Norton are UNABLE to tell me where half a million GRAINFED NON levy entries are coming from.IMO it is processors feeder cattle BUT Ross Keane chair of RMAC assures me that it isn't.How abt some journalists get the answer
23/11/15 09:33 PM
Yeah yeah -Barnaby..........we have product -they want it= exports. Don't let your head get too big. I see that you are taking credit for the cattle price doubling in last 12 months............sorry -not you at all- we been the cheapest live cattle-anywhere in the world for three years & just when we are nearly done for & all the processors are fat & shiny with their FTA's TPP's- SUPPLY is for the high jump. Takes 3 yrs to get a saleable product BUT you don'y heed the likes of me- you have your little "cheer squad" that gets plenty of levy/taxpayers $ & you all lean on each other-HAPPY days!
19/11/15 10:49 AM
So we see now the real mo of the poliitical/public service spend vast amt$'s on themselves passing papers and directives to one & another for the next few years-shoreing up their high paid jobs etc etc.. Like you say Jock- like lice on a sheep- they will all be there fat & healthy the day the sheep dies!I've watched $8B get syphoned away from Aust cattleyard load ramp-off ordinary prices before that..Rampant greed/prft transfers HAVE NOW killed OUR future Productionbase for at least 3yrs. Be like US-people take high price THEN EXIT! MY PPP in place ayr ago would have managed this all
08/09/15 11:32 PM
Good point Mark2- I had my "sea change " in 2008 & did 9mths in Gladstone.( Remember back then - all you needed was a pulse to get a high paid job).I worked bloody hard & got it out of my system.....I know for certain that "Cockies aren't welcome" - now that things have tightened up dramatically.I submitted to Roma RRAT& it is going to be more "window dressing " with no intent! I have presented "whistleblower "info re fraudulent levies( this should give them all some indigestion) re processors voting on MLA governence!Aust Govt Solicitor MUST give me an answer= significant STORY yet to come!
01/09/15 08:32 AM
Well -Frank the Dugong ! I put up a well thought out "reform" solution based on 40 years hard experience and the "brain dead " brains trust with in the National; Party - refused to even read it.- let alone give it a constructive debate. It didn't come via their brown nosed channels - therefore it never got a look in!Disgusted in ALL politicians!
25/08/15 03:00 AM
Newbroom- if you want to "enthuse" new young farmers and old grumps like me- why did you starve the beef breeders mercillously for the last 3 yrs?($1.50/kg live)Sure you made massive profits but it has near busted the hardiest cockies.Now we have massive demand globally can we- supply beef! I am still here but I have bred three very capable "potentially enthusiastic" young aussies BUT they aren't here. I don't trust Robb to be sharp enough as I have seen the ignorance first hand in DAF/ACCC/dept of ag. These big corporates will tie them in knots(and us)- while trying to keep a straight face.
30/07/15 03:39 AM
We are meant to put our faith in these people??? I spoke at length to a youngish fellow from the ACCC who sat on the panel that approved the JBS takeover of Primo( last year+ the Andrews Meats t/o). I was staggered at how little this fellow knew about all things -meat beef and marketing. He had never heard of the PSA (Packers&Stockyard Act) of the US that was delivering two+ time for their prod /over us! He didn't know that JBS DOUBLED (+119% in fact) -their NET profit globally in 2014! etc etc. If people like that are overseeing TPPneg- we're all STUFFED- big time.The ignorance is sickening
27/07/15 03:39 AM
Well until they adopt a model like my PRIMARY PRODUCTION PRICING Bill (Which I presented to ADF)- it will always be the same poverty levels. Treated like mushrooms-year after many ways farmers deserve all that they (don't) get by copping this. Ditto for cane,livestock, hort -anything need fair & open Competition to give a fair farmgate return!I have given 2 yrs and four govt submissions to help myself&peers- no one interested. Can accept that & glad I had a go - unlike 99.999% of landowners.Govt has stranglehold on any reform-must keep status quo-at all costs
21/07/15 09:13 PM
What sort of sloppy double talk kind of statement is THIS? "With cattle prices in some areas exceeding $5 a kilogram, the export-focused cattle industry is increasing supply which should ultimately temper cattle price rises." The $5 /kg is deadweight and feeder steers @350 kg just cracked $8.01 c/kg LIVE into US feedlots. This is the usuall -Talk it down to "us" mushrooms " that grow cattle in Oz..High $,low $- unless we get true competition- meat owners will cont to pay us crumbs - BUT Mathew - these prices plus a lot more ARE here to stay!SUPPLY certainly isn't increasing-people take the $
09/07/15 11:06 PM
Senator- Agriculture of all types suffers lack of profitability and chronic debt levels. Never mind the little blokes(family farmers)- Everyone from Kidman, AA Co,Elders, Hewitt 's plus many more in the wings - have been weakened that badly that they must cut and run, get a jv cash injection OR get in the secondary money minting funnel! I had a solution Mr Colbeck -in your tissue paper process and if you were on the review committee- you would have seen it. Was it too sensible for your jelly back colleagues to get their heads around? Would have cost govt nothing but a bit of guts!Bloody shame.
