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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David if the reason for selling our land to overseas buyers is to attract investment (I don't believe that), why don't you lobby to shut down the preferential treatment of compulsory super? surely it is not in a libertarians interest for the govt to say what people should do with their wages? also Keatings changes have feed the profits of the financial services industry at the cost of other taxpayers, why are they selected to benefit by tax concessions when other industries are not? wouldn't stopping the rorts of superannuation mean that investment could be used at home, not rigged oseas mkts?
30/11/15 12:03 AM
independent characteristics) such as novel proteins, sugars etc. The resulting immunological responses would not have been picked up in the usual tests the companies undertake. When our bodies react to these foreign toxins/allergens we can develop chronic diseases (eg cancer). Does our safety/regulation even attempt to recognise these effects of genetic modification - no it doesn't and as we saw with the nsw govt, it only takes a few bad apples at the top for the rot to set in.
04/02/15 02:55 AM
David, for some of us concern over GMOs is not philosophical or a marketing ploy (although I do believe there is a massive market if we went GMO free). When it was first undertaken, scientists (Aust'n and abroad) warned of risks and pleaded for proper risk assessment and use of "precautionary principle". Do u think treating this tech as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) and allowing chemical companies to undertake our safety assessments? our own CSIRO showed that when genes from a kidney bean were inserted into a fieldpea, we had pleotropic effects (ie one gene can influence 2 or more
04/02/15 02:49 AM
David U are dreaming if U think we can outlast protected farmers throughout the world. Yes our efficiency has to be maximised however the only hope I feel we have is product differentiation, so we are not competing with the HFT rigged traded markets. Assurances such as an independent food residue testing and preservative testing are one way I see we can differentiate ourselves from the homogenised bulk commodities. To me its simple, we need to understand consumers concerns and target these, food labelling (ie GMO and preservatives) are classic examples of where we can stand alone.
09/12/14 08:38 PM
I don't disagree with u RAP however I feel the govt should recognise the problem our fract res banking model has created and taper it down. To just cut their throats and throw these people to the side shows no compassion and recognition of the problem the govt has created in the first place. A gradual transition should be the preferred method in my opinion. Raising interest rates and reducing the availability of credit is the first steps to doing so.
07/12/14 10:37 PM
I don't have a problem if the cost is offset against the business that earns the money bushie. However people can buy property and shares and offset those losses/costs against their regular OTHER income. To me that has chosen winners who are special as the places money can be put into, ie financial serv sect and building industry. At the same time interest rate manipulation and creation of debt/money by banks has further inflated these assets, beyond the reach of those who didn't/cant enter the market at the right time. I'm not against encouraging increased productivity, butnotat nextgens cost
04/12/14 11:32 PM
It is a handout so people don't pay tax bushie, u can spin it whatever way u want. In the case of real estate, it is a big leg up for the building industry and your beloved financial services industry. When it is used for shares or super, its the financial services sector again. As far as I see it, those industries are subsidised by forgone taxes to the benefit of the public. Oh and its not your struggler who is getting it, high income earners and a particular age group reap the benefit at the cost of the younger generation (refer to Jefferson) and the most needy.
04/12/14 02:14 AM
RAP, have u considered farming has had its processing and infrastructure sold out from under its feet to the vested interests? therefore we are trying to outcompete in the bulk commodity mkt with no product differentiation and all our competitors receiving subsidies and tariff protn. Have u looked at household debt levels in urban aust, a recent report showed mortgage % of household income had gone from 20%(70's) to 130% today. Aided by subsides like neg gearing and regulated wages. I think if u picked up the cities and shook them, a few coins might rattle out of their pockets and that's all.
03/12/14 09:36 PM
David we already know your attitude to drought assistance, why don't u let us know where u stand on the 7 billion dollars high income earners avoided paying in tax via negative gearing last year? as I see it we (farmers) get very little of the perks the rest of society gets, so why don't u stop treating us as special and cast your eyes into other spheres. How about the advantage to the financial services sector thru neg gearing or FRAC res banking?
25/11/14 11:31 PM
rob, I have seen 2 co-ops fail and both were brought down by payment default. That's why the govt underwritten backing was such an important feature for growers when we had AWB, we as exporters are so exposed on the world scene. Reserve currency will change in the future and that strength it has brought the ABCDs will not be available to them, we need to develop our own payment security and that's why our govt got involved in the past. Russia and China are creating their own payment alternative to SWIFT, this means the current world players will lose their keyhole into world fin transactions.
29/10/14 06:13 PM

