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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

this really shows how little David understands farming and the Australia's colonial history.
01/02/16 09:45 PM


Agree A Australian. I don't see how this ' Innovation Package' actually helps the business community except those who have been bankrupt previously... says a lot about the character of this whole package
07/12/15 05:33 AM
Since the formation of AWI, approx $1.4 billion in wool levies have been collected and ' invested '. Is wool any better for this?
23/11/15 08:14 PM
David, what in reality can you really do?
14/11/15 09:09 PM


Thats the thing about country folk. We still have some decent values remaining and will remain loyal to those who are totally Pro Ag>> Eg, Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash
12/07/16 09:26 AM
" new measures to enhance profitability , through increased education and awareness of co operatives"? What about truly helping farmers and increasing farming tax incentives or something tactile like that?
18/04/16 12:02 AM
Excellent work by Barnaby and ALEC on addressing these issues in a sensible and pragmatic way. With over 99 % compliance in 8 million cattle, that's a world record on improved welfare. No other country can claim such a positive outcome. ESCAS is here to stay
24/06/16 01:16 AM
Its hard to fathom why the coalition can't understand why this tax will hurt the very constituents they are supposed to be representing. Then again, the coalition has signed the French Submarine contract, which appears to be just as grossly idiotic.
17/05/16 10:01 PM
Has thereever been greater hubris visited on mankind by well meaning but loopy scientists ?? Maybe except in the case when nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition and their ruthless efficiency...
14/01/16 04:52 AM
Angus is correct. Hard to believe that Labor would embark on such destructive folly.
09/12/15 08:01 PM


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Sorry did i get it wrong..? Rankins Springs is still open..?!
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No doubt a few frosted Freddies out there who will wish they had taken a closer look at the AGC
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Matthew, I was wondering if you had followed up this story with the farmer after the whole

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