08/07/15 11:54 PM


I for one am sick of working my guts out to make processors and middle men and my so called "industry spokesmen and reps" fat at the retail trough. Jock - my PPP plan is the single desk (should say online portal) that creates competition BUT doesn't have the baggage of the old domestic v export angst. The floor price for wool was another single portal that worked brilliantly till it was corrupted thru greed $8.70 a kg was a "ceiling " price - so it was wrecked from within by dimwits in charge! Why wouldn't we all be bitter?
25/03/15 08:11 AM
  Basis a click away 12 Comments 12
The AUDA single desk Listing site is a bit like the turnstiles that all go through and the vision and records of these offers become historic records once an offer fills or expires. It would be imposible to get a more dynamic open system and give all sides total control of their positions.
Make a change from the mushroom routine that we get now!
30/01/14 03:18 AM
  Basis a click away 12 Comments 12
We grow the product. The traders need our product. All offers must be submitted to the AUDA board- Listing site - GRAINS. Quantity, Specs,Price, Delivery point and an offer expiry date.So simple- just lock in with your National Grower number after you consider all the angles ie freight, storage costs etc. All the talk and spin to confuse the farmgate price now will be reflected in the offer board -all in Aust $.. Mult nations to local Traders will all have an even chance to secure grain in a transparent and fair way ie first in- best dressed.No "basis" needed or "bs" for that matter!
30/01/14 12:19 AM
  Basis a click away 12 Comments 12
Of course if the AUDA adopts my PPP Bill- all this will be available at a click for ALL offers across this country anyhow!
Nevermind about converting to US$ and basis from Chicago or EU . We produce and live here- IF they want our grain THEY will have to LIST their offers in our currency either at farmgate or in storage . Pretty simple idea surely- no sneaking around playing games- TRANSPARENCY and EQUAL ACCESS will make the competition to give us all a living price!
27/01/14 12:26 AM
Boris-Taxation-don't pay it as carn't even earn the threshold!You say"happy to purchase subsidised food from foreign countries because once again it gives the consumer in Aus more disposable income improving our standard of living." Boris- I am not a charity either and WILL stop and you WILLpay the price from over the water and when it doubles - just suck eggs and don't you dare become a " whinger" like us farmers. The PPP Bill will not have the GOVT having any thing to do with the free market- just providing turnstiles and a listing site
11/01/14 11:16 AM
Ok Boris - then you have nothing to fear from the PPP bill as it will make everything transparent and simple. All I am looking to get is TRUE MARKET forces not manipulated uninformed captive supply alliances that are predominant now! I can tell you and BB and the other trolls on here that my 5yr av PP gross taxable income is $29370- no debt -good stock - no labour because I do work of 3 men and a very well devolped property so shape up or ship out of this arguement as I'm in no mood for games. Bushie Bill- hit me with Q's and real facts and I will oblige- I don't come on here to big note !
10/01/14 09:33 AM
Boris- I'm not in favour ofFTA- like QA bs - one gets it the lot get it then it is pointless!Another fear word "interventionists"- are people that list and sell on ebay or the ASX or auctions plus looking over their shoulder for big brother from the Govt - grow up!The EQUAL ACCESS to supply is the "kicker " for you traders because it busts up " captive alliances" and creates competition therefore a FREE market is born Get told all time how happy supermart suppliers are- well if the marriage is good and they lock in quickly- nothing will chge for them will it. If price is down tho- will test!