Get Muddy

so, Bushie Bill, if he said "don't talk to fools" why was he talking to u?
18/12/14 09:39 PM
bushie, would love to know why, when things get tough, the banks get a taxpayer guarantee, yet when things get tough for borrowers it's not available? doesn't that suggest a double standard and that your banking system is living beyond its means? Wasn't it designed to be a safe place to deposit your money, their practices like derivatives gambling suggest it is anything but? please stop with references to books on banking for dummies, they are lame and suggest u lack credibility to answer on such topics, perhaps that's the case?
18/12/14 05:07 AM
So PT, it's acceptable for banks to lend and gamble with impunity with private shareholders as the winners and the public the guarantor? As I have been suggesting in earlier posts, banks should not be able to manufacture bubbles by creating credit, nor erode savings by setting interest rates, nor gamble with derivatives. These are all activities that are too risky and subject society to high risk as u identify. Before, banks lent deposited money, was life impossible then? I think David Murray was trying to suggest things aren't right, we fix it now or wait for a disaster.
17/12/14 10:35 PM
Heard a politician on the radio saying the banks were backed up by the govt/public to the tune of 880 billion in the gfc bushie, how that sit with your accountability theme ? Who is going to take the brunt for their trillions in derivatives gambling when it falls over? That's right, the public again, aka bail in, the software is already in place I believe, say goodbye to your super, deposits etc. Privatise the gains and socialise the losses, that is banking for u
17/12/14 04:40 AM
Interesting parallel about maccas - obesity and banks - rural debt. There is an issue of moral hazard in our society. Regulators of all types have a responsibility to ensure safety of its citizens. The parallel of skyrocketing disease rates and diet changes, is not unlike skyrocketing credit/debt availability as a result of lending conditions changing. It's too easy to blame the individuals, how about the issue of moral hazard which has been created by ignoring sky rocketing diseases and credit availability be put back on to our regulators. In both instances the public purse will bear the cost.
16/12/14 11:25 PM
shopfronts lining the main street?. In past times it was accepted the eldest son inherited the farm, in our legal system today equitability is the only option for succession, do u think off farm siblings will not demand their share of the farm? I understand the need to be positive in life, but glossing over some ugly truths (eg flawed banking system) only prolongs positive change.
31/10/14 11:42 AM
Call me a traitor but I find many younger farmers don't have definite views on agri-political topics, some do but when pushed to express them more publicly, they go quiet. I don't use twitter, but am sure there would be plenty of agri-pol minds there, technology has facilitated more free expression, a great thing. I think many younger farmers like me, have always had the security of an old guard. They saw good and bad, I find they are more likely to stand up and say something is wrong when compared to younger farmers. I expect I will upset people by my comments, but its how I see it
09/07/14 06:01 AM
  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
Jacky, I did not realise the title was "farmers, its time to harden up". u seem set on proving farmers to be welfare recipients, your right, some are. Every day I see examples of people receiving welfare that should not, they are able bodied and receive disability pensions. When confronted they consider it their birth right. It is the growth in these numbers that needs to be addressed. These people get into crime and cause civil disobedience regularly. Of the Howard era do u remember the global food crisis? have u images of what happened? Do u think it cannot happen again? FARMERS ARE SPECIAL
28/05/14 05:43 AM
seems weird to me that we cant make much money been farmers yet over 50% of the worlds pop don't have enough food? at first glance one would blame it on lack of money, but surely the HUMANE structures of the IMF, UN and the US govt (always willing to send a force where there's oil) should have seen these peoples needs met? mmm I wonder
21/05/14 09:47 PM
go the east
13/05/14 01:47 AM

A matter of opinion

To me the relevant question here is who else is doing research in this area, could research done into human and plant genetics cross over, duplication can be a big waste of money. As always it will be better to zig when they zag, Austn Ag needs to find the keys to open doors that no one else is looking at.
03/06/15 11:41 PM
Properly conducted studies undertaken by people with the relevant expertise are a very good way to ascertain both chronic and acute safety of these products. Obviously people are still not understanding that the residue levels and Accept Daily Intakes (ADI) are established by the companies developing the products, see Lankas et al 1981 for our current glyph Accept Daily Intake. Residues are different to GMOs, there is no testing of them on Genera, the so called independent database. Given Roundup is the backbone of all corn and soy, we are consuming it in most processed foods.
02/04/15 12:24 AM
  Merinos MIA? 3 Comments 3
for my 2 cents of opinion, there needs to be some competition. more competitive uses for wool and more competition in the processing side. Although wool people might think it devalues their distinguishing quality product by supplying other competitive users (eg building products), it will provide an element of competition, something the industry needs.
04/07/14 05:48 AM
Yes good article, now can someone come up with an economical feasible option for people who want to become farmers as 70% equity restricts it to old money and a few with lazy cash. Most who want to be farmers,such as shearers and contractors will never have the capital unless farms drop in price or the banks change the rules. if this is not achieved we will be serfs to state owned food security.
22/04/14 05:43 AM
I like the thinking of the writer, but how is Bayer and breeding technology small-medium business. I think a better startegy would be to direct assistance to non share holder owned companies. Aren't we told that small businesses are the engine room of the economy? Should they not be able to get assistance? Corp welfare is rife in this country and will not change under either side of politics. These big corps do not reinvest as shown by cca, they bleed it dry then expect the govt to help em whilst exporting their profits overseas
21/02/14 06:33 PM

Burrs under my saddle

spot on Pete, the fact they wont undertake a review of past FTAs shows they are puppets, both NFF and govt. To trade off sovereignty for unquantified benefits is ludicrous and I would rather see us reset our economy than give them legal rights over Australians via ISDS.
31/08/15 10:45 AM
The grdc seem reluctant to target use of robotics or precision tillage, can u make them look like fools and come up with something please?
26/05/15 01:39 AM
just listened to Bob Heffernan on radio saying country voters need to get the city majority on side. How would the city take to the debt fuelled binge being turned off? we are opposites, the dollar high is good for them, not us. To me that shows how removed the libs are from our situation, its not domestic policy that is the problem. Try free trade and deregulation, both are a wrecking ball through our country. The city voter has no opinion on world trade, only domestic exporters. That's the role of our elected parties, to represent our own wishes and leverage that, not the cities.
11/01/15 10:55 PM
back to name calling D8?
05/10/14 11:04 PM
interesting points what the, of course people will say production efficiencies have meant greater returns (eg fertiliser and bigger yields), however I don't think they come near the difference u refer to. My father use to quote it took 25 tonne of grain to pay for a new header (sorry cant remember what year he said, relevant I know) and a few years ago it was 4000 tonnes. its not hard to spot the difference. The real drivers of our economy such as production and manufacturing have been ruined by naïve governance, that is why China holds the cards now
05/10/14 08:38 AM
My 2 cents: tell old mate who came up to u Pete, that things will improve greatly, however in the short term we need to have a reset for living beyond our means at the cost of people in LDC and the envt. There will be a new monopoly and we should realise what structures/dependence suits us best. A self defense plan is critical, we should rely on no one else, that is a major part of this equation. The shining light for us is that people always need to eat and no one produces it like farmers do.
10/09/14 09:52 PM
so if aussies could realise that our low interest rates and res bank meddling are tricking people into thinking debt is wealth, misrepresenting inflation and causing devaluation of savings, how would we exist in the current global economy D8? would our higher interest rates (which would control credit expansion and remove the boom bust cycle) be attractive to overseas money and we have the same problem us as exporters are facing now? surely the rest of the world would not pursue the same monetary policy as described above, they are too busy watching 3D tvs and comparing coffee
05/08/14 02:06 AM
Seems to me the reserve bank is a big reason for our high dollar, why not get rid of it. We survived without it for a long time. D8, you have indicated the negative effects upon our economy from the Res Bank, why don't u be constructive and respond to what Pete is saying, from where I'm standing it looks like your in agreement with him?
04/08/14 11:28 PM
good on you Pete, I cant understand how the politicians can spruik the free market, yet without all the tax incentives and middle class welfare we would not be seeing the real estate bubble that exists in Sydney and Melbourne. There is no free market, its just taxpayers subsidising the home owner/investors and it stinks. When over 60%of bank lending is residential and just 30%is business an economy is heading for a problem. We are growing no industries and real estate is our phony investment and look around the world to see where that ends up.
03/07/14 10:30 PM
Love this article. First farm grants etc only distort the market. Foreign cash is dangerous, it reduces the economic viability of the rest of us, as there is no level playing field. I recently caught up with friends, a few had started succession planning, all were totally disillusioned and could see no opening for them in this industry. Govt and others need to act NOW, an industry is being lost. Farming involves skill you cannot learn overnight, what will it take for a govt to realise FARMERS ARE SPECIAL and we are only ever "9 meals away from anarchy"(Alfred Henry Lewis 1855-1914)
02/06/14 03:09 AM

Bush Matters

wow, great news Barry. It really helps when we have figures on returns and costs, well done to all involved in this push for transparency.
05/09/14 08:17 AM
You are right bg, the problem is bigger than politics, its about a banking system which is fundamentally flawed, the focus has shifted from saving to viewing debt as wealth. The expansion of credit has led to a bubble (aided by neg gearing and other govt policies) which will blow up. We cant avoid the coming wave, but we can take steps to avoid it happening again. To get political now, I think the Austrian economic model offers that solution, if David Leyonhjelm and the coalition can come together on that one we may have a chance for developing a more sustainable economic model.
07/08/14 03:17 AM
If the US price is dropped and our farmers are offered a better local price via the basis, are they not keen sellers? to me that would be a way of increasing sales/purchases prior to harvest by influencing the US price and using basis as the carrot, ie they want the grain contracted now (for whatever reason? (I suspect further fixing)) and aren't prepared to wait until our harvest.
06/08/14 10:15 PM
so the BRICS is part of the cycle as well is it?, what your thoughts on food, will we see a return to better prices or will the FIXING continue?
05/08/14 02:11 AM
One has to wonder if this will all come good after the reset?. If Detroit etc is a canary down the mine it wont come good. From where I'm standing I see bubbles everywhere, house values, farm values, cost of living etc, all a direct result of central banks and their ability to print/expand money with a computer entry. The wealth is held by the older generation, the younger cannot afford to buy in, (in the case of houses that's not entirely the case), when she blows there will be the usual lack of funds, who will have the money to do all the buying up then?
04/08/14 11:41 PM
GFA I like no one, have the answers as to how one predicts successors v failures. However if the data says something is wrong, then prospective investors may show more caution. I feel the very existence of their confidence surveys shows this, any Ponzi scheme works on confidence, if investors stop investing it collapses. Real estate prices are just like the the rest of the Ponzi, if people know the figures on bankruptcies are bad we can try to remedy the problems. Not knowing there is a problem only causes more heartache.
14/07/14 12:10 AM
A question I have is do they have some moral responsibility?. Many of us suspect things are worse than we are told, if that is the case and with the benefit of hindsight they are shown to be worse than the banks are telling us, is there a course for action?. Moral hazard is important, yes people should take responsibility for their actions, however if the data is obscured or misrepresented is there not some responsibility?. At what point is a party responsible for a crime? If they approve loans knowing people have no chance of meeting commitments are they not in some way responsible?
11/07/14 03:05 AM
free markets are a free for all to rip exporters off.
13/06/14 02:38 AM
I don't know who is backing Wilmar financially but why does the ACCC not see the use of central bank finance by companies as anti competitive. It seems they are blind to competition and are just hired guns for mega corp or central banks. why not give us access to the same finance, wouldn't that make us competitive or is that not what u want govt? why would these overseas countries buy our produce from us when they can buy the land and businesses, this is all wrong and we need to see the data on how much of this is happening
30/05/14 12:28 AM