09/01/14 09:23 AM
I am not a salesman - I WAS a successful livestock/wool producer. This idea is a hard sell -especially to my own side- blinkers , preconceived ideas - bad past exp are all against any fresh SIMPLE idea. Millions know what is wrong but very few ever offer up a solution.BB is right - getting thru to gutless pollies is the first test.This site is the main Rural media and at a glance- the ag sector is booming but believe me the Primary Producers of anything in Aust are all but buggered we will all be long out the door by the time the voters come after the Pollies that have neglected us- no bs!@#^
09/01/14 09:10 AM
On the contrary Boris - what I am proposing -is the FREE market allowing the higgest bidder to get the sale via an auction system in slow motion ahead of time( think ebay)- this happens to some extent but a lot is secret and open to manipulation by you traders. A "free enterprising producer" will be spoilt with choice- the lot will be on display. The thought of having to compete has you grasping for fear words like "centalised control" bs just a AUDA listing site only is ALL any govt will have to do and police any disputes.What about Levies we pay- that is more intrusive now than anyPPP Bill
07/01/14 11:46 PM
Ben, Competition is such a subtle thing and something we aren't used to. eg Remember last year when Coles had some nonsense on their shopping bags around winter time. All year prior sheep and lamb was - book 4+ weeks in advance and get $1.50DRESSED for mutton and around $3.30 for lms. I had to get rid of mine then as short of feed. That week of Coles ?- about 6 Coles Lamb suppliers threatened to not supply until bags were binned! The very same week Mutton doubled and I got my last lambs in @$5.80dw. This is a $50hd inc to what is nearly a fair price.How would a wage earner like to work 6mnth
07/01/14 11:09 AM


Brian Egan and Dick Smith are two genuine Aussie heros. Take note-all you self serving trough dwelling politicians that "borrow -then waste huge amounts of public money" Julie Bishops $30K just for a return trip for one nights fundraiser is a classic example.Also wasting $800M of taxpayers money - in Paris COP21 is scandalous & NOT part of the elected govts BRIEF.It is deja vu -Krudd and a bad omen for serious /stable govt. These 2 men have done more in a day than 20yrs of NFFgimmicks- their digital solutions are usually the middle finger variety to the people of the bush-Coles&banks part of
14/12/15 03:26 AM
Dept of Ag didn't bust Depp-it was the dog groomer or the like that "dobbed" the dogs in! As per usual- weak govt dep's REACTING to stuffups and not doing what they are there for in the first instance.
02/09/15 11:45 PM
Lay down with dogs- your bound to get fleas.....bit like being a groupie for Q&A- all those times. It has cost the taxpayers $M in free travel................for what??
02/09/15 07:28 AM
Jacky- there are 100K- cattle producers alone so there is many many more than that when you take in the hobby farmers with a primary producer code for FMD/ tax purposes.This is the sector that would be guarded like a swiss bank account details - no doubt.I suspect many with supply chain - favours, shares,capital would be in there to the max.As I said we haven't had a cent in drought support and have our first loss since the 90's & I am sitting pretty -compared to most I know!
31/07/15 04:20 AM
This does amaze me-I would like a breakdown of the industries per deposit total amount. Is this city street hobby farmers parking funds. I could easily see meat processing families &companies with stock and land to allow entry to the scheme -being able to max out the limit.Also Farmers with a good crop maybe. I have travelled far and wide and I don't see many affulent areas west of the divide. More info PLEASE as this is a headline with very little detail- designed to shame good (though slim pickings )operators like myself!?Posted our first loss in well over a decade in 14-15.and I'm stocked
30/07/15 03:25 AM
  New roo deal brews 20 Comments 20
Thanks Nikki- well said. Takes integrity to admit you were wrong or have changed your mind!
07/07/15 02:49 AM
Kidman family are no diff to Moore family & 100's of others that have specialised & survived somehow(1926 for us). This model can't cut it now as all the money is downstream every man&his dog are looking at how to get a sliceBUT the processing funnel is controlled by multinationals.VERTICAL INTEGRATION is the model that lets foreign companies repatriate product for cost through their own works,shipping & "transfer Pricing" The TPP will aid the corporate rush for fat commissions. A JBS is too smart to buy the land-as no one else could possibly provide cheaper LIVESTOCKthan defenseless BREEDERS!
25/11/15 05:45 AM
I have lodged whistleblower material with the Head of Dept of Ag, Head of the MLA, and the Ag minister- which in my opinion proves that the the livestock transaction levies system has been operating fraudulently for the last 18 years.I have asked for the Aust Govt Solicitor to give a ruling. I will table further evidence next week @ RRAT senate hearing next week. I refuse to put any further levies into the" church plate" of the MLA to see processors have the controlling voting block and power base over what is falsley described as our "Producer Company"..pigs might fly too!
31/07/15 04:36 AM
Nico -just have a cold shower if it gets too much . Be nice on a night like this. The world temp average is 14 or 16 deg C . Plus or minus 2 deg (if were to ever happen) would be managed like every other year since the year dot! Every day the temp varies 20 degs or more and we wouldn't even notice unless someone with a cunning "Taxing plan" was there to push a fear campaign at us all! Usually find a "vested" - hip pocket reason for all of this fake concern from the carpet baggers
13/07/15 08:22 AM
Andy P- have another cuppa mate- you're just getting old- sky ain't falling!