"Mr Mahar said agriculture clearly needed outside funds to help fill a severe capital shortfall" I see these blanket statements, usually from bank propaganda units, however no one ever explains what these might be. Are u talking about the purchase of land and letting the banking system off the hook for flooding the country with cheap money? Will someone in Canberra please explain that there are good forms of investment that improve productivity and there are bad ones, such as the exchange rate raising effect of allowing them to buy our farms and displacing Australians with offshore capital.
14/09/16 04:47 AM
Global zero and negative interest rates have rendered all productive activity worthless relative to the returns offered by leveraged speculation. It is pointless to work and save when asset prices will outpace your ability to afford them. It is pointless to innovate or invest in growth when you can borrow to buy ever appreciating paper assets. No longer are houses/farms about what they can return in rent/production. They are about tax avoidance and price speculation based on destructive capital inflows, all at a cost not included in the relevant discussions. It is time these costs be realised.
14/09/16 04:46 AM
Interesting to see that upon leaving his role as reserve bank governor, Glen Stevens admitted that allowing foreigners to buy existing Aust assets does not create new capital for the country and has negative consequences for us. Included in this is the rise in our dollar as a result of this unproductive capital inflow. Why don't these people say these things when they are in their positions of power, why do politicians not discuss these negative impacts, why did GS wait till no longer in the job? stop all unproductive capital inflows (eg offshore borrowing), they raise our dollars value.
21/08/16 09:58 PM
If the banks released the real figures would it make people realise that asset prices have climbed since deregulation and loss of the commonwealth bank, meanwhile real prices for our commodities have fallen. If that would be the case, would it expose fractional reserve banking as nothing more than fraud and bring attention to a sector who controls our govt and economy? Is this type of data called intellectual property? And is that been used as a veil to hide behind so their is no accountability for reckless lending practices?
09/06/16 09:48 PM
"Every national academy of science of every major country in the world agrees. Every professional scientific society in every field related to the field of climate endorses it. 97-98 percent of all scientists that are most active in publishing in the field of climate science agree with it. The consensus is unequivocal: human activities are causing climate change" (Anderegg 2010). Could it be science is been used for agendas and not all is clear as to what these are? As an avid supporter of research/representative bodies, do you agree with the science behind climate change Mr Hunt?
07/01/16 10:14 PM
Good point PD, corporations and their directors are considered to be fiduciaries to the shareholders. They have a duty of care and duty of loyalty to their shareholders. Farmers would be fools to think that these companies will pass on profits. Our best hope as an industry is to get gov't to pay for things (as happened in the past) and our increased efficiencies (hopefully taxes) or payback schemes. Its also interesting to note how many of these corporations don't pay the required amount of tax. So the total sum (ie profits and taxes) is a loss on both sides for the citizens of Aust.
02/12/15 06:00 AM
Just like the world powers (eg puppet govts, int'l banks, foundations etc) who are saying causes of climate change are undeniable, or that the safety of GMOs is undeniable, so to the business leaders advocating the benefits of trade agreements and foreign invest. Perhaps it is sobering to consider the Snowy Mount Scheme was financed by the Commonwealth govt and is promoted as a great achievement. As pointed out by P Mailer your reference to GDP is misleading, much is distorted by this indicator (eg inflation and dist of wealth) and its better in the dustbin. Money should not be issued as debt.
01/12/15 10:19 PM
Recently reading one parliamentarians maiden speech he said "We have ignored the development of our national infrastructure, yet allowed Australian superannuation savings to develop foreign owned offshore infrastructure." is the answer not there for this investment u seek? how does letting them buy farms translate to investment? it just disadvantages aspiring Australians. Is it a level playing field when these so called investors are gov'ts who can print their own money or go to other countries and pretend to be legitimate companies. What role do currency advantages give them?
01/12/15 05:31 AM
Sorry Bob, Australians are too enthralled with their igadgets and property prices to care. Until its them there will be no community care factor. When it is them, it will be public bailout time for the banks again. We cant expect the govt to do anything, they are puppets.
30/11/15 12:12 AM
Well maybe the banks, gov't (successive), moneychangers, etc need to be accountable for why this has come about. The debt binge since Keating was only ever going to end this way and maybe hopium is not a basis for a banking/financial system. Why not deal with it now than wait until your wave comes crushing down?
27/11/15 02:21 AM


I see no economic assessment in this article to say these agreements are beneficial. How is it, that members of parliament (who are not personally financially liable to Australians) can make decisions with no due diligence/transparency undertaken, that allow the citizens of Australia to be financially liable? This is further evidence that gov't does not work on behalf of Australians, instead the shareholders of global corporations. If they are prepared to make citizens financially liable, why not themselves?. Where is our selective libertarian who dislikes gov't
16/08/16 10:21 PM
Perhaps u can explain why none of the scientists will talk about the CSIRO fieldpea study in Aust and its findings? or why the CSIRO was told not to discuss it? or why no other studies include the same immunological assessment? or why the follow up study was such a sham? or how making regulatory approval dossiers available will not allow the industry to be transparent? or how the biotech industry has used farmers as a battering ram (based on economic necessity) to validate their products? Companies have a fiduciary duty to shareholders, it has repeatedly trumped safety to society.
04/08/16 11:26 PM
Yield gains in GM varieties are achieved via conventional breeding and have been misrepresented by the seed industry as superior to non gm lines, it is obvious the seed companies want to have market capture. If we had the same level of investment in the yield of non gm lines would there be a need for GM canola given market preference? Can the GM industry provide evidence that the roundup tolerant gene is not allergenic? pro GMO say the DNA does not end up in our food rather than defend the safety of their product? is it possible they know its allergenic and misunderstand crossreactivity?
18/07/16 10:03 PM
"non-perishable product"- I would not agree, if I just put grain in a silo/shelf and come back a year or two later will it be the same? not without controlling the humidity, insects, etc, Would wheat lose its usefulness if not stored/transported appropriately? Why is the Svalbard doomsday seed vault located 1300 klm beyond the arctic circle in the permafrost where they remain frozen without power? Sure, milk has a higher relative perishability to wheat, but wheat is not non-perishable.
06/07/16 08:32 PM
As normal this report has been produced by the usual conflict of interest crowd, so its legitimacy is ruled out. There has been no labelling of food so there can be no Hum epidemiological study with any significance. Reviews by Van Eenanaam and Snell have already been show to be an insult to scientific validity, so they should not even be included. Where was the Field Pea study and its significance? as usual no mention of it. Australia needs to walk away from the US science which has been corrupted, no more trade agreements, they do not facilitate trade, just subservience to corrupt groups
31/05/16 10:04 PM
considering such significant factors for our farm analysis are collected as surveys (eg ABARES), even though the tax office would have these figures available, could the hypothesis be that these are deliberately unreliable figures, so that the true picture is not fully understood?
05/05/16 10:25 PM
I listened to Malcolm Turnbull saying farmers were getting fantastic prices for their produce and how great things were two days ago. I'm sure as a banker he would understand the concept of real prices, those adjusted for inflation. My land values have averaged 22% rise for the last 16 years, has my wheat, canola, lamb, wool, beef done the same? We dont have the luxury of wages indexed to inflation, but its crazy for politicians to rave about the succes of FTAs and all other trade control measures as having a good effect on us when no body undertakes due diligence to see the cost/benefits.
05/05/16 08:35 PM
No argument from me on IWM, however my question was and is where is the scientific evidence to prove the safety to our farming system of RR crops? u have failed to provide any. We have a long history of biological introduction which turned out to be poorly researched (eg cane toad), will this be another?. The govt expects due diligence from us, where is theirs on RR gene? I bet its in the same black hole as their due diligence on FTAs, privatisation of Commonwealth bank, floating of the dollar, etc.
04/04/16 09:55 PM
So how is releasing a gene resistant to Rup and not previously present in our paddocks good management? How many of these genes in a crop of canola/cotton?, only 1 needs to be transferred by HGT or cross pollination to any weed to make Rup useless. All this alarm over food security (not evidenced by real returns since 73 oil crisis) and yet the GM industry seek to destroy our use of Rup as a fallow method with no viable alternative at this point. That's as laughable as a profit driven company worried about food security in LDCs.
31/03/16 08:28 PM
Mr Preston have u any independent (not done by u or people in the GM industry) Aust'n field research studies into Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) of the added roundup tolerance gene? if this gene was transferred back into soil from GM plants, could it then be transferred to any weed that grows nearby via HGT? if so, aren't the risks too great that roundup ready crops will heighten the likelihood of widespread resistance to roundup, our most effective post patent herbicide? Proof already exists of cross pollination of this gene, has this research been done for HGT.
29/03/16 09:39 PM