10/07/15 01:26 AM


Geronimo-I did this exercise just last week with up to the day prices in what they were calling a "collapsed market" Article had a 350kg Angus feeder steer as a base. This was the same week I had exactly that on A+ passed in @$1050. The US steer had "collapsed" to(167c-194c/lb) so take 180c av by 790lb=$1422usd/hd=$1848 aud/hd.. So they could have paid me $1100 & had $750 for sea frt& profit as opposed to buying their OWN. Aust cattlemen& women get treated like mushrooms. After 40yrs -I'm getting out of this thieving livestock Industry at the first opportunity!Its all grief for no reward?!
28/10/15 09:32 AM
We could all double production in no time IFsome company would make it worthwhile for more than three months every five years .These overpaid spruikers make me sick!
19/08/14 05:56 PM
Simon- that would be my submission. The Primary Production Pricing Bill (PPP) is a Trade Practise measure that will see Transparency, equal access to supply listed offers and the "jack boot " control of all these unhealthy alliances. marriages and private treaties. True competition will result and real increases at the farmgate will closely follow. Will work equally well in Hort, Livestock ,Dairy, Grains. The Primary Producer is a "soft" touch and this bill will give us the equal bargaining power that we don't have now.
19/05/14 03:25 AM
A common theme across ALL Primary Industry-Levy funded Money -CORRUPTS.It becomes a trough for a clique to become the spokesgroup for the levy payers and in no time they are doing deals for their own survival - rather than taking the tough deciscions on behalf of their members. This "sell out" is a time worn model across many primary industries!
High time they were all pulled off the tit and we go back to the rule book that says a "levy" can only be introduced for a "market failure"! The PPP bill is the answer for you blokes too -just by the way!Disclosure & equal access! will do it for U
07/02/14 09:27 AM


Ivan Mallat is an aussie boy. If we follow the reasoning on the Ludwig/ Gillard/"Unlikely Alliance " shutdown of the Indonesian market over the one dubiously authenticated atrocity...............well the whole of Australia should go and put themselves in jail for a couple of years.....just for the shame of it all. WAKE up and stand up to these lunatic minorities- before it is too late.
15/08/14 01:34 AM
Cabman- a beast can be killed and boned out and boxed for EU market for 84c/kg carcass wt so 340 by = $286. We have just done a detail val of - hide , offal, hearts trim and minor by prods and it came to $370. This is ALL GIVEN in on a kill grid so by any measure- the processors are getting our meat hanging for sale or export for what they PAY US! Believe me we are getting 17% of the retail $.Peter- you are talking through your backside- we don't need your sympathy. The 4Corners show was a "stitch up" Are you as an Aussie responsible for the actions of an Ivan Milat- grow up and get real!
10/01/14 10:00 AM


OPPORTUNITY lost - in snubbing of my PPP Plan by LNP in Ag "smoke& mirrors" paper on Saturday. ALL we primary prods need is "fair&open competition" @ our farmgate.My PPP plan would have been a transparent portal for all the unseen-primary/secondary commerce happening now to be listed on AUDA -offerboard where the PRICE will find the PRODUCT- not the produce finding a secret uncompetitive price! If this were enacted - it wouldn't matter about foreign investment- as they would be actively competing- not vertically integrating or"Transfer Pricing " their profits back to their mother country SHAME
07/07/15 01:06 AM
So Bushie- you are trying to say that he who runs an auction - blatantly favour a buyer or a seller. I thought that this was a magic means to let everyone step up and set a ruling price on the day/ month (in the case of dairy).You bully boy reps from the controlling companies want the status quo forever but I am trying to impress on everyone that we have about 6-10 months before major collapse in several industries. Just because it hasn't been done before is no reason to be totally gutless and unoriginal.How bad does it have to get before everyone wakes up??
26/02/14 07:52 AM
Here is the perfect example of why we must have a PPP legislated. Producers get done over by the processors every time and need this trade practice - simple, fair, transparent, no favourites, BILL to pass OR there will be no primary industry in another couple of years - be like our ex car and rest of manufacturing. We need a simple rule - not a handout!
23/02/14 09:52 PM
"10 green bottles - hanging on the wall ............" All the best ones go first. They are going broke because of lack of farmgate returns or competition. Vertical integration leaves Australia as nothing more than a rental pad.- no doubt the receivers and commissioned salesmen love it all though .
17/02/14 12:47 AM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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