D8 explain to me how young people could save money to buy a farm with todays record low interest rates? or how has the lowering of rates/changes to capital and reserve requirements fuelled the growth in land values by making money so easy to get? has it not effectively created a greater divide between those who have and those who did not have, at the start of bank deregulation and this crazy manipulation of interest rate lunacy? rather than call names, how about u provide answers.
08/09/16 04:15 AM
Given that the FIRB chairman Brian Wilson has accepted a role as an advisor to the $180 billion private equity group The Carlyle Group, does this present a blatant conflict of interest? will he not have access to information that will put him in this position. It is amazing what level of control big business has on govt responsibilities, as there has not been a hint of this in the media, more evidence of the failure of our democratic process as no one can be held to account.
08/09/16 04:04 AM
So we have a generation who cant afford to get into farming, yet we allow sovereign gov'ts who can print their own money to buy it? If one looks at Abares figures, farm returns have not kept pace with the rise in land prices, How can it be? Deregulation of banking has unleashed a reptilian monster upon this country. We have become an economy dependant on a housing bubble to create new money into our economy, as evidenced by yest's figures this model is failing. Without public spending, Australia would have recorded negative growth - and been heading for recession.
07/09/16 10:30 PM
It doesn't matter if its farms/houses/infra/etc, any presence of sovereign gov'ts with their own currency in a market puts an artificial floor/risk in it, as these funds are non accountable (shown by our own gov't). Gov'ts could set up fake proxies in the UK or anywhere, so origin of this capital means very little. As shown by Kidman, properties of such size can rapidly change countries position overnight. If no offshore capital is allowed access to these assets, will they not discover their true price for Australians to invest? resulting in less exchange rate raising capital inflows?
06/09/16 11:51 PM
Its obvious that the trifecta here of Robb, Ciobo and Pitt are stuck in the economic theory of a long time ago. The "producing more" mantra is foolhardy, it just lessens our position. I suggest that Sen Xenophon and Hanson have a yarn to Professor Bill Mitchell on how they can target zero unemployment in this country and not be at the mercy of powers who are not our friends, he will leave these three muppets for dead. That way we can fix the societal decay we (and all trade agreement countries) are experiencing and stop the need to keep building prisons.
05/08/16 04:25 AM
A recent analysis said our dollar had been elevated an average of 30% (above its real position) for the last 50 years. What cost has this been to Australian industry (incl Ag)? Gov't undertake FTAs that export our jobs to overpopulated countries who can set their exchange rates, these corporations offshore to exploit workers and pay no tax. Is it any wonder generations can't buy farms? Our dollar has been lifted by privatisation/sales to foreign buyers, bank foreign funding, public bond sales to foreigners - making us non competitive. The data is rigged, CPI in no way reflects land valuation.
03/08/16 10:21 PM
About your proven science, how many of those studies included a gold standard immunological assessment, similar to that undertaken in the CSIRO field pea study? none I have seen has, nor have the qualifications of those undertaking these sham studies been relevant. The day the public accepted that a companies right to self declaration of safety is above the right of the people to a transparent system of product safety, is the day humanity lost its common sense, we have passed that point. One only has to look at the asbestos and tobacco industry to see that science is corrupted for profit.
24/07/16 11:40 PM
I'm starting to wonder if the scene out of Good Morning Vietnam where the media releases are proof read by the propagandists and edited by them is also a reflection of our media? Not once have I seen the question asked about what type of capital flows are good and what is bad. Can a foreigner buy real assets and crucial infrastructure in China? How many foreigners hold Chinese govt bonds? What effect does foreign purchases of our govt bonds have on our trade position? What's the sense in offshore borrowing to fund speculation in property/shares in oz that flow into nonproductive asset classes?
05/09/16 09:51 PM
What good is the FIRB and thresholds if a govt is not accountable? please demonstrate how young Aust'n can compete against govts who can print their own money? Our govt is helping to destroy Austn ag and other industries in Aust by letting our currency rise in value as these people buy our dollars to purchase these properties. As with the trade agreements our govt will not discuss this or conduct economic analysis, they are but puppets in a global game of theft. We are a sovereign entity, we can print out own currency if we need investment, will the bankers let the govt? haha, no chance
24/07/16 10:12 PM
Jock, u are dreaming. All they do is talk the talk prior to politics, then do nothing, blaming it on the party. There is no left and right, they get their orders and engage in daily banter to pretend there is a difference and that u have democracy. What have the nationals delivered on? foreign investment, grain marketing, farm affordability, etc - absolutely nothing of significance. The policies of both sides have destroyed industry in this country since Hawke - dereg, privatisation, foreign invest/funding have exposed us to a debt fuelled bubble that there is no escaping. Do u not see this?
03/08/16 10:33 PM


How are farmers meant to defend the safety of their produce when it is neither their area of expertise nor publicly available?. Perhaps farmers and activists will realise they are been used as a battering ram to complete the divide and conquer strategy that these crooks use. The ones u should be talking to are the ones who give u your orders Mr Entine, not wasting time trying to stir up trouble.
06/07/16 04:37 AM
I do wonder if all the sharing that is going on in regards to plant breeding is not creating a new level of exposure. I noticed a while ago breeders were going into the deep valleys of Khazakhastan (or somewhere like that) to get recently untapped lines of wheat and lucerne. Are we making ourselves vulnerable by decreasing the natural variability that occurs throughout the world over time?
05/12/14 01:55 AM
heres one for u bushie "this little thing we have called the INTERNET makes it very hard to govern today" John Kerry
21/08/14 10:21 PM
No what i'm talking about has never being tried before bushie and i'm sure u know it. We are the lab mice and its just a matter of time until THEY pull the pin on this experiment and start another. I don't read THEIR economic textbooks, our education system is one of their greatest misinformation routes, I look to the smartest school on economic thought, the combined thinking of many much wiser minded people called the internet. Somewhere along it, one works out whats right and wrong, after a while everything all makes sense, even the propaganda is decipherable.
21/08/14 05:45 AM
so u expect an industry to suck it up and take the cost of a govt/lord business monopoly, so people can have cheap food so they can borrow from the future to buy overseas products they don't really need and in doing so undermine our civil security by exposing us to someone who can collapse us when they like? u sound like the selective socialist to me bushie comrade. when we talk of forming single desks to remove this loss of market position u call us agsocs. u only like it when the farming community bears the cost for the wider community, but not when the shoe is on the foot.
20/08/14 10:36 PM
Central banks such as our reserve bank use inflation data to set interest rates. By keeping inflation down thru pressure/control on farmers and cherry picking data-interest rates are kept low and govts stay elected. Low food costs keep the public happy and they take up more debt to buy overseas made goods, further increasing our trade deficit which increases THEIR stranglehold on the economies causing govts to sell off essential services such as ports and water. This means THEY have almost total control on cost of living and can collapse our economies when they like. Have a happy day
19/08/14 04:38 PM
Central banks such as our reserve bank use inflation data to set interest rates. By keeping inflation down thru pressure/control on farmers and cherry picking data-interest rates are kept low and govts stay elected. Low food costs keep the public happy and they take up more debt to buy overseas made goods, further increasing our trade deficit which increases THEIR stranglehold on the economies causing govts to sell off essential services such as ports and water. This means THEY have almost total control on cost of living and can collapse our economies when they like. Have a happy day
19/08/14 04:37 PM
I believe in places such as China there is a preference/trust for Australian produce. I'm wondering if getting shelf space is the issue?, how about starting a chain over there?, call it "Aussie Made" or something, only list our produce. That way we bypass any corruption for shelf space and can build Brand Identity in one step. Try one supermarket/deli, if it takes off franchise etc.
05/08/14 10:43 PM
ACCC only protects the corporates, cheap food for the masses so they have more money to put into real estate markets and share markets, wont the govts and banks have egg on their face when this blows up?
06/06/14 03:23 AM
KR there is very little we can do but soon the Brics countries will have the worlds reserve currency and instead of 5% having money to buy food over 40% will, what u reckon that do to food prices?
09/05/14 06:26 PM


Bugger off with these phony trade agreements which are undertaken with no due dilligence or economic review. What about ISDS Barnaby?. Remember frozen berries, who is to say the Austn taxpayer wouldn't have had his backside kicked when that company sued us in their own court, under their own rules, didn't our forefathers fight for our own sovereignty?, why disrespect that?. For some reason Canberra or farmer orgs aren't discussing this, obviously u are puppets.
09/09/15 03:04 AM
u are spot on Dorothy, Europe will be broke and cold, that will be the motivation their supposed ally, wants to take them into war with the BRICS. They will be lambs to the slaughter, going into Russia in the winter is like shooting yourself in the foot. Aust will be told to do the same with the Chinese, imagine what that would do to us? The BRICS don't want war, its up to our public to educate themselves and reject the govt steps as they are being held to ransom and cannot do anything about it.
08/09/14 09:59 PM
Are U familiar with csg mal content?
19/06/14 06:31 AM
If time allows can a journalist track down a report into the effectiveness of free trade agreements? Roger Montgomery a financial advisor refferred to it the other day saying it showed no net gain. We would love to hear if that be the case so we can save overseas junkets
21/04/14 03:57 AM
Does anyone know what land purchase agreements the kiwis did with china on their fta? Maybe we can learn something
21/04/14 02:01 AM
More good work by the dept of ag, where would we be without them David leyenholm?, maybe they are EXTRA SPECIAL
31/01/14 06:00 AM


Its no secret who has controlling interest of our banks, which begs the question, is this just a secret buyout of any challenge to the status quo (just like the Monsanto attempted takeover of Blue River Tech)? and with all the rubbish trade agreements we have signed, is there any provision for limiting the effects of controlling interest? Where are the grower bodies like GRDC to represent growers in this market?
04/02/16 12:15 AM
JC, what market mechanism is there to stop competing interests such as Monsanto gaining control of this company and restricting the robots availability to farmers or making its use cost prohibitive so that farmers are directed towards whatever system that monopoly wishes? of course, u will answer the free market (can never be one), perhaps it is time farmers put their research money behind these companies so that we control our costs and not the dictators? Would we be better off to put our research funds into buying such a company as Blue River or an Aussie equivalent?
31/12/15 12:49 AM
Could it be private equity has controlling interest of Monsanto etc and is gaining control of the worlds food production systems? They must have pretty deep pockets to be buying any hint of competition in this market, is that anti competitive behaviour? Would be interesting to see if products can be developed without fed reserve coffers and let producers retain some control over their cost of production. I guess that's a pipe dream, I don't expect any govt controlled research to tread on their toes, they might just lose their own.
30/12/15 10:10 PM
They had them in the 80s, I remember seeing what u describe on towards 2000 then. Would love to see a revisit on that show
15/04/15 11:20 PM
in the 70's oil prices rose over 300%. We use oil in just about every part of our lives. Imagine the inflation response of such an event in todays global economic envt (eg war in middle east etc). There is no need for Australians to be at the mercy of a small group of people who control prices, when we have our own reserves. People say there is no debt problem in the cities or on farms, imagine 20% interest, what would that do to property values and their debt to equity ratios and buyer interest. Once again, I hope our govt shows some guts and deals with this in a smarter manner than before.
12/04/15 09:30 PM


bushie, FTAs as I see it are this. We have basically nothing in regards tariffs etc, so we have no leverage, we are at the mercy of the other side. We have politicians trying to convince us of as a freemarket, when the rest of the world is full of subsidies. We have a banking system with no transparency, as the full story would show the role they have played. Our politicians are educated by a system which is really just a propaganda source from the elites. When we negotiate, we give up things we shouldn't, as we have no bargaining chips, access to industries like food processing, infrastructre
24/11/14 10:36 PM
What proportion of state revenue come from stamp duty? I think on average its over 40%. Would an agent be worried about the viability of farmers in a world of land prices set by non accountable state owned enterprises and inflationary fractional reserve banking? Obviously not.
13/11/14 02:51 PM
As I see it much of this problem of asset bubbles, (be they urban real estate or farms) has been due to the expansion of credit, as a direct result of central bank monetary policy and revisions to Basel lending standards. Remove the inflation causing effect of fractional reserve banking and policies such as negative gearing and let assets realise their true earning value. Otherwise we will continue to have unnecessary heartache (as above) and wealth restricted to a generation of asset wealthy older Australians (based on their age and position on the credit expansion timeline).
20/10/14 08:50 PM
It should have something to do with earning potential though whatevs, otherwise one would have to question where that money is coming from and its effect on distorting the market. There is moral hazard incurred in a banking system where they can manufacture inflation by creating money on a computer, this has led to the distortion of asset values and is reckless and causes harm to many, esp when there are alternatives such as reserve banking.
13/10/14 09:06 PM
Wouldn't it be interesting IF through the transparency of bank-farm data we were to realise that we were a more secure industry to lend to than others such as residential lending. IF that to be the case would we be retrospectively compensated for the higher risks = higher funding model we have been told?
16/07/14 03:36 AM
Dont worry I got suckered into the deception Chris when I started looking, by what means is such a trusted position bestowed upon the banks? Are they divine creatures?
15/07/14 04:31 AM
How come other industries have lots of data, the real estate industry has heaps, they can tell u how many houses sold on the weekend and how many above reserve. We know nothing about ours, is that not deliberate? if we knew a lot of bankruptcies occurred in the live export industry post shut down, would govt have been more accountable? There is no prejudice in my comments, just suspicion the gov't and banks lack of available data is deliberate? are u criticising me for wanting to be informed by data rather than be ignorant? (cue agsoc, redneck, etc)
15/07/14 02:57 AM
Don't worry PERCY, people still seem to have a problem understanding state backed money (esp the next worlds reserve currency) has no accountability. How many of them are out there doing audits on our govt? not many I expect. Plus, like the banks, there is no data, if we don't know the facts how can we affect change? (hint, the total lack of data on banks and farming as well as foreign purchases of farms is no coincidence).
14/07/14 04:51 AM
I.m not totally disagreeing with u me, but depending on the sector of ag u are in that is not the case. it is very hard to obtain any info on how people are going. that's where i.m saying the problem is. if we do not know how can we measure it?. my feeling from talking to people it is real bad. not for all, but have a look at abares survey and u will have to agree that if the figures are indicative of the wider community we have a problem.
01/05/14 02:32 AM
just remember that banks have all their clients figures, at best we use abares surveys or talk to one another. Most dismiss u as doom and gloom if u talk honestly, but "talking it up" only delays positive change. surely if the story is bad across the board they have some accountability or due diligence to suggest change is needed, eg govt reform. If they know most of their clients are in a bind, yet refuse to acknowledge the figures or release them, they should be in some part held to account? moral hazard should be considered important.
29/04/14 03:06 AM

Rural Lifestyle

I think your hundred towns is a bit wild, Being to bre or wilcannia lately, not many moving there.
24/01/14 06:46 AM
Yeah is that a treechangr or hobby farmer leon
24/01/14 01:57 AM
What rubbish, they are returning to the bigger regional cities but that has no effect on small rural towns and their communities. Should have been called picking regional cities over rat race. That title gives a completely wrong impression.
23/01/14 06:17 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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